Video: Troy Williams talks to reporters at NBA draft combine

  • 05/16/2016 11:38 am in

Indiana junior forward Troy Williams met with reporters on Thursday and Friday at the NBA draft combine in Chicago and discussed a variety of topics, including his upcoming decision on whether he’ll remain in the draft, what he’s heard from NBA teams and much more.

Watch clips from three different media sessions with Williams below:

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  • Troy stresses that this is a “once in a lifetime experience”…sounds like he’s only doing this one time. That plus the scholarship numbers for next year make me think his return is not exactly “50/50” as he says.

  • Fivelefts

    It’s interesting that, the advice that CTC game to him.. along with the the things he said that he had been working on in Houston.. didn’t make any difference once he got on the court..smh

  • Yes, that is interesting. he kind of reverted to the same ol’ Troy, jacking up threes, driving into places where there was no room and losing the ball… Stuff we’ve been watching him do for three years now. it’s too bad, because I think he probably thought he was going to have to play like that.. and make a bunch of threes to get noticed.. Unfortunately, when he kept losing the ball and hittig such a poor percentage of his shots, it really mad him look bad. I do think it sounds like he’s gone though. When he eludes to, “it’s not going to hurt my ego to go into the D-league”.. and, “That’ll just make me work harder”.. kinds of statements.. i’d say he’s gone.

  • Ole Man

    Once in a lifetime means just that — even if he were to return and go through it again next year, it wouldn’t be the same.

  • Outoftheloop

    I read another report on prospects who need to go back to college for another year. Troy was one. The analysis was 1) decision making, 2) consistent hitting jump shots, 3’s and 2’s, 3) dribbling headlong into trouble with no plan. Don’t make a big mistake Troy! Come home to B-Town and prepare for your career!

  • Outoftheloop

    It is not a given that Troy could land a spot in the D league. Can anyone direct me to a site to get info on the D-league: number of players on rosters; average salary; number promoted to the NBA each year, etc.

  • That would definitely be interesting. Someone posted on here that they only make about $25K per year.. but I don’t know if they actually know or were just throwing that number out there. But you’re right.. some team would have to want to invest the time and money in him before he’d make a D-league roster spot. It’s not an automatic.

  • BC Hoosier

    Not sure of a site but a D-league roster is made up of 12 players, two spots are reserved for NBA contract players sent down to “develop”. D-league contracts range from $20,000-$25,000 per season plus housing and bonuses. A lot of NBA teams are buying their own team (Pacers bought the Ft. Wayne team last year I believe), while some teams still share a team.
    Not sure what Troy’s major is but I’m sure he could make more with his degree or playing in Europe, but the earning potential is better in the D-league. One ten day contract can make him $50,000.

  • Piker

    Troy come back IU needs you NBA can wait.