Big Ten announces ESPN, CBS TV schedule for 2016-2017 season

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The Big Ten announced its television schedule for the games that will be broadcast by CBS and the ESPN family of networks during the 2016-2017 season on Wednesday afternoon.

The Hoosiers will have 14 games on the ESPN family of networks this season and three CBS games. The full schedule, as well as a release from Indiana, are available below. In addition, our schedule page has been updated to reflect today’s announcement.

Hoosier Games Will Air 14 Times On Four Different ESPN Platforms

The Indiana University basketball team will have 14 games televised this season on one of four different ESPN platforms. Four games are confirmed for ESPN, two games are committed to ESPN2, two games will be shown on ESPNU and two are also going to be streamed live on ESPN3. It is the first time IU has played on ESPN3 since 2011 at Evansville.

IU’s game with #4 Kansas from the Armed Forces Classic on opening night and the Hoosiers Big Ten/ACC Challenge matchup with #6 North Carolina have been slotted for prime time and will air at 9 p.m. IU is ranked #11 in the ESPN Preseason Poll.

Four more games have yet to receive their designation but will be shown on ESPN or ESPN2. The Hoosiers also will appear four times on Super Tuesday during conference play.

IU might also play one more game on ESPN February 25 or 26 against Northwestern.


CBS Will Have The Hoosiers On Three Times This Season

CBS has picked up three of the Hoosiers biggest games to air this season. They will air the New Years Eve matchup with #13 Louisville from Indianapolis. CBS also will show IU at #8 Wisconsin on Super Bowl Sunday, February 5 and a week later, they will come to Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall when the Hoosiers entertain Michigan.


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  • Ole Man

    Oh, great. ESPN3–another two games I won’t be able to watch!!

  • Aaron

    How about investigating the 630PM Penn State start and contacting IU about it? With construction there is 0 chance anyone can make that. I know the Big Ten set the schedule but did IU not possibly think of putting in a request and explaining the situation to them? I would like to know this.

  • Aaron

    Also about Espn 3, it is a service included with your cable so unless you don’t have a computer you should be able to watch those. All you have to do is log in to ESPN3 and create an account and give your cable subscriber information.

  • What’s there to investigate? The TV networks (in that case, the Big Ten Network) make the schedule, not IU.

  • Aaron

    But did IU try to put in a request and explain the situation to the Big Ten? To me this is very relevant question. I had heard they did last year and as a result I would assume is why they had no 6:30 games. I would like to know assuming that’s true why that same request wasn’t put in this year?

  • SCHoosier

    Any idea f the BTN has any rights to rebroadcast ESPN3 streamed games?

  • Kyl470

    This is very frustrating. Two games on ESPN3 and two games on BTN Plus. So basically that is four games most people won’t be able to watch on their television. Luckily I have a smart TV and the ESPN app so through that app I can watch ESPN3 on my television, but I know a lot of people cannot. Also anyone who lives in southern Indiana /Evansville area I know that Jimtown Bar gets BTN Plus for anyone who needs a place to go to watch those games.

  • I had not heard of any requests from IU last year to not have 6:30 p.m. games on the schedule. As for this year, I’m not sure how it’s relevant at this point. The schedule has been announced. With the construction, fans will have to leave earlier for that game if traveling from the north.

  • IUBizmark

    Which no one knows (that you can do this nor the cable account ID/password). It’s frustrating that the conference has basically sold the biggest and most loyal fan bases for a nickel. Jump through this hoop so I can make money!

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    You can steam on your computer…. I know it’s annoying to create/remember a password and jump through the hoops, but you also have 2 months to figure it out before hand.

  • Bill Graham


    I assume there will be an article about this, but what is Hartman’s status with the knee injury? If its bad is a medical redshirt = grad school a possibility?


  • Aaron

    Ur missing the point. People who work CAN’T leave earlier. When work ends at 5pm you cannot make a 630 game. Its not reasonable or realistic with rush hr traffic. IU played a few 630 games in past and people strolled in late before the construction started. No way people make it before halftime with construction. They’res nothing iu can do at this pt but i want to know if iu even tried to request with btn not to have 630 games Like they supposidly did last yr

  • Aaron

    If you call your cable company they’ll give u log in info for your service. I agree putting games online sucks and i’d MUCH rather watch on tv but espn3 is not extra money. Also when you schedule so many gurantee games against awful teams television doesn’t always want those games.

  • Jim Miller

    Already confirmed that Redshirt is an option from a standpoint of eligibility, but it would be up to Colin and CTC whether to use it or not.