Can’t imagine CH tore an ACL if he’s even remotely considering returning this year. Wonder when they’ll specify the injury?

    TB, what a personality, and good to hear him talk highly about DD.

    Love Freddie. Thinking he’s pretty confident about his game including his D. Can’t wait to see.

    Cujo and DG definitely showing some nerves regarding HH. DD and GG pretty well composed. Sounds like DG must have played quite a bit of wing in HS. Caught me by surprise.

    JM and OG, the Mizzou Boys. What great kids. JM is clearly a leader and great to know he feels good as new. Recently, heard an NFL player comment regarding feeling pressure – “if your skilled, you feel no pressure”. As JM suggested, nobody works harder than OG so it’s understandable he exudes that quiet confidence. OG is skilled and he knows it. Will be a big year for both.

    Couldn’t imagine a better group to hang banner 6. Go Hoosiers!

  • dwdkc

    I think the recruiting class of ’15 may be my favorite all time Hoosier class (winning a banner this year will seal it). Juwan is really well spoken and just exudes reliability and competence (and the cool ‘do too). OG cracks me up, kind of weird in an endearing way, so I think the hype will have no effect on him. And of course TB is the emotional heart of this team. I think the way they came on turned last season around, and I hope we get a replay of the young guys exceeding expectations.

  • N71

    Juwan stood out as well, he could have a really big impact if he stays for all 4 years. Not saying he’s a Quinn but he seems to be blessed with very strong leadership qualities.

  • IUDan

    Really, really like this group – they seem pretty tight and also like just great young men – really excited to see more on Saturday!