• Steve S


  • IUBBallFan

    CTC looks exhausted.

  • Bud Jenkins

    frustrated my guess

  • Nevada fan

    I truly hate crean now. His thinly veiled, “that’s not how we practice” is another attempt to blame the players. He’s been doing it since the Syracuse game. He’s the problem not the players

  • Speed

    Wow…now that is a captain who knows the ship is sinking.

  • Casey

    I quit watching in the 2nd half when the Iowa player had the put back dunk over McSwain. Shot went up from left wing, RJ and JBJ just stand and turn to look at the rim, neither even attempting to put a body on someone or even looking for someone to block out. JBJ’s man dunks the ball home. Exact same way we lost to Minnesota, JBJ doesn’t block his man out after the shot goes up. Crean teams year in and year lack basketball fundamentals, whether it’s blocking out, defensive rotation, or taking care of the ball. When shots are going in, it’s easy to ignore, but when they struggle to score, all of these things get magnified.

  • GetMeSomeOGFlyers

    Are you talking about the cuse game in the tourney, when our players seemingly didn’t know, or didn’t have a plan to attack the 2-3 zone they’ve been running Boeheim’s whole career. This game was a prime example of IU having more talent, but being outcoached

  • HoosierOne

    Alec Baldwin from Glengarry Glen Ross: “The good news is you’re fired….the bad news is you’ve got one week to regain your job starting with tonights’s sit. Oh, have I got your attention now? Good. We’re adding a little something to this week’s sales contest. As you all know 1st prize is a Cadillac Eldorado, 2nd prize is a set of steak knives, 3rd prize is you’re fired. Everybody got the picture? ABC…..Always Be Closing.”

  • NA K.W

    Not going to put himself in any situation for any fallback! Your a coach it should fall on you when we have a 20 point lead in the first half but blow it. Because YOU THE COACH can’t teach defense, it’s truly disheartening that he thinks he shouldn’t take any fallback, for the loss. The key to beat Indiana is either drive the ball in, or play a 2-3 defense. It’s a simple as that. Why is that it went to overtime in the first place coach, we should be able to finish games, but that’s not the CTC mentality! It’s so so so so sad.

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    “What’s your name?”

  • CreamCrimson

    You’re a f’in dork. He’s talking about the disparity in free throws and was unwilling to question the officiating lest he receive some penalty from the B10.

  • Sam McManus

    What are they practicing really hard at? Knitting socks, because it sure isn’t basketball.

  • NA K.W

    Tom cream is that you?

  • CreamCrimson

    “Me talk (and spell) pretty one day”

  • IULore

    Every good coach scores 150 points a game against Syracuse…

  • IULore

    “Syracuse game” Yes, thank you for saying that. That is the exact moment the bobby fans checked out on Crean, no, it’s not. They checked out on every coach since Crean the moment they were hired. The Syracuse game is the nugget they needed to keep them warm while they touch themselves at night to bob knight pictures.

  • GetMeSomeOGFlyers

    Are you 12? We scored 50 points vs the no16 seed that tournament and had no answer to the defense they ran the entire season, with Yogi, Vic and Zeller on the floor. Was one of the worst coaching performances(with a lot to choose from) of Crean’s career at IU.

  • willis sutherland

    Don’t hate Coach Tom…He will work out of it..He is a GREAT COACH…IU needs to keep him…But then again I am not an IU Fan…Go Purdue!

  • Charles Coomer

    Please come Billy Donovan

  • GetMeSomeOGFlyers

    maybe you should just be more skeptical

  • VanPastorMan

    He is my pick too. Great recruiter and is only 52 I think.

  • IULore

    Yogi was not very good as a freshman yet. Hills couldn’t spot with his shoulder sprayed and that team had no bench

  • bojak

    Not an IU fan? Now that makes sense why you say he is a great coach.

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