The Minute After: Michigan

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Thoughts on a 72-69 loss to the Wolverines:

Survive and advance. It’s March. It’s the name of the game as the Hoosiers enter the postseason. They learned that the hard way on Friday against No. 8 seed Michigan in their Big Ten Tournament opener.

The Wolverines were fighting for their NCAA tournament hopes. They played like it, too.

After two late corner 3-pointers from Duncan Robinson and a buzzer-beater from Kameron Chatman, compounded with an Indiana turnover with 21 seconds left — an issue that plagued the team all afternoon — Michigan shocked the top-seeded Hoosiers 72-69 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

It was a game, though, that the Hoosiers found themselves on the back foot for from the beginning.

Early turnovers allowed the Wolverines to start fast, to an 8-2 lead with four of those points off Hoosiers turnovers. They guarded tight on ball screens and forced the Hoosiers into poor shots — both in the paint and out.

Michigan forced Indiana into its lowest eFG% — 49.1 percent — since its loss to Michigan State on Feb. 14. And it forced Indiana into its highest turnover percentage since its loss at Wisconsin on Jan. 26 — at 23.5 percent, off 15 turnovers.

But most importantly, Michigan made the most of its opportunities. In other words, it embraced the essence of March.

Indiana struggled with that.

Just in the first half, Michigan scored 16 points off nine Indiana turnovers. And even when the Hoosiers did force Michigan turnovers, the Wolverines matched the intensity.

Even after scoring off Michigan turnovers in the first half, the Hoosiers were never able to follow it with another basket. They did it twice in the second half — the first, the Wolverines matched it in a frantic stretch before the under-16 timeout, and the second time, it gave the Hoosiers a 66-61 lead late.

But much like Michigan did all afternoon, the team fought like the game was its last. As Indiana coach Tom Crean said at halftime, Michigan was cutting harder. It played like a desperate team.

Out of a timeout with 2:03 left, Robinson found open space off a weave and drove to the basket. He was fouled, and his layup went in. On the Wolverines’ next trip down the floor, after a Yogi Ferrell layup, Derrick Walton forced a foul on Thomas Bryant. He made both free throws, and Indiana missed one-of-two at the other end.

Suddenly, a five-point lead became three, and then Robinson’s corner three tied it. Anunoby’s turnover gave the Wolverines a chance to win.

And like a team that was playing with its season on the line, Walton found Chatman in the right corner with just .2 seconds remaining. The rest is history.

Michigan played like a team that knew the stakes of Friday’s game. Indiana simply never found its footing.

That won’t be acceptable come next weekend. The Hoosiers found out the hard way on Friday.

Lesson learned. On to the NCAA tournament.

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  • Bankshot

    You brought up censorship. You can’t handle an opposing viewpoint.

  • I could only hope our next opponent only looks at the UM film in preparing for IU.

  • Bankshot

    How profound!
    The steeple have spoken!

  • The least you could do is follow your own thread.

  • Bankshot


  • Bankshot

    So true! The b 10 reg championship is a great accomplishment. That’s history now

  • Bankshot

    I don’t follow the rules of an individual who can’t handle an opposing point of view

  • calbert40

    True. So is today’s game. Tourney losses sting a little more than regular season losses, but the team needs to leave this one and start preparing for next week.

  • IURob1997

    We just desperately need to get healthy. Please come back RoJo. I don’t want to see Niego off the bench in the tournament. He’s gritty and a fan favorite I get it but he’s just not that good. He has to get his shot in order this off season. His defensive intensity has been nice but has he shot one nice shot that wasn’t an airball clanging off the wrong side of the backboard? He becomes a good spot up shooter he will find more playing time next season.

  • Bankshot

    The team has a great oppurtunity. B10 reg Champs. Early exit on B 10 tourney. Redemption through a great ncaa run would be an impressive accomplishment!

  • Bankshot

    I have great respect for Kevin! He has played with heart and determination unlike I have seen at IU in some time. If I’m gonna lose I want yogi to play every second. It is nearing the end, he deserves every oppurtunity to Go out as he deserves!

  • Ben thorne

    Can we just hug it out and move on?

  • Ben thorne


  • dwdkc

    Considering he broke Nick Zeisloft’s 3 point record in high school, we know the guy can shoot. He just hasn’t played enough to get his confidence with the shot. I agree with RoJo back we might not see him much, but he has usually held his own in limited minutes spelling Yogi with good defense and some nice ball movement, and most importantly I don’t think I remember him ever turning it over?

  • dwdkc

    Just a guess but I don’t think Banksy is the hugging sort.

  • dwdkc

    There hasn’t been much correlation between conference tournament play and NCAA play, except for the teams that were simply swooning into the end of the year (I.e. Iowa 2014, and probably this year). The major conference tourneys are a little quirky that way, as teams play with different levels of motivation. We definitely saw that today.

  • dwdkc

    If only. Too bad you haven’t been around colleges much lately. Microaggression on the b-ball board! Where is the safe space!

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    Same here. If opponents don’t do their homework, IU can use that sort of overconfidence to wreck people in the tournament.

    Of course, any coach worth his salt will make his players aware of the Maryland game, the Iowa game, etc… but I’m hoping there are teams in IU’s way who’ll make the mistake. That can only help the Hoosiers.

  • bleeding crimson

    No I don’t make the rules but I do not recall any respect from you during our B!G T win. And you can add to the fact that CTC was COY for the B!G. So I just wonder where have you and Greg has been throughout the B!G year…that is it….we get many trolls on here and that is the first thing that came to my mind. I’m sorry if I offended either of you and I have even been hard on CTC during his sub patterns in the past but I’ve learned that he is adjusting to the game. Did he do a good job today, don’t know, but he had to deal with several injuries and is probably more concerned about being healthy for the Dance. That is it. But like I said prior, I haven’t seen neither one of you guys give praise to the team or coach during the B!G T and now here you are. So just asking. We all have options esp when emotions run high I can be forthcoming.

  • bleeding crimson

    Bankshot, why would you say your best player, and not our best player? This is what makes me think you are a troll.

  • Bankshot

    I was at the western ky game last fall on dads day with my daughter who is a soph at DZ. I first stepped on campus in 76. So an individual who voices their opinion invades your safe space. I work at I.U. With grad docs in training.

  • Bankshot

    “done with” sounds like surrender to me. Who are you to say am American can’t speak freely? Invoking troll is a sign of lack of reasonable debate

  • Bankshot

    Awe, do you need a hug? Yogi should play 40 unless injured. I believe he wood agree with me. I don’t think that opinion is incorrect dkc

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    At first after this game I thought, “Oh, well. This will give them a chance to get healthy for the NCAA Tournament.”
    Now after several hours I’m just annoyed and sort of pissed off. This a warm up game for the big dance and they laid an egg. Win the game you’re supposed to and if you lose a tight game to PUke (although I would’ve hated to lose to them more) at least you’re losing to another 3-5 seed team.
    I just don’t ever like to see a better team lose to a lesser team in a tournament atmosphere like that.

  • Jeffery W. Johnson

    Well said.

  • sarge

    I don’t mind a change now and then, but those unis aren’t as nice as the traditional ones

  • IUBizmark

    Hahaha. Welcome to ITH comments section.

  • IUBizmark

    I’m most disappointed in Yogi’s late game free throws. When’s that going to stop being a thing?

  • IUBizmark

    My take is that Michigan’s game plan was to give help EARLY on any dribble penetration. Even if it was just a quick swipe. It was enough to cause us a TON of issues. We’d pick up our dribble or get it stripped. They clogged the driving lanes and that left us to shoot. We just didn’t shoot well, probably because of the larger venue.


    Also they made sure not to give up middle penetration. It was clear the guys in blue were told “if you get beat off of the dribble, make sure you don’t let them beat you going toward the basket”. They weren’t going to give up easy baskets at the rim like in the previous game. Almost every NBA team has this as one of their core defensive philosophies. Troy had three drives where he beat his man, but he was moving away from the basket and of course, threw up a wild shot instead of being patient and either kicking out or trying to actually get under the rim. Yogi was the only guy i saw get straight to the front of the rim. And that only happened out of a really clever new HORNS set that i haven’t seen us run before. I was only able to watch the last ten minutes of the game, so there may have been more uncontested layups early. Sorry for the wall of text.

  • Susanablevins3

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  • MK

    We would be nowhere without yogi this year. Your comments are out of line. Suprised the mods haven’t censored them

  • Mr. Mitchell

    his defense overall. he guarded wings.point guards. post players. kid is amazing already

  • Bankshot

    Yogi is 21. He was caught with a fake ID 2 years ago. I have expressed my great respect for Kevin many times. You are a fool!

  • Lou Rawls’ Ego

    “The Power of Negative Thinking”, great book by Bob Knight.

  • Lou Rawls’ Ego

    Good stuff.

    Think Crean’s O scheme(s) loses the game:

    -Why isn’t Troy Williams given the ball at the elbow/hi-post on a reg. basis? He’s impossible to stop from that spot. He’s given this label good Troy/ bad Troy, the good is when he’s given the ball in spots to succeed, that work w/ his high quality slashing, midrange skills.
    -Why at the end of games does IU have it’s Guards at the low block/baseline, and it’s wings, forwards outside the 3 pt line? I get that’s “different” and I suppose “unexpected” but so would be having Thomas Bryant just shoot shots from the 1/2 court line, sure, they would be open….


    Ditto all that !

  • Bankshot

    The last 3 books I have read are biographies by Wooden, Patton and Knight. I am currently reading the memoirs of Ulysees S. Grant. I will be sure to take your advice. A book written by such an accomplished and intelligent man would be beneficial

  • dwdkc

    Good, then maybe IU is doing a lot better than Missouri for example, near where I am. Places where they encourage the students to obsess over “microagressions” and offer “safe spaces” when controversial speakers are invited to campus are not exactly the temples of intellectual inquiry they like to pretend to be.

  • Bankshot

    I like visiting the “safe space” parking area south of Memorial stadium before attending the “macroaggression ” competition, but only with my daughter as my body guard.


    This portion of the thread is dire need of some humor, thank you. lol

  • Kevin Pattison

    Crean is not a Coach Period. . . . We won alot of Games this Year just on Talent. . . But when the Game gets tight he Flat out cant Coach. . . Im tired of being Inbarassed by Him. . . In the Michigan game we had 2 time outs left and had the ball with the shot clock off and what did he do ?????. . He didnt Scream hold it for the Last shot , and then he called back to back time outs ???? For What ???? Every time the game gets tight he absolutely and positively doesnt pull it out.??? . Hes always getting out Coached ever sence he been there. . . . He makes the other Coachs look good because he doesnt have it. ” Honesty “. . . Just Look back at the last few years . .. . For example. . . Illinois game 2014. . . Coming out of a Time Out with Illinois has the ball underneath there Basket. . . We are setting up our Defence and im YELLING protect the Basket ,Protect the Basket and what happened we get beat on a Lay Up ? ? ? ? Now to me i think i learnt that in Grade School to always Protect the Basket BUT not Crean he should of had Zeller under there with arms Spread out and force them to take a jumper and IU goes Home a Winner. . . Hes not the Answer. . . He acts like a Loonatic on the Sidelines . . . Pulling up hes Pants Constantly , Slapping his Hands on the Floor and what really Pisses me off . . when he looks at his game plan on all those papers on the Table ? ? ? And he Pisses me off when he takes out a Player when hes on fire or playing Real Well. WHY ?. . . I know WHY because hes not a Coach