• SCHoosier

    Oh oh..they ” had some good days of practice..are excited to play.and are locked in”. Katie bar the door. Hope all that happens go Hoosiers!

  • weitrhino

    When is somebody going to teach these kids the key to up-tempo fast break gameplay starts with defensive stop. Running the open floor, Indiana is dangerous but against a team like Wisconsin that takes care of the ball that gameplay goes out the window. Seemingly the Hoosiers have no plan B. I hate to say it but we may be in for a long season.

  • Rkeg

    Many thought the same last year and they found their path. Sometimes we forget these are young men – I believe this team will be very dangerous as the season moves on and no one is going to want to play them come March.

  • Mark Hinton

    Keep playing like we are and nobody will have to play us in March. IU will be watching those games like the rest of us fans.

  • weitrhino

    Today’s results may determine if I share your optimism