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Around the Hall is recommended reading from the Inside the Hall staff.

Seth Davis of Sports Illustrated has his annual pre-NBA draft column featuring feedback from anonymous NBA sources more than 50 prospects. The words on Yogi Ferrell and Troy Williams aren’t particularly kind:

Yogi Ferrell, 6-foot senior guard, Indiana: “I like that he got better, especially as a defender. He thinks he belongs. He’s a good shooter, but he’s tiny, and he’s not a dynamic athlete. Good player but not at our level.”

Troy Williams, 6’7″ junior forward, Indiana: “I don’t see it. Plays too fast, doesn’t know who he is as a player. Not a lot of substance there. Awful decision to come out. Very possible he goes undrafted. Good athlete, but a poor shooter and a very low basketball IQ. He’s just out of his mind, he’s so wild. He can do highlight-reel stuff, but for every good play he makes, the next three are gonna be ugly. He’s not a great shooter, but he thinks he is. He’ll have an opportunity to play because of his athleticism and energy, but I don’t think he sticks very long.

Rob Dauster of runs through his list of potential breakout lottery picks in college basketball next season:

O.G. Anunoby, Indiana: I’m not sure Anunoby fits the criteria here, considering that he didn’t declare for the draft and spent much of his freshman season playing limited minutes behind Troy Williams. But once Tom Crean realized what he had in Anunoby, he became a integral piece of Indiana’s puzzle. He’s such a talented and versatile defender, if he can make himself into some kind of offensive threat on the perimeter he’ll be a first rounder. If he turns into a guy that can average 15 points and shoot 40 percent from three, he might be a lottery pick.

Jeff Borzello has a summer recruiting road map for Indiana over on ESPN Insider ($):

And that brings us to the big question of the 2017 cycle for Indiana: what will it need 10 months from now? With Durham taking Hartman’s vacated scholarship, the Hoosiers are already at 13 scholarships for the 2017-18 season. However, Blackmon, Anunoby and Bryant could all leave early for the NBA. Blackmon tested the NBA Draft waters this past spring before coming back for another season, while Anunoby and Bryant decided in April to return to Indiana for their sophomore campaign. All three could leave after next season, meaning Crean could need some reinforcements. We’re likely to see the Hoosiers look for big men, given they still lack size up front — as well as a scoring guard or wing, and potentially a pure point guard depending on how the freshman class performs next season.

Teddy Greenstein of The Chicago Tribune writes that Big Ten coaches are excited about the news of the league’s new deal with ESPN:

Delany declined to confirm the deal in a text message to the Tribune, saying the conference was not the source of the SBJ story. Delany said the conference has had “constructive discussions with ESPN” and he hopes to have more to say later in the summer.

A logical time and place for an announcement would be Big Ten football media days July 25-26 in Chicago.

The conference has asked coaches and athletic directors not to comment on the pending deal, but their excitement is palpable — and not just over the prospect of an extra $20 million per year.

“An amazing deal,” one coach called it.

Awful Announcing breaks down what the new Big Ten TV contracts mean for viewers:

For those who watch Big Ten Network, nothing will change, It will still carry 35-40 football games and 60-65 in-conference basketball games and selected tournaments games. Fox has 51% ownership of the Big Ten Network, but now by getting half of the main Big Ten contract it adds to its college sports portfolio and brings some big games to FS1.

As for ESPN/ABC, you won’t watch the major football and basketball games after this season. Starting with the 2017-18 season and going through 2022-23, the ESPN family won’t be the main network for the Big Ten. That now shifts to Fox which will have first pick of the football games for much of the season. In addition to keeping the Big Ten Football Championship, expect to see games like Michigan-Ohio State, Michigan-Michigan State and other big conference games on Fox/FS1. ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC will continue to air Big Ten football, but ESPNU which carried its share of conference football games will see a reduced schedule to almost none.

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  • Bill Graham

    On one hand its great that we are finally retaining good (and seemingly well behaved) players….
    On the other hand if there was ever a year where we want scholarships open it is for this loaded 2017 class. I’m so split on this one. I would want nothing more than to have James, TB, and O.G. back for yet another year…but having 0 scholarships for guys like Wilkes and Porter seems even more tragic than losing James and TB to great NBA careers. I personally have been a huge Grant Gelon advocate and I won’t back off of that. I love an Indiana kid who can shoot but this scholarship shortage does put guys like Grant, Tim, and Devonte into perspective, Heck even Juwan as a junior would (probably) not be as valuable as Wilkes or Porter as a freshman.

    I’m interested to see how this unfolds; however, I would have much rather had this years class be the 2-3 man class and next years class be the 5-6 man class.

  • Bill Graham

    On a side note: I realize its inevitable that we will lose at least one guy to the NBA (probably TB) and probably also James… but just playing the if card…Can you imagine being in Michael Porter’s top 2 and losing him because we don’t have a scholarship for him???

  • Ole Man

    And losing him because those schollys are being used by “end of the bench development” players.

  • Gregory Spera

    That would never happen. It just wouldn’t. A scholarship would miraculously open up.

  • Outoftheloop

    I predict that Thomas, James and OG all go to the NBA (all first rounders). Also that Tim Priller graduates and does a grad transfer. So IU has 5 open scholarships and only 1 verbal. No problem at all for the top recruits to land at IU in 2017. We need 3 great ones! Get busy Coach Crean!

  • Outoftheloop

    The new normal at IU is that you get 3 full years to develop and to get your degree. And then you must become a real contributor or move on. So this is Tim’s last year to show that he can play. If Troy can graduate in 3 years, then most players should.

  • TomJameson

    You say that like Troy is an idiot. Tone doesn’t come across very well in a text but make no mistake about it, Troy is a smart kid. To graduate in 3 years is some proof of that. He may not make the decisions on the court or for his career that you think he should, but be careful of calling him out like that.

    Just my 2 cents, which like OleMan said, because of inflation may be worth a plugged nickel now.

  • TomJameson

    Not sure about OG and JBJ, they may or may not, but I can agree with the rest.

  • Outoftheloop

    You are the “idiot”! Please show me where I said that Troy “is an idiot”. Of course I never said anything of the sort. Learn to read.

  • TomJameson

    Loop, you really shouldn’t be calling people names like that. Re-read what you wrote. I’ll cut-n-past to make it easy for you.

    “If Troy can graduate in 3 years, then most players should.”

    That statement very heavily implies that Troy is the lowest denominator … ie, if he can do it, anybody can.

  • Outoftheloop

    Absolutely not! The words imply nothing ” most…should”. These are neutral words! Your inference is by no means justified. Use your brain, not your emotions. Why might I use Troy as an example: 1) Troy played significant minutes for all 3 years; 2) Troy has spent some summer time in TX with John Lucas for 2 summers; 3) Troy immediately devoted all of his time to getting in shape for the draft, talking to people throughout the country on his draft position, etc. If a kid can do all of that and graduate in 3 years, then yes “most…should”! For some reason you assumed the worst possible meaning, and made an “a**” of yourself in the process!

  • TomJameson

    I don’t appreciate the way you reply to those (like me in this instance) like they are stupid because they don’t follow your own flawed “reasoning”. You “should”, and “would”, by “most” standards be considered a dim-witted idiot with no room in your tiny little “me” world for anything other than your own scantly thought out, and ill-defined opinions.

    My grandpa said don’t argue with an idiot because, after a while, people can’t tell who is the idiot … so I’m going to take his advise and quit arguing with you.