Around the Hall: More preseason lists, Jadlow, Hoosiers in the NBA

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Sports Illustrated released its Big Ten preview and picked Indiana to finish third in the league. Perhaps more surprising is that Thomas Bryant wasn’t picked for the All-Big Ten first team:

All-Conference First Team & Sixth Man

PG: Melo Trimble, Maryland
SG: Malcolm Hill, Illinois
SG: Peter Jok, Iowa
SF: Nigel Hayes, Wisconsin
PF: Caleb Swanigan, Purdue
6th man: SG: James Blackmon Jr., Indiana ranked the top 100 players in college basketball and features three Hoosiers in the top 57:

17. Thomas Bryant | Indiana | Sophomore | C
Bryant would’ve been a first-round pick if he’d entered the 2016 NBA Draft. But he didn’t. So now the 6-10 forward should compete for Big Ten Player of the Year honors as long as his sophomore season keeps Indiana near the top of the league standings. — GP

NBC Sports is also ranking the top 100 players in college hoops and also has three Hoosiers in the top 57:

Former Indiana player Todd Ladlow tells his story of abuse from Bob Knight to Bob Kravitz of WTHR:

Now, sitting here at Nick’s with his daughter, Adriana, and a reporter, Jadlow knows there’s going to be significant backlash. The Knight true believers will not accept Jadlow’s version of events, or they will demean him as a recovering alcoholic and drug addict who is merely telling lies in order to sell a book. They will criticize him for lifting the curtain on Knight and life inside the IU program. He knows all of this. And he’s ready.

“It’s definitely going to be interesting,” he said. “But the reason for this book was to be completely honest and transparent. I wanted to tell the whole story of my life, tell people all the worst things I’ve done in my life and how I’ve hurt people, especially the ones I love. I wanted to be honest about all of it, my time at Indiana, everything.”

Michael Wallace of Grind City Media looks at the path Troy Williams took to make the opening night roster in Memphis:

MEMPHIS – Indiana coach Tom Crean had one request when he spoke to former Hoosiers standout Troy Williams, who was in the midst of an impressive stretch during training camp with the Grizzlies.

“Text me when you’ve made it,” Crean recalled of the recent instructions to Williams. “And I got that text from him today. I can tell you it was followed by a bunch of I love yous back and forth. It’s such an emotional time when you think back on everything he’s gone through to get to this point.”

Columnist Barry Tramel was critical of the shot selection of Victor Oladipo in the Thunder’s season opener:

Victor Oladipo: Didn’t like. I get it. Oladipo is having to get accustomed to a new role and a new system. But the guy’s shot selection is awful. It was bad in the preseason, it was bad against Philly. Oladipo made just four of 16 shots, and while he was better in the second half and made a couple of clutch baskets in the fourth quarter, he can’t take bad shots.

A Confident and assertive Noah Vonleh is earning a role in Portland, writes Mike Richman of

Last year, the Blazers prioritized getting Vonleh on the floor. This season he’s earning every minute on the court thanks to a strong work ethic and an impressive preseason.

Vonleh’s teammates have raved about his potential and practice production leading up to the season. It was only a matter of time, his teammates said, before the 6-foot-9, 260-pound 21-year-old made a splash in the NBA. Ed Davis, Vonleh’s closest confidant on the team praised Vonleh for putting in so much work behind the scenes.

“He’s hungry, man,” Davis said, peeking over at Vonleh, who was still on the court shooting while Davis was talking to reporters.

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  • Chi-Town Hoosier

    For whatever reason, I can’t get myself overly excited for Vonleh like I do for Oladipo, Zeller, Williams, Yogi, etc. Aside from the obvious fact that that team struggled, I don’t recall if he has he been back to Bloomington once since he left. He is a beast though and I will root for him.

  • BL4IU

    Wonder if some day we’ll see an NBA pic similar the one at the top of the page?

  • Arch Puddington

    The fact that people still get more excited about Nigel Hayes than Ethan Happ amazes me. Here are some numbers I dug up about Happ for a post a couple of weeks ago:

    He averaged more points and rebounds for the entire season than Thomas Bryant (12.4/7.9 vs. 11.9/5.5), and got better as time went on. Over has last 10 games he averaged 14.5/7.8, and his three tournament games were 15/9, 18/7, 14/12. He had nine double-doubles for the season, and was two rebounds or less away from eight others. (Hayes had three for the season, Bryant had two).

    What I can add to that: he shot better from the field than Hayes (.538 to .368), and averaged more rebounds (7.9/5.8) more blocks (.9/.4), more steals (1.8/1.1). Granted, Hayes can shoot 3s and Happ cannot, and Happ no doubt benefited from the attention that Hayes drew from defenses. Nevertheless, the only way Hayes was more productive was in scoring, and Happ was closing even that gap at the end of the season.

    Hayes is a good player, but if I’m picking just one player from Wisconsin from my team, it’s Happ.

  • Kyl470

    Agreed. I think Happ will beat Wisconsin’s best player.

  • hardly

    I think it is as much the ‘one and done’ factor as that the team struggled. I find the same feelings towards Eric Gordon – good guy that was in bad IU situation and I root for him, but I find it difficult to put him in the class with Cody, Vic, Troy, etc. that are around for longer. Yet another reason (besides the obvious) I was happy TB came back – because I think the Hoosier Nation will embrace him that much more.

  • sarge

    Very nice analysis Arch, as always. I love that you post your thoughts on things such as this and take the time to dig up the stats. Always appreciated.

  • Chi-Town Hoosier

    Agreed on the one and done factor.

  • ForeverIU

    It’s official: Bob Knight is an a$$hole! LOL.

  • PDXHoosier

    Don’t sleep on Vonleh. I watch a decent amount of Blazers games and I have little doubt he’ll pass Meyers Leonard in the next few years. Remember he is still very young.

  • John D Murphy

    Younger than both Troy and Yogi.

  • John D Murphy

    He looked good last night.

  • SilentBob

    I thought that became official like 3 decades ago? Lol

  • SilentBob

    Idk why but I actually find the opposite to be true for me. I root for them all, but idk. I guess there is a certain level of satisfaction I have with how much time we got to watch the other guys and all their accomplishments. Plus I just really like how Vonleh handles his business. I thought he was unfairly criticized at some junctures by our fan base and had some unfortunate setbacks once getting into the league.

  • dwdkc

    Agree. Happ is underrated, and I’m aware that we may be a bit biased because of the way he abused TB with his quickness in Wisconsin. I believe that is an area TB has shored up since. But he doesn’t have the blackmail material on the officials that Hayes apparently has, so there’s that.

  • Samuel_L_Smackson

    Considering all that could go wrong in a season (aka injuries), I 100% do NOT blame Vonleh for making the jump. However, considering he took 2 years to develop into a player who could actually get on the floor, he definitely could have used another year or two on the team. How amazing that would have been for us!? 🙂

    Oh well, no love lost, but like other posters say – I have a little less love for Noah than some of the other critical Hoosiers that we’ve had recently due to the transactional nature of their time with us.

    I’m sure Noah cares a lot. Luckily he has millions of dollars to wipe his tears away with. 😛

  • marcusgresham

    It’s hard to hold anything like that against Gordon given the menagerie of numbnuts he had surrounding him (including his coach) when he was here.
    I’d say if he had any ill thoughts against the program, though, his brother never would have ended up here.

  • marcusgresham

    If Happ gets the “protection” from the refs that Hayes got last year the combination of those two shooting FTs will lead to most Wisconsin games taking somewhere in the 4:30 to 5 hour range to complete.

  • marcusgresham

    On the other hand, he sat for a year and got paid for it, and therefore will sign his second contract a year sooner. I can’t blame him. I am probably one of those who said he needed to stay and he was making a bad decision, but I can’t blame him.

  • adam

    +1 for using ‘menagerie of numbnuts’

  • adam

    foul on arch for criticizing nigel hayes. hayes shoots 2.

  • Arch Puddington

    I don’t know what this means….

  • adam

    it was a joke. iu players seemed to get called any time they more than looked at nigel hayes when we played wisconsin. i was making a joke.

  • Arch Puddington

    Got it – and I agree. Hayes draws fouls like the refs owe him money.

  • Samuel_L_Smackson

    Agreed, I would have done the same thing. Get paid millions, or possibly blow my knee out in college to maybe make a few more millions next year? I’ll take them Milliez now, please!