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Inside IU basketball with Tom Crean was live on Monday evening from the Holiday Inn in Bloomington.

Tom Crean, who was out recruiting, called into the show for the first two segments. Chuck Martin was in attendance and spoke for the following two segments. James Blackmon Jr. was the player guest.

The show was marred with technical difficulties, from static going out over the speakers to Crean struggling to connect with Fischer on the phone. When Crean hung up, a loud dial tone played over the speakers for 2-3 seconds.

“I assume that there are gremlins out there,” host Don Fischer said. “Because we have experienced many (technical difficulties) in our broadcast this evening.”

Later in the show, when the static noise increased while Fischer was talking to Martin, Fischer improvised.

“You don’t want people shooting at you while you do the show, right?” Fischer said. “You can hear the popping in the headsets.”

Below are other news, notes and quotes from Crean, Martin and Blackmon Jr:

· When asked by Fischer if he had an update regarding Juwan Morgan’s health, “No. Not really. He wouldn’t have been able to go today (IU didn’t practice on Monday)…It’s tough. There’s a lot of pain there….I talked to Tim (Garl) a couple times. (Juwan is) certainly going through his rehab and we’ll just have to wait and see. There’s really no timeline on it right now.”

· Crean when asked about Wednesday’s matchup with Penn State, “They’re very, very quick. You could probably put the guards’ downhill ability, shooting ability, the multi-dimensions that they have, and the versatility and the numbers that they have with anybody in the league.”

· Crean when asked about the inconsistent play of Thomas Bryant, “(He needs to) focus more and more defensively and how important that is, and get back to rebounding at a better rate. Even when he doesn’t get the rebound, being more active on the glass…In the last five games, he’s averaging 4.5 rebounds per game. That isn’t cutting it.”

· But Crean also noted that Bryant should be getting more foul calls when he drives to the rim,”I’m going to stick up for him, without question, on some things. There’s very little doubt in my mind, watching the game from an objective view, not just as his coach, that he should be shooting more free throws in the game. I don’t ask for a lot of opinions, but the opinions that I do ask for, the people that know the game, I think that they would agree.”

· Chuck Martin, when asked about Collin Hartman, “He wants to be out there. You can see it in his face, through the timeouts…He wants to give as much as he can to the team. He’s tremendous in practice … His knowledge of the game … you can’t put a price tag on that.”

· Martin, when asked if De’Ron Davis and Thomas Bryant will share the court more, “I think so. The answer is yes.” Martin went on to note that having two bigs on the floor in the Big Ten can be advantageous, especially on the offensive glass.

· Blackmon Jr., on becoming the 50th Indiana basketball player to eclipse the 1,000 point mark, “I really never thought about it. It kind of caught me by surprise. After that game, I just wish we could’ve got that win (over Maryland), because it would have been so much more special to me.”

· Blackmon Jr., on the need to communicate better, “the games that we do talk and communicate are the best games we’ve had, like North Carolina and Kansas. So every game I just go out there with the mindset of helping my teammates – the younger guys, getting the other veterans going.”

· Blackmon Jr., when asked about his siblings, “A lot of people are saying Jalen (Blackmon’s youngest brother, who is in eighth grade) will be the best out of all of us,” prompting many fans in the audience to chuckle. When Fischer asked if he agrees with the assessment, “I want him to be … I think he’s on that path.”

· Blackmon Jr., on his future plans, “I’m trying to do my best to finish up and graduate and get a degree (this year).”

Like most week’s, today’s episode of Inside IU Basketball conflicted with the show ‘The Tall Trio’ on WIUX. The show had special guests Zander Diamont and Chronic Hoosier, and was the buzz of the Holiday Inn. Fans were constantly checking Twitter for updates, and one person, who said he listened to the show on the way in, said he hoped that it would be replayed.

Fortunately, the entire two-hour show is now available online. Diamont even chimes in with his thoughts on Tom Crean.

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  • JustInSports

    Crean preaches deflections. Don’t know how many the team averages. But during the Warriors game, they showed that the Warriors lead the NBA with 19.1 deflections a game.

  • inLinE6

    Did he talk to DG after that rant? I thought he was overreacting.

  • ForeverIU

    “I don’t ask for a lot of opinions, but the opinions that I do ask for, the people that know the game, I think that they would agree.”

    It gets weirder and weirder.

  • ForeverIU

    Definitions of “deflection” vary from one place to another, so you can’t compare numbers reliably across teams/programs. One piece I read mentioned that Pitino, like Crean, is big on charting deflections, and he shoots for about 35 a game.

  • JustInSports

    Well this is the NBA tracking it.

  • ForeverIU

    Yeah, and I don’t think college basketball has a standard way of tracking deflections, which is probably why they are not included in the box score.

  • JustInSports

    Like most things in college basketball. Inconsistent. Lol.

  • ForeverIU

    Programs can track them internally, and I know Crean takes them seriously, but that’s probably because he can’t teach defense and therefore makes a hullabaloo about deflections because they’re easy to talk about and track. Pitino’s deflections produced the #1 defense in the nation. What do we have to show for OUR deflections, LOL?

  • JustInSports

    I’m not sure we average many. We don’t ever play the passing lanes. At least not often. And normally all of our guys have their hands down or are chasing their guy. So it means nothing. But Louisville plays with fire on defense. They get up in your face. They want the ball. They try to block your shot. They rebound. We only have a couple guys like that. But we don’t have anyone with that fire and heart right now. OG and Morgan are the most likely.

  • Shaggy_C

    Deflections in and of themselves aren’t always a good thing, either. A deflection can end up back in the hands of the opponent, and, if the rest of your team overreacts to the loose ball situation, it can be easy points for the other team.

  • Shaggy_C

    Definitely sounds like Blackmon is gone after this year. As bad as the injuries were for him to go through, I think he’ll be thankful that he had the extra year to finish his degree (not that setting a few career milestones wasn’t a reason enough to stay!)

  • IULore

    You are getting weirder and weirder.

  • ForeverIU

    You’re a smart guy. When are you going to snap out? What more has to happen?

  • Arch Puddington

    “But we don’t have anyone with that fire and heart right now. OG and Morgan are the most likely.”

    I reject this outright. It is a judgment you not only have no standing to make, it is almost certainly incorrect. DG plays with nearly Chris Reynolds-level intensity, both offensively and defensively, TB isn’t very good at defense, but lack of “fire and heart” isn’t the reason; he plays with as much desire as any player on any team. JN plays with great energy as well. And OG and JM aren’t “likely” in this area; as anyone with eyes could see, they changed the entire nature of our defense last year. They are certain.

    CTC’s teams consistently finish in the top 10 offensively and outside the top 100 defensively. When the same coach gets the same results year after year, that’s on him, not the players. I guarantee you he does not spend as much time coaching defense as Pitino or other great defensive coaches, and we have a great deal of evidence that he does not teach it effectively when he does spend time on it. Blaming the players’ character is just unfounded sanctimony.

  • probably will be unpopular with many here, but Newkirk showed some of that last game, especially in the 2nd half. (and in the past, Green and Davis have shown glimmers of the same.) credit goes to where it’s due.

  • JustInSports

    It is on both. These players continue to get burned on defense and act as if they don’t care. This team has no leader and no passion on defense.

  • ForeverIU

    Relax. First of all, JustInSports is talking about defense. That’s how the conversation started. So when he talks about energy, he means on defense. Secondly, he did not absolve the coach from blame. How players play is a reflection of coaching. Thirdly, I’m surprised you mentioned other players without mentioning RJ, who is probably one of the more active players on defense. So JustInSports focused on two players instead of three or maybe four; his point is to compare to the energy with which Pitino’s defense plays. Can you for once just look at the spirit of what a poster is writing without turning it into a legal proceeding? Of course, you won’t respond to me, but since I was involved in this conversation, I had to make my point.

  • TomJameson

    Seriously don’t think JBJ cares about career milestones, but in that vein, think of how many points he would have, if he didn’t miss all those games due to those injuries. And other milestones he might have achieved.

  • TomJameson

    I don’t think I would call it a rant. It lasted all of 2 seconds. Took longer for him to walk across the floor than for him to say what he did. I think some of this has been overblown by a few people who just don’t like Crean.

    How many times have you seen a coach pull a player out of a game for doing something stupid, and then yell at him on the sideline … happens all the time. Yet when Crean chews a player out for not doing what he’s told, and for doing something that is very unsportsmanlike, Crean takes the heat. Wow.

    If you want to see a coach rant, check out some old Gene Keady, or Bobby Knight games.

    Personally, I like it when this coach shows a little emotion, would like to see more. I also like it that he called out the officiating in regards to Bryant, and yet, somebody is making light of that as well.

    Some folks have agendas and wear blinders that limit their views to their own. Not talking to you specifically inLineE6, just fits here is all.

  • calbert40 – AC000000

    “I think some of this has been overblown by a few people who just don’t like Crean.”

    Absolutely correct, Tom. Of course, you bringing up other coaches is a straw man, according to some 🙂

    But the truth is so plain to see. Anything the man does, good, bad or indifferent, is always seen in the worst possible light. Win a game by 19 points, they focus on how he yelled at a kid. Win a game by 10, they focus on the 5 minute stretch we didn’t play well. They use hindsight to question a specific substitution, etc. It just gets old. I don’t have any problem with constructive criticism and rational argument about things (not using hindsight), but that is so rare around here anymore. It used to happen a lot, but not so much any more.

  • ForeverIU

    Hilarious. As if you don’t have an agenda. I have NEVER read anything critical of Crean that you wrote. Your post also shows that you and your coach have something else in common: obstinacy and blinders. I mean, did you read the million posts and arguments about why many of us disapproved of how Crean dealt with DG? Most of us want to see Crean more assertive, but this tantrum of his looked silly on its own, when he hardly EVER does such things. He just looked like a frustrated coach taking out his frustrations on a freshman. Plus, why did it suddenly occur to you to start this argument, when we’ve been writing about it for several days? Or do you not read and just decide to enter a conversation sideways when it suits your pro-Crean agenda?

  • ForeverIU

    Why is it wrong not to like Crean? As a fan I have a right not to like the coach if I don’t think well of his coaching. I also happen not to like his character. Why is this always used as a way to discredit posters?

  • TomJameson

    You are a liar and just plain make stuff up about me. I’ve been critical of Crean many times, but I just don’t hate him like you do. You’ve even said that you want the team to do bad, just to get the coach fired.

    Millions of posts? Hahahahahaha

    I’ve also commented on this already, but since you didn’t read it, it must not exist.

    Okay, I’ve made a mistake in replying to “forever-an-idiot”, so I’ll go back to my ignore mode.

  • ForeverIU

    So tell me what your criticisms of Crean are. Enlighten me, because I have NEVER read anything critical of Crean from you. It might make you a little more credible if you helped explain the state of our program by putting at least some responsibility on the coach.

    I don’t “hate” Crean. I “dislike” him. I don’t have hate in my heart.

    Also, you just discriminated against idiots. They too are God’s creations. LOL.

  • ForeverIU

    I might also add that if I called you an “idiot” or a “liar” I would certainly be deleted or maybe even banned from ITH. I guess Crean apologists like you have privileged status on here. To me it’s really an insult to our program to see Crean apologists like you who are bringing the program down with their denial of reality. Do you really enjoy watching this kind of basketball, or are you some kind of masochist?

  • IULore

    I don’t even know what is going on in your head anymore.

  • IULore

    Regardless of his feelings, his post was right.

  • IULore

    Did you even read his post? He never said it was wrong, but letting personal distaste keep any rational conversation from happening eliminates any possibility to discuss real criticisms.

  • calbert40 – AC000000

    Thank you. ugh.

  • calbert40 – AC000000

    Where did I say that it was wrong not to like Crean? I don’t love quoting myself, but maybe it will be read this time: “I don’t have any problem with constructive criticism and rational argument about things (not using hindsight)…”

    What bothers me (and evidently Tom based on his initial comment) is that some people see EVERYTHING that he does negatively. He could donate a kidney to a player, and there are some who would openly question his motivation (yes, hyperbole). It is just tiresome.

    Side note – you suggested some things of Tom that are just untrue. He’s a big boy and can stick up for himself, but he and I have had numerous discussions about some of our own concerns about certain things Crean has done. We just don’t get all bent out of shape by every little think he does…unlike the vast majority of this site’s posters.

  • calbert40 – AC000000

    2nd response:

    Okay, you don’t care for his coaching, but you don’t like his character? Can I ask why? Honest question. I hope this isn’t seen as a straw man, but based on the character of the coach that many revere around here, I find Crean’s character refreshing in that I’m not worried about reading an article about how he hit a policeman, for example.

    Also, I fail to see how I am discrediting you by disagreeing with you. How do you get to that conclusion logically?

    Honestly, I am completely fine with disagreement. It’s why I come here, honestly. I enjoy discussing issues surrounding the team. I am just so tired of the crazy hyperbole directed to Crean and anyone who DARES to suggest he isn’t terrible.

  • calbert40 – AC000000

    I don’t think you’d be deleted or banned for that language. I seem to have read much worse on this site from numerous people. Maybe even from me?!?! Whoops.

  • inLinE6

    I like Crean. But sometimes Crean seemed to “overreact” a bit – like what he did to Jeff Meyer after 2013 Michigan game, or with Tim Miles in 2015. He’s very high class in general, but occasionally loses his “coolness” which made me scratch my head. Of course I thought DG was unintentional. He was still chasing the darn loose ball after that failed alley-oop attempt with 1 second remaining. Just needed to teach him what we do and that’s it. I bet Crean hasn’t really had the opportunity to teach him that yet. DG seemed humble and not the type of people who humiliate others. But I understand the situation at game time and why Crean may be overreacting a bit.

  • I don’t have ‘a dog in this fight’ but please read your last sentence, ” vast majority”, really? You might want to learn to truncate your sentences.

  • calbert40 – AC000000

    I probably do need to shorten up my sentences, because I am wordy, but I don’t think I’m off base suggesting the vast majority of this site’s posters can’t stand Crean. I stand by the comment.

  • Fifer39

    Tom (and Cal). I think I was the first to post a criticism of TC in ATB for his rant at DG. I’m no Crean hater. There have been several good points made on both sides of the argument about whether this was appropriate or not. But to characterise the arguments you don’t agree with as just evidence of a pre-existing dislike of TC is, I’m sorry, just lazy and a convenient way of you trying to reinforce your own belief. Give other posters some credit for the points they make and don’t automatically dismiss them based on your perception of them or the fact that what they’re saying doesn’t accord with your world view.

  • calbert40 – AC000000

    Yes, there have been some good points made by some posters, you included, regarding their dislike of Crean’s handling of the Green situation. No argument there.

    I think what Tom and I (and a few others) are suggesting is that many people view everything surrounding our program through the lens of Crean being lousy at his job. The point Tom and I have made is that what Crean did was mild in comparison to what you see on sidelines across the country on a nightly basis.

    It’s fine to disagree with Crean’s handling of the situation (if you read what I wrote yesterday, I said I would have handled it differently too). But there’s a difference between posting “I would have handled it differently,” and what lots of people said instead. As Tom said, our coach called out a player for doing something unsportsmanlike on the court, and our fans are mad at our coach. Not disagreeing with him…mad at him over it. Hard to overlook the bias, IMO.

  • IUBizmark

    If I may…I believe I’m somewhere between where you are and where some others (Crean defenders) are. I don’t think these other fans are completely happy with the success of the team, but it’s a little overboard to say/imply Crean is terrible (not saying you said that). They’re just wanting to keep the debate rational.

    For example, I’ve seen enough of Tom Crean’s abilities as a coach to know (for me) that I’m ready to move on. And while I’m not religious, I still love Tom Crean’s off court demeanor. What I’m saying is, those aren’t my beliefs, however, they are the same values as mine. And though I don’t enjoy the results on the court all the time, I can still admit things like, Crean is an elite offensive coach.

    Anyone on either side of the debate who’s saying it’s all good or all bad, isn’t thinking critically. Much like politics.

  • TomJameson

    Fifer, I don’t characterize anyone by their arguments, not their opinions. At least not individually. But when the preponderance of a single person’s posts always attack CTC, then I call it like it is.

    Criticism is okay, and I would argue that it is necessary to keep somebody “honest”. A public figure (coach) is open game. But if a person’s mission is to post totally negative about that figure, it goes way beyond criticism, and deeper feelings are at work.

    I’ve changed my mind about things because of different criticisms of Crean. Part of that is lineups and substitution patterns. So I believe that I do give credit to other’s opinions, at least I listen with an open mind.

    And if you don’t mind, I think characterizing me by this argument is a lazy and a convenient way of you to make a point about somebody you know nothing about, much less my own beliefs and world view.

    And if you do know so much about me, can you tell me what lineups I prefer? Who’s my favorite player? What are some of my pet peeves against Coach Crean? What are some of the ways I admire him? Can you tell me my “world view”.

    Tell me, how do I feel about CTC and his record, or his chances to make it to a final four/championship? Can you tell me how long I think his chance at IU should continue?

    I thought not.

  • Fifer39

    I’m pretty mad at him to be honest. I don’t think it’s the way our program should be represented and I don’t use what other coaches do, or don’t do, as a reference for that. I’m still not a Crean hater but I still respect the opinion of those who are calling for a change to do so. It’s a sports fan’s right and it just goes with the territory if you’re a coach. And if your of that mindset, it’s not a surprise that when stuff happens that you don’t like or don’t agree with, it’s only going to reinforce your view.

    Anyway, I appreciate your considered reply. I think most of the debate has been sensible and just wish every exchange of different views didn’t have to end in an argument!

  • Fifer39

    I think the gist of your response is that you don’t like being characterised by broadbrush generalisations. Which is kind of my point to you.