At the Buzzer: Indiana 83, Southeast Missouri State 55

  • 12/04/2016 5:59 pm in

Quick thoughts on Indiana’s 83-55 win over Southeast Missouri State:

How it happened: This game went just as expected. Aside from a lull midway through the first half when Southeast Missouri State cut Indiana’s lead to five, Indiana controlled this contest throughout. The Hoosiers didn’t shoot it well from the perimeter, but made 22 of their 36 2-point field goal attempts and finished with 1.16 points per possession. The win was Indiana’s 23rd straight at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall, which is the sixth longest active streak in the country.

Standout performance: Robert Johnson continued the strong start to his junior season with 17 points on 7-of-13 shooting from the field. Johnson has scored in double figures in seven of Indiana’s eight games. The Richmond (Va.) native also added seven rebounds and two assists in 30 minutes.

Statistic that stands out: As we wrote pregame, one item to watch coming in was Indiana’s turnovers. Southeast Missouri State came in ranked in the top 75 nationally in terms of forcing turnovers and the Hoosiers had difficultly taking care of the ball. Indiana finished with 18 turnovers for a final turnover percentage of 25.2.

Final IU player stats:


Final tempo-free stats:


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  • AUKevin

    There is a direct correlation between Bryant post ups and points for him, Blackmon and all others. It is so frustrating to see them blatantly disregard him. When Bryant establishes himself, it frees up the long ball. When they don’t, they shoot from 3 like they did tonight: subpar.

  • Ole Man

    The guards want to control the game. They need to realize that the strength of the team is the front court and play through them.

  • kennygeorge

    several times he or dd were open and missed. Most of the to’s were not due to semo.state. Glad to see Freddie make a basket, block and some rebounds. He looked a little more comfortable, but still a ways to go. DD is just coming along very nicely.

  • ForeverIU

    We have more of a need to train the guards than the big guys. CuJo, Devonte. Even James is a mediocre 3-pt shooter and needs the experience.

  • Hoosier4life67

    James? Blackman Jr.? mediocre 3-pt shooter? Nevermind, I’m not saying a word. Don’t think it would matter.

  • ForeverIU

    His averages might not reflect it, but his dry spells from 3 are deadly. Plus, Newkirk is a better 3-pt shooter. Unless he gets better, James should not be taking the vast majority of our 3-pt shots. He is better driving, and he is a great rebounder.

  • ForeverIU

    Also, it’s Blackmon, not Blackman. Hate when people call him Blackman.

  • Ms hoosier

    If you only knew what you were talking about!! Blackmon a mediocre 3-point shooter?????

  • ForeverIU

    Yes, because he is not consistent. It is not just about overall averages. He is very inconsistent. Look at today: he had 1-6 from 3.

  • Ms hoosier

    You ever thought about 4 games in 8 days and the kid might have tired legs!! James played as hard as anybody in those 8 games, working hard on defense, rebounding the ball and hit some huge shots in the UNC game!!

  • ForeverIU

    That’s true, so why does he still feel that it is his duty to take these shots? That’s all I’m saying. I’m not putting him down.

  • IU Cal 1809

    Idk about you guys but it looked like Rick Ray came from the Mike Davis tree line. Hack up the first shot u see and hope we hit it lol

  • Ms hoosier

    I think a lot of it has to do with CTC telling his shooters to shoot it when they got the shot.

  • TomJameson

    For one thing, TB was playing more as a wing than the center. DD was at center most of the time, and I think it worked out pretty darn good. TB was getting swarmed every time he touched the ball. Still though, tied Blackmon for the best +- at 25.

    Also, I think everybody know to play through the paint. That doesn’t mean the score has to be in the paint, just that the ball has to go through there. You know, toss it in and it gets kicked out to an open shooter. That is CTCs mantra.

  • TomJameson

    I don’t think the guards want to control the game. I also don’t think IU would do very well just pounding the ball in the middle. There is a balance to the offense between the front & back courts. Not perfect yet by any means, but getting better all the time.

    The problem with these type games, when IU relaxes and plays down to the competition (I hate that), is that it’s hard to gauge progress. The starters played decent minutes, but a lot of players saw the court. Perhaps the tightening up of the lineup would help some.

  • TomJameson

    A lot in that post Kenny, and I agree with it all. I don’t know why TB doesn’t just go up strong and dunk the ball when he’s that close. I really don’t think he should be getting his shot blocked at all, much less three times in one game! Especially not at the level of team they were playing.

    To me the turnovers is a problem. Some have said that it will clear up as the season goes on, and I agree with that (some), but we haven’t seen it get much better yet. Turn over 25 percent of your possessions is bad … yes, even for an offense that runs like that.

    The best thing about these games is that the freshmen (or transfers) get some playing time. The only way for them to improve and get into game shape, is to play the game. Not just Freddie and DD, but CuJo and DG as well. My two picks for the most improved by the end of the season will be De’Ron and Curtis. Next year, DD is going to be a beast!

  • Ole Man

    The injury claim is bogus. He’s over that.

  • Ole Man

    They do. The O keeps breaking down and it’s directly on the guards doing a weave of death at the top. How many shot violations has IU had this year?

  • Greg M. Bailey

    Newkirk was 0/3 on threes and 2/8 on the game. Plus Newkirk can’t hit a free throw to save his life. You might want to rethink your argument.

  • Greg M. Bailey

    I am pretty sure I saw CTC on the sideline at the under 12 or under 8 timeout in the first half yell at one of his guards to get the ball into post. It looks like coach wants to get it inside too, but for some reason the guards are not doing that. However, in some fairness to the guards, and TB, the first half of that game the refs were letting SEMO get away with murder on the block. They would let them do whatever they wanted to keep Bryant from getting the ball. They were hanging all over him and shoving him out of the post. You could even tell a couple of times how frustrated TB was with it.

  • ForeverIU

    But that partly makes my point. Newkirk stopped at three attempts. But with James we somehow feel obligated to give him at least six or eight attempts at shooting the three. Is there any evidence that suggests he should be taking more 3s than Josh? And yes, James is a great free throw shooter, so ideally he should be drawing fouls. I’m not asking that we keep James on the sidelines, just that we might consider not treating him as “special” when it comes to 3-point shooting. In fact, the less we cast him as a 3-point shooter, the more effective he might be from 3, because defenses would not be so fixated on him as our go-to shooter from behind the arc.