2017 guard Andrew Platek talks Indiana interest

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One of the nation’s best 3-point shooters is planning an unofficial visit to Bloomington.

Andrew Platek, a 6-foot-4 guard from Northfield Mount Harmon (Mass.) and the Albany City Rock on the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League (EYBL) circuit, told Inside the Hall over the weekend that he’ll see the IU campus early next month.

“Coach (Chuck) Martin and I’ve talked to coach (Tom) Crean on the phone as well,” Platek said. “He’s called my parents. We’re trying to set up a visit for May 7 and 8 to get out there for an unofficial.”

Through the first two EYBL sessions, Platek is shooting 54.1 percent on 3s and is averaging 14.6 points for the City Rocks, who are 5-2. In a win over Southern Stampede and 2017 Indiana commit Al Durham on April 17, Platek scored 20 points and hit four of his six 3-point attempts.

Major programs have taken notice as North Carolina extended an offer to Platek on Wednesday.

“Stanford, Indiana, UNC are schools I’m hearing from,” Platek said on Saturday. “My offers that I’ve been hearing from the most are Davidson, GW (George Washington), Butler, Miami, Rutgers and St. Joe’s.”

A 3-star prospect in the 247Composite, Platek has scored in double figures in six of his seven EYBL games this spring.

He’s known as one of the nation’s best shooters, but is working to expand his game. He said his primary strengths right now are his shooting, defense and creating open looks for his teammates, but also has a list of the areas where he’s looking to improve.

“Getting to the hole, first and foremost,” he said. “I’ve been labeled as a shooter. So I’m trying to expand my game more. Get to the rack and get to the foul line and just all aspects of my game.”

Given Indiana’s success in recent seasons from the perimeter, the mutual interest between the Hoosiers and Platek makes plenty of sense.

“I love their pace of play,” he explained. They average 83 points per game, over 50 percent field goal shooting and over 40 percent from 3. That’s really impressive to me. I love playing like that. The fast pace of play, getting up and down the court, a lot of possessions, it’s fun to me.”

Assuming his team continues its winning ways on the EYBL circuit, Platek already has a schedule in mind for how his recruiting process will play out over the next few months.

“Hopefully, if we get a Peach Jam berth, I’m going to set up some official visits for late summer, early fall,” Platek said. “And then hopefully have a decision by sometime in November.”

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  • HoosierStuckInKY

    Zeisloft 2.0? We all know CTC loves his pure shooters. I wouldn’t be surprised if Platek picks up an IU offer next weekend on his unofficial.

  • BL

    Alex, with Durham’s signing we already have 13 kids under scholarship for next year. Naturally, one or more may go pro, transfer, etc. 2017 appears to be a really good class. Believe we already have 12 scholarship offers on the table. You have any idea how Coach manages that? I mean, does he have to accept the first kid that wants to sign?

  • Bill Graham

    Great question for the next mailbag. Hopefully, Alex responds. My thoughts are: someone declares, someone transfers, Priller is stripped of his scholly, or someone who is well off gives up their scholly (unlikely but you never know).

  • BL

    Bill, let’s say four scholly’s become available. We have 12 offers out. Is it first come first serve? My concern is a Porter or Wilkes decides to wait until next spring to decide but we’re out of scholly’s because much lower ranked kids accept early.

  • Outoftheloop

    Can we get an agreed upon set of definitions for your coverage of recruiting: offer=a real scholarship offered; hearing from a lot=talked to head coach and others; interest=they watched me, they talked to one of my coaches, parents, etc. Please make it clear in each article on this player if he has an IU offer and which other schools have actually offered him. It looks like this kid has no IU offer but NC, Butler, and Miami (with other lower programs) have offered him. Is this correct? He sounds like a good fit for IU.

  • Outoftheloop

    No one, including the President of Indiana University, can “strip” Tim Priller of his well earned scholarship and continually earned scholarship! If the coach made a mistake in judging his basketball ability…TOUGH! Tim has done 100% of his obligations and more!

  • marcusgresham

    It should say “soon-to-be former three-star recruit” because now that UNC has offered him all these recruting sites will immediately bump him up to a four because UNC can’t be wrong.

  • Ole Man

    It is first come first served.

  • BL

    That could be disastrous. I believe offers out to top ten kids are: Porter and Tilmon. We also appear to have seven offers out to top 50 kids: Scruggs, Wilkes, Jackson, Tucker, Maker, Howard, Ballock. I mean damn, sure don’t want one of the other four to accept before we see what these kids are going to do. Something tells me there’s a reasonable way to manage this but I sure don’t know how.

  • Ole Man

    I totally agree. But I’m not the coach.
    And there are “fanboys” on here who will tell you that he does no wrong and we need all these 3 stars who will leap at the chance to play for IU long before the 4 and 5 stars decide.

  • TomJameson

    I absolutely do not believe scholarships are a first come first served basis. That would be complete chaos at all the colleges. It is just logical that offers (at all schools) are contingent on other events, including who leaves early, who transfers, “higher” offer accepted, and other factors that I’m sure the coach has a pretty good handle on.

    I am one of those who trusts Crean in his recruiting acumen, but I’ve never said that he can do no wrong, and really can’t remember anybody who has. I have that trust in that part of his job in spite of his misses, but that trust has been earned, in my mind at least, by the entirety of his recruiting.

    Yes, I’d much rather have all IU recruits be in the top 50 or 25, but they aren’t just yet. The trend is going up, but we just aren’t there yet. But I trust it will get there eventually.

  • Bill Graham

    Thats a great point! I also think thats why we typically target that 20-50 range and let Zona, Duke, pUKe, and Kansas play the waiting games. Still it’d be nice to get a top 10 guy again.

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    The term of a basketball scholarship is only one year. A player can absolutely be recruited over and his basketball scholarship not be renewed the next year.

  • Bill Graham

    17 is a deep class though. I don’t want three stars or scrubs…but say a kid like Scruggs commits and we miss on someone like Duval I woudn’t be upset.

  • cbags05

    Or you could read the article.

  • Outoftheloop

    Read up on the IU Student-Athletic Bill of Rights. At IU you are guaranteed 4 full years or until you get the undergraduate degree (in basketball, football and other “full” scholarship sports). So you are wrong!

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    You are guaranteed 4 years of paid tuition. What you are not guaranteed is a spot on the basketball roster. To clarify, if you are recruited over, you’re schooling will still be paid for by the university for 4 years or until you complete your degree. However, you will not have a spot on the basketball team and your scholarship will not count against the total number of scholarships allowed on the team.

  • dwdkc

    I think the more likely outcome is he graduates next year and he’s done. Doubt he would stick around for another year after graduation just to sit on the bench. Might want playing time elsewhere too.

  • BL

    I agree with your earlier comment that you wouldn’t want to pass on a top 25-50 kid (like YF, TW, TB, DD) to hold out for a top 15 kid unless you’re highly, highly confident you’ll land the five star. What’s maybe more important, now that we’re back in the game, is not using scholarships on kids that are a true project or big gamble. Frankly, you could argue we should stop signing kids outside the top 150 or certainly 200. Now and then you may uncover a true sleeper like OG but it better be a really good bet (e.g. 6’8 and jumps out of the gym).

  • BL

    No way I’m signing up for that. Definitely time to hold out for the four and five star kids. Exception only for obvious sleepers (e.g. OG).

  • hoosierbred

    You are correct. For instance, Grant Gelon’s offer and letter of intent stipulated a guaranteed scholarship of one year to play basketball at IU. Can be extended depending on several circumstances.

  • Ole Man

    If a kid is offered and he accepts, that is first come first served.
    Sorry to disillusion you.
    Crean is gonna blow ’17 big time if he doesn’t recruit a little differently.
    IU will end up with a gaggle of 3 stars when 4 and 5 stars are falling out of the trees next year. And many of them are very interested in IU!

  • TomJameson

    I just don’t think that is how it works, mainly because it wouldn’t work AT ALL, at any school, if it really was like that. The only way it makes sense is that these offers are conditional to some degree. You and I have exactly the same experience in recruiting college BB, so I think I’ll believe the path that matches the results and makes the most sense.

    Also, I think Crean knows what he is doing. He probably has just the tiniest bit more knowledge of what is going to happen with his players that you or I know. His way most always works out. I’m not saying he hasn’t whiffed a few, but I don’t think there is much argument about him knowing what he is doing.

    I agree about wanting some of those elite players, but I think I would be happy with 2 of them … maybe 3 depending on who returns this year.

    Oh, and I have to say, it takes a lot to disillusion me. I can’t say I’ve seen it all … but I have seen most of it. LOL

  • Ole Man

    Gelon was offered and jumped before the words were a whisper.
    Durham, jumped before his Jr. year was complete.
    Priller jumped faster than a frightened frog.
    It does happen that way.

  • Bill Graham

    I completely agree. Its okay to reserve a scholly or two for some project kids. Heck everybody loves a diamond in the rough and CTC is developing a reputation for polishing. I just want to see that balance between 3-4 year leadership and 1-2 year nba cats. I don’t want to become Kensucky by any means by I’m also not comfortable losing kids like Trey Lyles to them.