• CEOEditor

    Not much left to say right now. My big question is how much alcohol will it take to sit through the game at Mackey?

  • Steven Childers

    better start with it early so you will be ready,,lol,,the first 5-8 mins will be the tell

  • Steven Brown

    Not enough 3’s, right coach? Too many injuries, right coach? All I remember is the Mackey Arena crowd shouting, “IU Sucks”, once upon a time. You know, they were right then, and they will probably right now, too.
    I am drinking heavily before that game this year. Both Michigan and Northwestern played awesome games and they deserved to win against an IU team who are afterthoughts to a sad Big Ten season. Injuries are no excuse here! IU could not even play a reasonable defensive game with everyone healthy. Tom Crean, your days at IU are counting down. No more ten year contract extensions.
    Fred Glass, get ready for a whopping demonstration if you extend this guy’s contract!