Indiana ranked No. 16 in initial ratings

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The new ratings are out for the 2016-2017 season and Indiana will begin the season in the top 20.

IU will begin the season at No. 16 in Pomeroy’s ratings, which is just the fifth highest ranking for a Big Ten team. Last season, Indiana was No. 13 to start the season in KenPom and finished the season at No. 11.

The rest of the Big Ten is ranked as follows: Wisconsin (8), Ohio State (13), Michigan State (14), Purdue (15), Michigan (31), Maryland (48), Iowa (55), Northwestern (61), Illinois (70), Minnesota (71), Nebraska (87), Penn State (98) and Rutgers (191).

The Hoosiers sit at No. 7 nationally in offensive efficiency in the preseason, according to Pomeroy and at No. 50 in defensive efficiency. Indiana finished last season ranked 59th nationally in defensive efficiency.

Pomeroy projects IU to finish 11-7 in the Big Ten alongside Ohio State, Michigan State and Purdue. The overall record projected for the Hoosiers by Pomeroy is 22-9. Last season, Pomeroy projected Indiana to finish 12-6 in the Big Ten and the Hoosiers went 15-3.

The highest rated non-conference opponents on IU’s schedule according to Pomeroy’s ratings are Kansas (3), North Carolina (5), Louisville (9), Butler (19) and Fort Wayne (126).

Indiana also plays four opponents ranked 300 or worse in Pomeroy’s ratings: SIU Edwardsville (300), Southeast Missouri State (313), Delaware State (335) and Mississippi Valley State (336).

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  • TomJameson

    I just think preseason rankings mean almost nothing. The only use (IMO) is to give everybody a place to start measuring. Keep winning, and the rankings will adjust accordingly.

  • onehoosier

    7th best offense and 50th best defense seems off. I think we’ll step back slightly on offense but up significantly on defense. 15th offense and 20th defense is my prediction.

  • Ole Man

    IU under CTC has never gotten close to 20 on D. I think the best is 29th.

  • Ole Man

    This is close; although we may not like it.

  • onehoosier

    True… but I think we have the right players to do it this year. Maybe 20 is a stretch, but I think this team is capable.

  • Arch Puddington

    We’ve never had anything like the defensive interior we’ll have this year, at least not under CTC. Our perimeter will rely on some players coming back from injury (not to mention a couple of freshmen), but if they can find their way, this could be CTC’s best defense. The team that finished 29th included Jordan Hulls — an all time favorite, but not a lockdown defender — and a front court that did not block shots at any notable rate. This team will be much longer and more defensively inclined across the front court, and at more athletic on the perimeter (well, not more athletic than Vic, but overall). Both teams had/have one elite defender, but this team should have better 2nd – 6th best defenders.

    Or so I hope.

  • sarge

    This is a fair place to start the season. We have some questions about this roster given our injuries, limited summer roster, and some unproven additions that will likely be needed. We have a lot experience, talent and depth on paper, but we have to see it first on the floor. I hope we can find a winning combination and everyone stays healthy when the season starts. Get well soon CH!

  • david r

    I had Delaware St no lower than 334, potentially 331.

  • HeartoftheRockies_Hoosier

    Continuing with Ole Man’s comment. The best during the Crean era was 21st in 12-13, the 2nd best 59th in 15-16 and 3rd best 79th in 11-12. Those are without a doubt the best three best teams of the Crean era. Each team had multiple NBA caliber players. To achieve 20th best defensive efficiency would be rather remarkable in my opinion.

    FWIW Since KenPom’s inception the lowest ranked defensive efficiency to win the NCAA tournament is 21st and most are in the top ten.

  • IUBizmark

    Don’t those Kenpom rankings get heavily skewed by the teams that progress deep into the NCAA tournament? They keep playing tougher and tougher teams, so the rank for the winner goes up. I think a fairer way to look at it would be to see where teams stand at the end of the regular season.

  • SilentBob

    Can’t argue too much with our national ranking, but I don’t understand the Ohio State love

  • Ole Man

    Thanks for those stats. Anything is possible, but as you pointed out it’s unlikely.

  • Ole Man

    Neither do I.

  • HeartoftheRockies_Hoosier

    I really don’t know how much the defensive efficiency inproves the longer you go into the tournament. I imagine someone with a subscription to KenPom could shed light on this.

  • ForeverIU

    Exactly, LOL.

  • IUBizmark

    They improve a lot from what I’ve seen others post on reddit. You’re playing 3-4 high quality teams, a lot of which are elite toward the end.

  • Outoftheloop

    Ken Pom is definitely wrong about PN St!

  • Outoftheloop

    Give me a break. Purdue lost AJ Hammonds and is counting on a transfer PG from MI who was NOT cleared by their medical staff to play this season. I will take the IU questions over theirs any day! OSU would need a complete turn around from the last 3 years (post their do everything guard).