POTB 143: Hartman, Justin Smith, Big Ten projections with Mike Miller

  • 09/28/2016 10:30 am in

Podcast on the Brink is back for another episode with host Jerod Morris of The Assembly Call. The show is currently available weekly. You can access a full archive of episodes here.

In this edition of the show, Morris and Inside the Hall editor Alex Bozich are joined by Mike Miller of The Herald-Times.

Among the topics discussed:

· Collin Hartman’s injury and how it could affect this season’s rotation
· Is Indiana’s ceiling as a team lower if Hartman is out for the year?
· Where things stand injury wise with Robert Johnson and Juwan Morgan after offseason surgery
· The importance of Justin Smith for Indiana’s recruiting momentum
· How Smith and Kris Wilkes could fit together in Bloomington
· What stood out from Mike’s conversation with Smith’s high school coach
· The Big Ten hierarchy entering the 2016-2017 season
· Indiana’s seven games starting at 9 p.m. this season and if that number is higher than usual
· A brief IU-MSU football preview from Mike

And plenty more. As always, feel free to drop the show a note at [email protected].

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  • SCHoosier

    The 9pm game start..while a pain in the butt for fans..is absolutely a compliment to the teams involved. The networks carrying the games want eyeballs for the advertisers and IU is one program that usually grantees a good TV audience. ( First 3 years of the Crean rebuild being the exception.)

  • Hardwood83

    And those of us in Central time don’t mind at all!

  • MPmike B

    Yes, I hate the 9 pm start. I guess that’s what we have to live with as b-ball fans as long as IU’s program is doing great.

    Kudos, for the D.J. White honorary reference. He was a great player to watch.

  • VanPastorMan

    What a shame that Samscum ruined that team for D.J. He didn’t deserve to go out like he did. As was stated IU was a very good team that yr. I was at the Wisconsin game that yr which was the first game where it looked like Samscum might get the axe. Assembly Hall had a lull in the air that day.