Report: Five-star Australian point guard planning visit to IU

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Class of 2016 Australian point guard William McDowell-White is planning to visit Indiana, according to a report by Paul Biancardi of ESPN.

McDowell-White, who has already visited Arizona State, Fresno State and Texas A&M, told Biancardi at the Nike Hoop Summit that he’s planning to visit Michigan State and Indiana.

The 6-foot-5 point guard is playing for the World Team in Saturday’s Nike Hoop Summit at the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon. The Hoop Summit will be televised live on Saturday at 3 p.m. ET on ESPN2.

McDowell-White, who weighed in at 180 pounds with a 6-foot-5 wingspan this week in Portland, played for the Wishart State School in Brisbane, Queensland.

He’s regarded as a five-star prospect by His brother Darryl is committed to Fresno State.

In a recent interview with Evan Daniels, McDowell-White said he hopes to make his college decision in the next few weeks.

Following February’s Basketball Without Borders camp in Toronto during NBA All-Star weekend, Jonathan Givony of wrote that McDowell-White is a “top-shelf college prospect.”

“Seems to be making significant strides with his basketball IQ and skill-level,” Givony added. “Started off slow but was extremely impressive in the last two days of the camp. Size and passing ability gives him a chance to emerge as an interesting prospect down the road.”

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  • Kris Kompute

    Google “Kris Wilkes Rivals”, count the number of stars at the top of the page and then delete your attempt at discrediting my statement.

  • Kris Kompute

    A) Google “CJ Walker” and the first two links that populate (ESPN, 24/7 sports) have him as a four-star.

    B) I never said CJ was Yogi…at all. I said there is a four-star point guard in our backyard that didn’t even consider us in his top 3.

    C) Curtis Jones is a two guard. Bringing his name up was irrelevant.

    Stop lying and stretching statements to strengthen your stance. Unlike 98% of the people in here, I state the truth. You don’t have to like them, but facts are facts.

  • Kris Kompute

    Or maybe he’s a five star because the scout analyzing him is an imbecile.

  • Shaggy_C

    I did Google “Kris Wilkes Rivals” and landed on a page indicating that he is in the class of 2017. My point stands, at least in that there are no 5* players in-state that will be going to college this year. Maybe I wasn’t clear that I was talking class of 2016 as opposed to all players of all ages though that should have been obvious from the context.

    To take it further, as Mr. Wilkes’ Senior year won’t start until the Fall, Crean isn’t allowed to contact him outside of e-mail until after July 1st. I’m not trying to discredit you but I think you may be confused about the rules here. If Crean had gone for an in-home visit as you suggested he would have been violating NCAA recruiting rules.

  • Kris Kompute

    I was speaking on 2017 and wilkes the entire thread. Not sure why you brought up 2016. So maybe that’s where the confusion lies.

    I understand the rules. I also understand that starting April 7th this is a live recruiting period except for 5 days during the month. Hence, the copious amount of AAU events that will take place this month. Since this is a recruiting period, that is why Mark Turgeon was in Kris Wilkes living room and Tom Izzo was in Paul Scruggs’.

    I state facts. Double check yours.

  • Bill Graham

    I watched this kid play yesterday. Even though he is a five star he is a bit of a project. His passes/ decision making was not the best (granted he was playing against a studly us team and his guys were standing still instead of cutting). He is also a bit scrawny. He’s the type of kid you want though strictly based off of length. He also has a nice floater and secures the ball decently. I hope we get him. I can see him being a lanky/pesky/ syracuse esq. guard.

  • Bill Graham

    Think a skinnier Micheal Carter-Williams with Yogi’s lane floater.

  • Bill Graham

    I agree with your point in terms of getting the top notch kids from the state…but I disagree with your criticism of our recruiting. Oladipo, Zeller, Vonleh, Yogi, and Blackmon are just a few serious ballers that any school would love to have had. And thats disregarding what guys like Bryant, O.G., Rob, and Troy could blossom into. Recruiting is half ranking and half retention. Look at Kensucky…all ranking…no retention.

  • Victor OlaMoye

    So, I take it you’ve seen William McDowell-White in person? Based on your logic, that must be the case. They are both 2016 recruits. One is rated as a five star and one is unranked. But I suppose you know better because you saw one highlight video.

  • Victor OlaMoye

    One word argument for Arizona St: Cheerleaders

  • NO I haven’t seen him in person.. Do you read? and comprehend? I was responding to CoachG when he asked me if I’d seen him.. I said I have not.. and of course, I haven’t seen the Aussie, either. But obviously Coach G was impressed by a video where he loses the ball on several occasions as a point Guard? Shoots a pretty ‘flat’ looking shot and looks a bit slow of foot. ITH has reported a couple of times on games Gelon has had… where he scored really well.. In fact if you actually read my comment, I deferred to his opinion if in fact he’s seen Gelon play.. So not sure what your problem is.

  • Oh, by the way, did you know that at one time in his HS career, Hanner Mosquera Perea, was a solid five star and listed in the top 12 of his class? This guy is from down under.. how many of those guys doing the ranking do you think have actually seen him in person? Even in the article they indicated he’s had a bit of a slow start at NHS.

  • Victor OlaMoye

    Please, by all means, “get statistical”.

  • Koko

    LOL….can’t argue with that.

  • Kris Kompute

    No retention is the intention of their system (Shoutout to Dr. Seuss).

    UK is winning national titles and going to the final four every 2-3 years. Back in 2008, UK was where we are now. And one decision changed everything.

    UK has a better chance of getting top kid in the state of Indiana every year than we do. That’s a serious problem that NO other coach in the history of this program had.

    There’s a reason why our job pays so much. The culture of Indiana breeds top-shelf college basketball players. No other state in the union can say that.

    We’re not going to get every in-state recruit, but we haven’t got mr BBall since 2011. What other IU coach has had that problem?

  • BL

    “Stop lying and stretching statements to strengthen your stance.” It’s common knowledge that name-calling is a commonly used tactic when someone has an emotional argument to make with little or no supporting logical argument. You’re simply making emotional arguments against Coach and his program.

    You said “Harvard currently has a higher ranked recruiting class than us.” Here are how the better known sites rank the recruiting classes: ESPN – HU 11, IU 17; 247 Sports – IU 17, HU 23; Rivals – IU 17, HU 31; Scout – neither team rated. Personally, I don’t look at that data and say HU has a better class unless I’m looking for a way to disparage Coach and his program. It’s not a fact HU has a better recruiting class.

    Walker is not rated by Scout and Rivals and 247 Sports has some type of glitch in their system because one listing has him at 108 and four star while another has him at 184 and three star. Both listings have the same April date. Also, Jones is relevant. He’s a much better prospect (using any ranking you like), and like most kids Coach recruits, he’ll be able to play multiple positions. Anyway, Walker is a fringe four star at best (as his lists of interested schools suggests) and he’s definitely not a player that anyone cringes about for having lost, unless again, you’re simply looking for a way to disparage Coach.

    Finally, going back to Scruggs and Wilkes, you didn’t answer the question – how do you know IU isn’t being seriously considered. Hard to believe knowing IU was the first to offer both kids.

  • BL

    It happened to RMK as well. He signed 11 in 27 years at IU. From ’91 to ’94 he missed out on Glenn Robinson, Charles Macon, Kojak Fuller and Bryce Drew. Let’s face it, it happens, and RMK didn’t begin his career resurrecting a program from probation. Also, sometimes we’ve reached on IU kids and its been painful to watch. I believe we have good momentum recruiting wise and it will only get better. Get on board and BE HAPPY.

  • Thanks for the Truth. And it’s way too late for me not to embarrass myself. And I’m doubly happy you didn’t “got statistical” on me. Whew, what a relief. Actually, I take a pleasure in debunking stats dorks’ robot formulas and predictable predictions, you know, the types who can’t evaluate things by mere eyesight, instinct, and personal observation? And mostly never played the game themselves, except on gaming consoles?

    You: “Comments like yours show the ignorance that is keeping Crean around.”

    You’re talking about the coach who just won the Big Ten title outright, for the second time in 3 years? And is a finalist for coach of the year? Ignorant haters like you are a dying breed. I’m glad you are still waving that flag for all to see.

  • You’re talking about the NBA, this is a college basketball site. NBA means nothing to me, so shove it. Simmons was a total flop in college, proving you wrong. NBA is completely irrelevant to that statement, so just stop.

    And again, thanks for letting me know what to do and from where to do it. “Lack of knowledge”? I can say without a doubt that that is the first time anyone here has ever told me that. You must be a real expert here. You’re flagged as an NBA fan who occasionally chimes in when NBA themes emerge here, i.e., with this recruit. That’s the only reason you’re here, and it’s the only thing you know or care about. Admit it, you don’t really follow IU or even care about the program, in comparison to other leagues. “Lack of knowledge,” indeed.

  • OG Ananouby

  • Kris Kompute

    Glenn Robinson? Was Alan Henderson not in that class? Bryce Drew went to play for his Dad. Kodak Fuller got kicked out of school.

    Stop comparing Coach Knight to anyone who has come after. 3 national championships trumps any and everything.

    Crean can’t recruit. Crean doesn’t win.

    “Get on board and BE HAPPY” is the exact reason why our program has become satisfied with regular season conf titles. Smh, horrible.

  • Multi-word argument for IU: the female student population in general

  • For those that are interested, this recruit played yesterday at the Nike Hoops Summit. You can watch it online via ESPN’s “Watch” site. By the way, the kid from Nigeria is an absolute monster, physically. At 16 YEARS OLD!

  • BL

    Just stating facts and btw, RMK had IU Mr. Basketball’s leave the program.

    Yes, we got Henderson but not both; how special would that have been? Similarly, Harris went to MSU, we got Yogi. The next year we missed on Irvin but got Vonleh, Williams, Davis and Hartman. Missing on Lyles definitely hurt (like missing on Montross) but we did get JBJ and missing on Swanigan who signed very late was certainly softened with TB/OG/JM.

    “Crean can’t recruit. Crean doesn’t win.” Really? Love to hear you take up that conversation with Yogi. Whatever, you have your paradigm. Have fun with it as most of IU nation enjoys the ride.

  • Kris Kompute

    Henderson and Robinson were both NBA players that played the same position coming out of HS. And knight went to a final four with Henderson.

    Gary is head and shoulders above Yogi. And plays a different position. We missed out on DSR as well from that class.

    Vonleh and Zak play two different positions. And Crean did Vonleh no favors when he was at IU. Ask his AAU program BABC.

    Trey Lyles is the best face up post player the city of Indianapolis had ever seen. Went in the lottery. JBJ won’t be a lottery pick. Plus they play two different positions. Could’ve got both.

    What has Crean won? Some conference titles. Bill self has like 12 of those. And Jayhawks faithful could careless. Why? Because he gets to the final four and has a national title.

    Since when did sweet 16s and conf titles become the measure of success at IU?

  • Kris Kompute


  • BL

    Henderson was a 4 and Robinson a 3. They would have been awesome together. It’s not like we were UK and got everyone.

    Harris was definitely the prize but we already had Yogi who committed very early and Gary wanted to play PG. Also, c’mon, Yogi was great in college.

    Williams plays the same position as Zak. Who you taking?

    Definitely would have like to have had Lyles. Had him at one time. Certain the group of kids that were let go prevented that. Btw, Lyles is solid but not the best Indy face up post player. You should know who that is.

    Surprisingly, you didn’t mention TB/OG/JM. Oh well, time will tell. As you can tell, I’m counting on Coach.

  • Kris Kompute

    Gary never wanted to play the point lol. He’s a scorer. Scored at MSU. And doing the same in the league.

    Who’s a better face up four from Indianapolis than trey lyles?

  • BL

    Gary is 6’4. He wanted to play some point in college thinking he might need to do the same in the NBA. He played some at MSU. Know he’s doing ok at Denver; no idea if they ever tried him at point.

    He merely averaged 30 and 20 in his one and only year at IU.

  • BL

    Yeah, U.S. team’s athleticism shell-shocked him early. Thought he adjusted really well, especially considering how poor his teammates played and the obvious mismatch team wise. He was a late add and seemed to defer to the other guards on the team. Feel like he’s a nice 3-4 star with good upside. A true PG (looks to pass first) that plays calmly, sees the floor, has good handles, a quick release and is deceptively fast (no problem blowing by defenders pressuring him). Also appeared to have good lateral quickness on D. Needs work in the weight room and will benefit greatly by simply getting more playing time against better competition. Certain he’d be a pretty darn good shooter after a year in Bloomington. Announcer that saw him play previously really likes him and sees him being a good D1 PG. Won’t devastate me to lose him but if we have any injury concerns, I’d take him in a heartbeat.


    You’ve baited me to the keyboard. Wow, me and Ole Man in the same category. lol This is the first tape I have seen of him, need to watch more before I feel like I can give an informed opinion. Haven’t had enough time lately to watch any other tapes, but will in the next couple of days. Kinda on the fence with him right now.

    On a side note you asked me a while back how far I am from Bloomington. It’s about an hour to an hour and a half drive, just depends how many back roads I take on the way. lol

  • Kris Kompute

    I apologize to Mr. McGinnis

  • Kris Kompute

    Since Chris Mills, what Kentucky been caught giving anyone?

  • Kris Kompute

    19 ppg, 12 rpg, 5, assists, 2 steals as an 18 year old freshman. Yea, that’s flopping in college. SMH.

    You’re right. NBA talent doesn’t win NCAA Championships. There is no correlation. There is no reason that there were 700 articles about Nova being the first team to win a national title with no first round picks since 1987 Hoosiers.

    You are a blind homer who follows IU via blogs and comment sections. To say the NBA means nothing to you proves my point that you “lack knowledge”. You haven’t said anything of factual substance this entire time. It’s been your biased opinion semi-concealed with disparaging speech.

    You are the epitome of the IU fan I can’t stand. This is the reason we are a middle of the road team every year who isn’t considered elite anymore outside of the state of Indiana. Raise your expectations, hold Crean accountable and educate yourself about the game as a whole.

  • I don’t care about the NBA. Go corrupt a different sport and program.

  • Bill Graham

    Other than Traitor Lyles UK hasn’t been on our in state recruits: Zeller, Ferrell, Hulls, Blackmon. Sure we’ve missed a few: You’re right Kyle Guy is going to Virginia, but we have Robert Johnson and Troy (not Virginia). Recruiting is much more of an interstate process its not just Indiana. Justin Jackson didn’t commit to Texas. Diamond Stone didn’t commit to Wisconsin. Stanley Johnson didn’t commit to UCLA. We are in the social media generation. Kids don’t feel the same sense of loyalty as in the past. They can google “Auburn University Campus” and immediately feel a sense of comfort with that place. They can facetime their parents or send texts instead of talking through a landline. Part of the lack of instate recruits falls on the times. Not only on the program.