At the Buzzer: Indiana 98, Hope College 65

  • 11/01/2016 9:05 pm in

A few quick thoughts on Indiana’s 98-65 exhibition win over Hope College:

How it happened: This was mostly what you’d expect from an exhibition game. Some impressive play, some very ugly play and plenty for Indiana to work on as it prepares for its season opener in 10 days. Hope College, a Division III program, stayed within striking distance until early in the second half when the Hoosiers quickly turned a 50-42 lead into a 15-point lead and never looked back from there. Tom Crean played 11 guys, started a walk-on and experimented with several lineups, including one with Juwan Morgan at point guard. In the end, Indiana rolled an overmatched opponent as expected.

Standout performance: Much has been written in the preseason about the breakout potential of sophomore OG Anunoby. He passed the eye test on Tuesday night. Anunoby’s stroke from the perimeter was most impressive as he connected on four of his seven attempts from behind the 3-point line. Given his physical tools and athleticism, if the jumper is going to be a consistent part of his game, he’ll be one of the tougher guys to cover in the country. Anunoby finished with 16 points and four rebounds, but had five turnovers.

Statistic that stands out: Turnovers. Indiana committed 18 turnovers, including 11 in the first half. Exhibition or not, that’s a number the Hoosiers will need to improve upon with No. 3 Kansas looming in less than two weeks.

Final IU player stats:


Final tempo-free stats:


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  • Green will be starting by the end of the year. As in 2016. And he’ll be sniffing around at going pro by the end of the season. Watch out.

    No Priller time?

    Also, having Max Bielfeldt as announcer was pretty cool. Great call by BTN on that one.

  • BL4IU

    Slow start most likely due to the limited 5-on-5 scrimmaging caused by injuries. Good the next game is only four days away followed by plenty of practice time before the Kansas game. Hope Coach goes with a more realistic starting lineup against Bellarmine and let’s that unit get in plenty of minutes to build some chemistry.

  • BL4IU

    Alex, did they run any post-ups for OG?

  • sarge

    I didn’t watch the game but some of these stats are insane. +44 for RJ! 12 Rebounds for JM! 69% eFG! 7 Assists for JN! We went 12-26 from deep! Fairly good for how much they experimented with the lineup. These guys showed some potential. Still need to clean up our game, but they showed flashes of a great team. Still have work to do on defense and turnovers, but that is nothing new.

  • sarge

    I saw that on a the iubb twitter. Very cool, good call by BTN.

  • BL4IU

    How did DD look?

  • ForeverIU

    I’m happy even if I believe half of what you said about Devonte. LOL.

  • Arch Puddington

    I was there for all but the last few minutes, and saw very little post play from OG. Or anyone else for that matter, since Hope was playing a packed zone for much of the game. There was clearly a concerted effort to get TB some touches down low to start the second half, but those mostly came up empty. JBJ posts his man up in the second half with some success, which mad sense since the Hope guards were pretty small. But it was a perimeter game for the most part, and OG played accordingly. Seven of his nine shots were 3 pointers, which tells the story.

  • BL4IU

    Thanks Arch.

  • Arch Puddington

    1. If I saw correctly, Priller was not dressed tonight.
    2. Here was my part of my comment after the scrimmage last Friday:

    “Jones and Green frankly stunned me. Even allowing for the circumstance, they were impressive. Both attack off the dribble with great confidence and authority, and both shoot well from the outside…I’m telling you right now that they are both going to be really good. One or both may end up looking like yet another CTC steal.”

    So we’re seeing the same thing (although Green turning pro this year seems pretty bold). As for Green starting this year, I’ll say this: in two not-very-serious events, he has looked better that Newkirk. Substantially. And I didn’t see Hoosier Hysteria, at which he hit five 3’s. Well see what CTC thinks about it, but there is a small but impressive body of evidence that he is ready to play at a high level. And while Jones doesn’t have quite the flair that Green does, he’s a player, too. More of a SG, which means fighting through JBJ and RJ for playing time, but he’s good enough to contribute right now.

    They could make for a truly great backcourt if they stick around for a few years.

  • BL4IU

    My post on the premium forum: DG: 17 Points, 3 Rebounds, 2 Assists, 0 Turnovers, 2 Steals in 13 Minutes. That is big time regardless the competition. He’s bringing it consistently (scrimmage, scrimmage, game). Very interested to watch the replay. Is it possible we have another grossly under-ranked kid? Really?

  • 3 guard line-up. It’s early, but I think that’s the way to go.

    Completely agree with literally everything you said above, and glad you said it so I don’t have to type it out. Very excited about this year.

    Here’s to having some luck that they find chemistry. And for Colin.

  • I don’t think it’s possible, I think it’s definite. He’s a very, very good player. Seriously: 17 points in 13 minutes. And the rest of it. Wow.

  • He seemed a little stiff to me, and a step behind. But he’s a force inside, and active. He’ll be blocking and deflecting like crazy once he gets in the flow of things, and scoring as well.

    We’re well-stocked with really, really good players. CTC isn’t kidding when he says we can go 10-12 players deep. We’ll be able to wear people out, and give up a few fouls.

  • Things really tightened up in the second half (obviously, given the margin). I think the game on Saturday will be even tighter. Will things be shaped up in time for KU? I dunno–how experienced is KU relative to us? If they’ve avoided the injuries and have had more consistent play together, then that’s going to be a rough game. But that’ll be okay, because they’ll learn from it and move on from there.

  • I think this is a team that will have very situational lineups. We’ll be able to match up with just about any kind of opposition, and so I think there will be an opportunity to really dial things in. I know some people don’t like that–better to have an established starting five, then consistent rotations–and normally I’d agree, but this team could be so deep I think that flexibility could be a real strength.

  • Mathsketball

    Definitely looked like he needs more conditioning, but he had some pretty good defensive moments

  • Ole Man

    Way early, Clyde.
    Probably in the beginning because of players coming back from injuries; but it remains to be seen.

  • RMK

    Priller didn’t dress so I assume there was some kind of minor injury. Green won’t be on the NBA radar this year, just doesn’t have the right body type. He’s one of those guys who could be an amazing college player by the time he’s done, but might not make the league. More of a 2 than a pg.

  • RMK

    I think it will be a 3 guard lineup, but Green won’t start. It’ll be Newkirk and Johnson with JBJ. Those two arguably had the best games out of anyone. Johnson had a ridiculous +/- of 44, Newkirk had the second highest with 27. Newkirk’s 7/1 assists to TO ratio is super impressive and incredibly important. His quickness to break down the D and ball distribution are unmatched on this team. And everything runs smoother with Johnson on the floor. Great defender, moves the ball, and brings a toughness.

  • RMK

    As far as OG goes, he showed that he had better offensive skills than last year (his shooting stroke looked fantastic and quick) but he struggled trying to create his own shot. Next step is cleaning up his handles. Not a disappointment seeing as he’s just a sophomore, and he is improving, but he’s going to be limited offensively until he can handle the ball in traffic.

  • TomJameson

    Newkirk played the role he was asked, which is different than Green’s role. I’ve heard mostly good about Josh, and very little bad. I think you may possibly be either a little harsh on Josh, or a little too high on DG (I know I like him a lot too).

    In any event it was only an exhibition where there was a bunch of experimentation going on. Next exhibition will tell us more, better competition and us just getting more looks at these players.

    JN only took 2 shots (0-2 unfortunately), but had 7 assists and was +27 while on the court, second only to RJ who had a +44. Wow, is that right?

  • HollandSparty

    Give some credit to Hope College. They’re D III but traditionally one of the better D III teams in the country

  • Arch Puddington

    I’m being neither harsh on Newkirk, nor even critical. In fact, in a post I made after the Haunted Hall scrimmage, I wrote: “Newkirk is very quick and very strong, and will be a significant contributor.”

    But in the two exhibitions I have seen, Green has looked better to me. Even beyond the statistical production, there has just been something impactful about his presence on the court. He has a dynamism about him that I haven’t seen in Newkirk. That doesn’t mean Newkirk doesn’t have it, or that things won’t look different as soon as the next game. But I can only speak to what I have seen thus far, and that is what I have seen.

  • TomJameson

    Arch, I’m good with your analysis, I’ve told you that before. Only thing that got me was the “substantial” part. I really like DG as well, and if he stays consistent with his production things will be looking really good for IU, and his own career. I just think their roles are so different, it’s hard to make a comparison between the two on (almost) any level.