POTB 142: Checking in with Chronic Hoosier

  • 09/21/2016 11:13 am in

Podcast on the Brink is back for a new episode with host Jerod Morris of The Assembly Call. The show is available weekly and you can access a full archive of episodes here.

In this week’s edition of the show, Morris and Inside the Hall editor Alex Bozich are joined by Chronic Hoosier to discuss a variety of topics:

Among them:

· Indiana’s 2016-2017 schedule, including the non-conference home portion
· Non-conference games at Bankers Life Fieldhouse and the game at Fort Wayne
· Where things stand in terms of 2017 recruiting
· The in-state recruiting discussion and whether it matters if a recruit is from Indiana
· Indiana’s x-factors for the upcoming season
· Where Thomas Bryant will end up on the list of top players to play at IU under Tom Crean
· How Indiana’s style of play could change this season with an improved front court.
· Which freshman Chronic is most excited to watch this season

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  • N71

    Of all the newcomers Freddie is the guy for me with regards to being the most interesting. I’m going to forecast turnovers and bad defense from the freshman guards, foul trouble for DeRon, and solid play from Josh. Freddie I have no idea.

  • HardRockHoosier

    OK ‘Debbie Downer’.. Be that way. If you have no idea, why would you take such a glum outlook.. Me I prefer to look at it in a positive way. You never get anywhere looking at it as a ‘glass half empty situation in life. Jus’ sayin’.

  • N71

    It seems most freshman guards have difficulties with turnovers and defense, big men with fouls. We have less history with JC transfers so I’m not certain if Freddie will take time or right from the get go be a key contributor, that’s why Freddie is so interesting.

  • sarge

    I understand the freshman generalities you mentioned. Without seeing them much, I would say CUJO should be good at not turning it over. He played a very competitive high school schedule and should be prepared for good comp, but might not have the physicality to play defense at this level yet. DG should be a good defender right away, but may struggle with the turnovers as you mentioned. He seems to be very strong physically as a freshman to defend in college (and guarding his brother helps). Not sure what to think of how GG will fit in other than his shooting touch should translate and he is tall enough to find his shot. I think DD will have enough help that he will stay out of foul trouble and it should be easy for him to find his niche to make an impact blocking shots, rebounding or defending post position. JN and FM are the most intriguing because they could be game changers from the moment the put the uni on. In particular, I expect JN to be a very good guard and help ease the YF pain we will all experience. I expect him to be tough, quick and have a great shot and knowledge of the system hanging out with Coach Buckley for the last year and a half.

  • Nimbi63

    Perhaps Big Tim Priller will have a breakout year?

  • HardRockHoosier

    You may be right.. But I really hope that between RoJo, JN and CuJo, we’ll have some guys that can make plays and still not be a turnover machine. I don’t know if you’ve listened to the latest POTB142, with Chronic Hoosier. You must have or you wpuldn’t likely be posting on this particular thread… But, in that episode, he said, the word around from people who’ve seen them workout and practice is… “These guys are good. I mean really, really good”. I know the ‘proof is in the pudding’, but that just makes me more excited and anticipatory on the season.. Can’t wait, but right now, I am ‘BULLISH’ on the Hoosiers!..