Best explanation I’ve heard about an injured player. Appears OG has been medically cleared but Coach won’t put him out there until OG truly feels confident to go. Amen.

  • So I was over responding to comments in other threads and this was already covered? Yeesh, okay, thanks. Sounds like everything is being handled exactly as it should be, which I expected all along (in spite of some impatience).

  • vicbert caladipo

    CTC treid his best to dance around it but somehow the media heard he was cleared cuz 3 different guys said he was playing against Butler and the fourth didn’t disagree. I’d be really surprised if OG said I’m not comfortable playing today like CTC said. They didn’t need him and as Homer Drew a long time coach said, Coach is just being extra cautious. I’d bet ya a beer CTC will play it down all week sayin he isn’t sure if he’ll even play against Butler even though it is now public he is cleared. We won’t know up until game time and who ever heard of a young kid saying he wasn’t comfortable playing. C’mon I wasn’t born yesterday..

  • Austin Alexander

    Right, Vic! A: He doesn’t want to pressure OG with a healing “deadline.” B: Butler’s gameplan will probably prepare for both with and without OG…however…Butler being unsure is an obvious advantage for our team. All the guys on Butler’s roster know who OG is and you know they are crossing their fingers, hoping that OG isn’t playing. I think any edge you can get in competition mentally is worth the effort…even if CTC is being vague. It’s an unknown factor to sidetrack Butler’s mental preparation.

  • Outoftheloop

    I certainly was not alone in stating that OG would not play after his ankle injury against NC until the Butler game. But that he would play, and should start, in that game! IU did not need him until then and it is a long season! GO IU beat those pesky Bulldogs!