• Lou Rawls’ Ego

    He needs to grow a mustache.

  • Elnora Owl

    He needs another job

  • General Zod

    Clappy must go!
    How many more years must we endure this?
    He’s a cheerleader & salesman- nothing more.
    ALL throughout his time here, they have been nothing but a fastbreak transition squad. And if THAT gets shut down, it is weave & heave.
    That’s clappy’s gameplan folks!

  • Jer78

    If there has been one major theme over the years at Crean’s pressers it has been the lack of leadership from his team. What has he done to effect change? Has he changed his approach? Has he changed his strategy? Just a thought, but maybe there’s a direct correlation to way he carries himself on the sideline and the lack of player driven leadership. I mean, he does everything on the sideline but shoot the shots, he’s down in defensive position, he’s calling out EVERY play, he’s holding silly, belittling signs. I mean he’s the quintessential micromanager. And we all know that you can’t develop leaders if you’re a micromanager. He should really step back and breath once and awhile, trust his coaches that they’ve prepared the team in practice and then trust the players during the game. I’m not advocating a disengaged approach, but for goodness sake let the team grow a little. They can’t make any decisions on their own right now. Just a thought.

  • eville87

    God forbid Terry asks him a question about the road games.

  • Roderick Goggenheimer

    Crean is an arse kisser and a con man. He was not qualified for the IU job from the start. The IU athletic dept wanted to make sure they hired someone that was everything Coach Knight wasn’t.

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  • DonaldneedsAsafeSpace

    I’m sure the kids, who are already playing well below potential, will be much better with 5 meaningless games now that the coach has publicly humiliated them. It’s obvious I haven’t been a fan of Crean for some time, but this takes the cake. Calling out players, bc every team knows our offense is scummy. The worst thing he’s done this season.

  • SCHoosier

    Bovine caw-caw dude.