At the Buzzer: Indiana 87, Liberty 48

  • 11/19/2016 9:09 pm in

Quick thoughts on Indiana’s 87-48 win over Liberty:

How it happened: Despite a turnover percentage over 40 percent in the first half, Indiana was never really challenged on Saturday night at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall by Liberty. The Hoosiers led by as many as 32 in the first half on the strength of hot shooting (76 eFG%) and woeful shooting by the Flames, who scored just .47 points per possession before intermission. Despite the easy victory, there’s plenty for Indiana to work on coming out of this one. The list starts with the turnovers. Indiana had 26 in the game and while many were the result of aggressive play, the Hoosiers need to clean things up in a hurry with a road game looming on Tuesday in Fort Wayne.

Standout performance: Sophomore OG Anunoby notched his first career double-double with 10 points and 11 rebounds. Most of the damage came in the first half, when Anunoby scored seven points and grabbed nine rebounds.

Statistic that stands out: Indiana limited Liberty to just .62 points per possession and an effective field goal percentage of 33.6.

Final IU player stats:


Final tempo-free stats:


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  • Miamihoosier

    Good win. Impressive D. I feel bad for TB in games like this. He cant feed the ball to himself, and when the guards take 30 shots to his 4 its hard to imagine he’s getting any better. We are not a top 10 team without Thomas…I hope we can feed him the ball a bit better in the next 2 warm up games. We’ll need a huge performance from him to beat UNC

  • I counted five traveling calls, and I might have missed a couple. A more reasonable turnover rate, we score 120. Defense was good, though, and outside of turning over the offense was effective. McFly has a long way to go, the team is missing a cog when he’s on the floor–glad to see him get some playing time, but he needs to be not playing against the better opposition. Not TB’s strongest game.

    And yet, 87-48.

  • Not TB’s best game, though. He was a little off, I think. 7 turnovers? 3 rebounds? He’ll be stronger against Fort Wayne.

  • GaHoosier

    Alex…how many rebounds did OG end with? You put “1 rebounds” in his standout performance.

    Good to see him hitting the boards hard.

  • ForeverIU


  • OG had 11 rebounds.

  • GaHoosier

    Thanks Mark!

  • Sure ’nuff. 🙂

  • Oh, and JBJ for 20/9. Almost a double-double, and I think his defense most mostly decent tonight.

  • Nimbi63

    Big Tim Priller, two minutes, three points, two rebounds. Breakout!

  • Piker

    Plus 8 defensive boards and I believe that is part of playing good D.

  • ForeverIU

    Oh, darn, a low scoring night for JBJ.

  • Yeah, he’s driving down his average.

  • Excellent point, didn’t notice that.

  • Piker

    6 to lead team vs UMass Lowell an 5 against KU. May be leading the team in total D boards just haven’t added them up to compare….didn’t get my two cents in when the JBJ defense was being criticized…it is part of it.

  • Few more decent performances and hopefully that meme dies down. Hate to see a kids who’s averaging over 20 points/6 rebounds a game getting so much grief.

  • Piker

    Yeah he is IU most valuable player so far. Kid deserves are praise and support as do all the players this early in the season.

  • Robert Weber

    We could have won this game by 60+ if we had been a little more careful with the ball.

  • Easily. Just going too fast at times. Weird travel calls, more than I can remember seeing in a game. Defense was looking good, though.

  • IU Cal 1809

    Watching Freddy tonight I think there coaching and thrown a lot at him. He out there thinking to much and not letting the game come to him. I hope by Big Ten he can get his footing cause there we’ll be games we’ll need him. Oh and got to sit next to Ryan Burton tonight which was pretty cool.

  • First, cool about Burton! Second, I hope I didn’t come across as negative toward McFly. He’s going to be a good player for us, and like I said I’m glad he’s getting the playing time. But out of our 10-deep rotation, he’s definitely at the tail end. I agree that hopefully he’ll be more acclimated by the B1G, and I just hope he doesn’t get so much playing time against UNC–which I’m sure he won’t.

  • IU Cal 1809

    No I didn’t think you were being nagative at all. Right now he just looks like a linebacker trying to play basketball on the offensive end.

  • Pretty good analogy.

  • Kendall

    One thing I notice a difference in between feeding the ball to TB and DD, is that DD is more aggressive with his post moves and seems to look for his shot. TB dribbles too much and often passes out of the post.

  • Ole Man

    Hammer meet nail!

  • Ole Man

    D was good; but not going to go overboard about it since their tallest player was 6’5…LOL!

  • Brklynhoosier

    And a block!!!

  • Sure. I’m not going to get too excited about the defense until banner #6 is being put up.


    Comment meet ditto !