POTB 159: Reader questions and expectations moving forward

  • 01/16/2017 11:12 am in

Podcast on the Brink is back for a new episode with host Jerod Morris of The Assembly Call. The show is now available weekly during the season.

In this edition of the show, Morris and Inside the Hall editor Alex Bozich are joined by Josh Margolis of Inside the Hall and The Assembly Call to discuss a variety of topics. Among them:

· What’s behind the struggles of Thomas Bryant
· The playing time of De’Ron Davis and whether he should take some of Bryant’s minutes
· Indiana’s starting lineup moving forward
· The role of Josh Newkirk
· Will minutes increase for Curtis Jones?
· Juwan Morgan’s play early in the second half against Rutgers
· The craziness of the Big Ten standings
· Expectations the rest of the way for Indiana

And plenty more. As always, feel free to drop the show a note at [email protected].

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  • BL4IU

    Essentially agree with everything Alex said. Also, I believe DG is the one player that can help TB get more opportunistic buckets. Worst case, I’d like to see JN and DG split minutes; let Cujo spell RJ/JBJ.

    Also agree with Jerod regarding JM; he’s a warrior. Need the other two sophomores following his lead.

  • BannerOrBust

    I’ve been reiterating all year, that Newkirk needs his minutes reduced. He’s a back-up point-guard. Lets let the young guns make the turnover’s, take horrible shots, and bad passes so they can grow and learn. Newkirk wore out his welcome after the 4th game of the year.

  • I agree that he should play a little less, but I also think people are a little too hard on him. Newkirk played pretty well yesterday, and is usually pretty decent. He’s not great, but definitely not as bad as a lot of people make him out to be (not singling you out here, sir or madam). I’m surprised he still starts, but he is still valuable and contributes. He plays hard, makes plays, and seems to do what’s asked of him. Nobody expected him to be another Yogi. He’s a role player and shouldn’t be attacked for not being an all-american.

  • BannerOrBust

    I will be the first to admit, my expectations for him were very high. I get frustrated when he plays a little more than ‘I’ think she should. I do believe the DG, and Cujo should play more, and Newkirk a little less.

  • JustInSports

    Expectations shouldn’t be too high. Best case scenario is a 6 seed or lower. With 8 road games left, it’ll be tough to get to .500. That doesn’t sound too good in a weak Big Ten.

  • ForeverIU

    I look at the remainder of our schedule, and I am not confident about ANY of the remaining games. We’ll be lucky if we win 3-4 games from here on. That’s 5-13 or 6-12 in the B1G this year.

  • I basically share the same ideas, including high expectations. But I also never expected him to be a star (unlike many of our players, freshmen included). I don’t think he should start at this point, but he definitely has a spot on this team. He needs to cut out all the mental mistakes and if he does that, he’ll be a very positive overall contributor. He has his moments, including generally decent defense and is a offensive penetration threat. He’s also somewhat new to major playing time with this team. So slack has been cut for him, but as of now, I also think the freshmen should get more opportunities, as you say.

  • Oh please, that’s hyperbole. While basically everybody has drastically revised expectations for this team, this has to be the absolute worst-case scenario possible. They’re more likely to win out, than to only win 3 more games total. Breaking even is more realistic, and even that would still be a disastrous season considering the talent and potential. But dropping 10 more is highly unlikely. It would, however, benefit those interesting in the search for new coaching. I’m not sold on the idea that that is the top priority right now. (But I will say that if a team such as this one tanks so badly as to be only average in this conference (arguably) during a down year, then something is seriously wrong and needs a major reorganization.) There are other things to be concerned about in January.

    The Big Ten this year is as unpredictable and highly volatile as I’ve ever seen it. The champs could very well have 5+ losses. It’s a little too early to go into complete despair mode. Too many open questions and too many games to be played. I think you have the right numbers for your conference record predictions, but the wins/losses are reversed. If not, let’s end any more idle speculation about the program’s future in March and move onto more “pragmatic” discussions concerning coaching. I’m cheering for them every game until then, and remain…never daunted.

  • Maryland has a shot at a conference title, and IU played reasonably well against them on the road. All is not lost. (besides a top seed in the tourny, that is)

  • calbert40 – AC000000

    I’ve never cared too much about who is in the starting lineup. I think the rotational minutes, when they are given, and who is on the floor in crunch time is more important. I’d like to see Green get more minutes and Newkirk get fewer. It isn’t that I think Newkirk has been lousy. I just like it when Green is on the floor right now. I’d also like to see more minutes available for Davis and OG.

  • IU_Nation

    Yeah I definitely agree with what you said about DG getting TB easy buckets. From what I have seen, DG is our best passer and has the best court vision of anyone on this team.

  • JustInSports

    Sadly it doesn’t quite work like that. Because UNC and Kansas are pretty good… we are not. We beat them both.

  • ForeverIU

    Well I’m glad you’re seeing it, because I don’t. You also thought this was going to be the best IU team ever.

  • iugradmark

    I generally agree with that thinking but we have had too many games where our start has really cost us. We spend so much energy getting back in the game that I think it has cost us a few games. It didn’t hurt us against Rutgers because they are pretty bad. We can’t start like that against many others in the league.

  • Well, it should have been.

  • I don’t really understand what you mean.

  • inadvertentelbows_stillhurt

    I really feel in this era you have to give guys minutes.. or better recruits shy away.. 10 deep isnt going away at IU

  • Kwang

    So instead of bringing ‘fatigue to the game’ we are bringing fatigue to ourselves with our line-ups and slow starts? Well, ok.

  • Ben thorne

    Not only does he see the floor and make some good passes, but they are easy to handle….not at the knees or ankles of the tallest players

  • TomJameson

    Hi Kwang. I think Alex hit on something about the defenses able to sag down a bit more when Josh is playing, just because he’s not a big offense threat. Bryant has seemed to regress, but he’s not playing as much in the post as he did last year.

    I don’t think JBJ is causing the slow start, unless he’s not hitting his shots, I think JN is, at least, a part of that.

    I also don’t think that other teams are focusing on Blackmon. my reasoning is that almost everybody is getting blown by, not just him. He does still continue to be the focus of the “non defense” talk this year, but even JN got taken to school in the first half of the Rutgers game.
    If somebody wanted to take the time to objectively look, they would see that the defense is horrible all around. Not defending JBJ, he still is probably the worse defender on the team, but there are others that are pretty darn close to being as bad.

    Absolutely agree with TB and DD starting together.

  • Kwang

    Hi back, Tom. Thanks for the response. Some really good thoughts, as usual. You are right in that poor defense is the TEAM’s problem. Look at JN getting blown by in the first half, and then becoming a lock down defender in the second half of the Rutgers game. This team needs to start taking more pride in their defense and play it with more urgency. I am pretty sure that even the announcers said that Nebraska was going after JBJ on defense, but I also think JBJ has been doing better. He is about where I hoped, now. TB and DD has been successful when used, maybe we’ll see it against Purdue, I just wish DD had gotten more time with the high altitude masks and the sand pit.