• pcantidote

    Larry Bird is not smart enough to draft Yogi.

  • IdahoHoosier

    A well spoken guy with 4 years of leadership and winning experience, proven ability to shoot and distribute, and successfully put minor (pun intended) issues behind him. This is a guy you want to hire/draft. Don’t blow this NBA team executives!

  • INUnivHoosier

    Man, I hope he gets drafted.

    Earth shattering comment, I know.

  • Larry Brown

    That’s funny I wanted to write that exact thing and then I read what you wrote. This would be a great pickup for the Pacers in terms of the fast-paced style Bird says he wants, and he would really win over Indianapolis. Which is why he won’t do it ….because every year I end up scratching my head over his draft decisions

  • BL4IU

    Bird has made some really good picks and some bad picks. No GM hits it all the time. I’d love to see Yogi get a shot to play in the NBA but as a Pacer fan, not at the expense of our local team choosing a better option. In 1987, IU fans were irate over the selection of Reggie Miller when Steve Alford was available. Thankfully, someone in the Pacer front office knew it was important to pick with the mind vs. the heart. Reggie is in the HOF. Alford didn’t find success in the NBA.

    While I have no idea how YF will do playing in the NBA, just wanted to add a little perspective. Naturally, if he’s successful, I’d love to see it with the Pacers. Confess I’m happy I don’t have to make that pick.

  • pcantidote

    I should have given more context on my comment. It wasn’t about his draft pick history. I am still venting over his firing of Vogel. I think it was one of the worst coaching decisions in NBA history.

  • BL4IU

    Understandably, because of the media, a lot of folks have that opinion. Frank is a really good dude but there were definitely coaching deficiencies in areas that are a must for success in the NBA (e.g. offensive and end-of-game creativity). McMillan may or may not be the answer but I’m confident FV is better suited as an assistant coach. Guess we’ll see as he takes the reigns of the Magic.

  • pcantidote

    No, not because of the media, because Vogel had a dramatic impact from day 1, did a lot every year with not much talent including nearly making the 2015 playoffs with absolutely no one, and only never made the Finals because of the dream team in Miami. Orlando will be better than Indiana probably as soon as next year.

  • TomEke

    I’m gonna be kicking myself if the Pacers end up taking Tyler Ulis mid first round. Call me a homer, but in terms of value getting Yogi with a late second round pick, or even undrafted, instead of a first rounder on Ulis seems to be the obvious play. I’d say Yogi is marginally bigger, or that he shoots better from the mid range and from three, but I don’t need to convince you all. At a certain point, Yogi leading IU to a win over Ulis and UK in the tournament should differentiate two guys in the draft who physically and statistically are quite similar, let alone sway voters in terms of First Team All American votes. . . Anyway, I continue to be stumped trying to find the difference between Ulis and Ferrell that the all american voters and scouts seem to believe is so obvious.

  • E Foy McNaughton

    I agree, and I think both will be NBA backup point guards for years.

    I will scream in frustration if LB drafts TU at 20!