Video: 2017 wing Jordan Tucker Peach Jam highlights

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Class of 2017 Archbishop Stepinac (NY) and NY Rens forward Jordan Tucker is one of the nation’s top wings. The Indiana recruiting target averaged 15.4 points, 4.4 rebounds and three assists per game at last week’s Nike EYBL Finals at the Peach Jam.

With the help of Krossover, we recently broke down some film of Tucker, who made an unofficial visit to Bloomington this past spring, from the Peach Jam to provide Indiana fans with a feel for his game and style of play.

You can find more Nike EYBL highlights at Krossover.

(Photo credit: Jon Lopez/Nike)

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  • sarge

    He has great range and I love how he is always ready for the ball. Really good off the dribble for his height too. I think he would be a great fit for our style of play and player development. He has already been to B-town, hopefully he decides to come back and stay a little longer next time.

  • Arch Puddington

    There is just something sensible about his game that is easy to like. Great balance and rhythm, fluid moves, nice stroke. Syracuse seems to be the likely destination, but worth it to stay in the mix. As you say, he would fit CTC’s scheme well.

  • John D Murphy

    Obviously has a nice touch but wow he brings the ball up from really low. Anywhere from below his hips to his sternum to start his shot. My concern about that is that it will have to be changed and some players don’t recover from major mechanical changes well.

  • IdahoHoosier

    Once a faster, longer defender figures out to block you low (as the ball comes up) instead of high (at the top of the release) you don’t get off another jumper the rest of the game. P.S. I learned that the hard way and changed my mechanics.

  • mharv2631

    2017 IU needs a fab five all from Indiana. Or fab four

  • Justin Beard

    I like his style. He’s fast and would be a good cutter, his accuracy only helps. Come on to BTown!

  • Bill Graham

    I think the most valuable thing about this kid is his versatility. He can literally play the 1-4. For all of the Porter chat thats been floating around this kid is basically a poor mans Michael Porter…and he will probably stay for at least 2 years. I would be very happy if we got him.

  • SilentBob

    Got some splashes of Ray Allen and Reggie Miller in him with how well he moves without the ball. Especially on the in bounds and off screens. Slips his defenders smoothly, and length and technique take over from there. Do wonder how he defends though. Usually the fierce nature of northeastern basketball brews some defensive highlights from their prospects, and I’ve yet to see many, if any, from him

  • Bill Graham

    Thats true and I love the Reggie comparison. A 6-7 kid with guard skills is always nice. Hopefully he pans out better than Max H.

  • Bill Graham

    Good points…but we have arguably the best “shot doctor” in the nation.

  • marcusgresham

    …and Porter is gone now anyway. Signed with Washington.
    *Committed to Washington, not signed. My bad.

  • What exactly is going on in that photo? Where is that ball headed?

  • ForeverIU

    To the basket!

  • SilentBob

    His overall skillset and body are much more developed than Max was at this stage.

  • Bill Graham

    Dang…well we all knew it was coming. All the more reason to go after Tucker.

  • Outoftheloop

    Again off topic but Troy is playing like a man possessed in the semi-finals, 24 points in 3 quarters. But ouch now out with a hurt ankle!