POTB 114: Jon Crispin on IU’s Big Ten title, conference tournament preview

  • 03/08/2016 2:18 pm in

Podcast on the Brink is back for a new episode with host Jerod Morris of The Assembly Call. The show is currently available weekly. You can access a full archive of episodes here.

In this week’s edition of the show, Morris and Inside the Hall editor Alex Bozich are once again joined by one of our favorite guests, BTN analyst Jon Crispin, for a lengthy discussion that covers a variety of topics.

Among them:

· What allowed Indiana to win the Big Ten title outright by two games
· The adjustments Tom Crean has made as a coach this season
· Whether teams have figured out how to slow down the IU offense
· The play of IU’s two unsung freshmen, OG Anunoby and Juwan Morgan
· The improvement in recent weeks of Troy Williams
· Nick Zeisloft’s importance with the Robert Johnson injury
· The Big Ten player of the year race and why Denzel Valentine won
· Which team is the favorite to win the Big Ten tournament
· A team that could surprise and win the event
· Which Big Ten teams have a chance to make the Final Four

And plenty more. As always, feel free to drop the show a note at [email protected].

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  • Trevor Howenstine

    Great episode!

  • BL

    Second that.

  • BL

    Really like Crispin but like a lot of folks, he is still underestimating IU when he gives the unconditional nod to MSU. Valentine and forbes are to MSU as YF and TW are to Indiana. Unfortunately, TW didn’t show at MSU. In a rematch, if TW plays like he has for the last several games, I believe we would beat MSU. Now for the caveat; RJ and JM must be healthy or all bets are off.

  • hardly

    I didn’t feel he gave the unconditional nod to MSU – he did say they were the favorite in the tournament. And for good reason – look at what they did to IU the one time they played. Granted, we feel IU had a terrible game that day, but that’s all the evidence there is to go on. If MSU had won that game by 2, I think it would be a different conversation.

  • BL

    Referring to MSU as the best team in the country is most definitely an unconditional nod, but hey, I fully understand why he would pick MSU over IU; they blew us out in East Lansing. I’m just making the point that sometimes you need to look a little deeper and realize a single game can be an aberration.

    Consider for example – Iowa beat MSU twice. In the first game, MSU lost in Iowa City by 13 which was not a surprise because Valentine didn’t play. Surprisingly, MSU also lost to Iowa in East Lansing by 17. Do I think Iowa is the better team; absolutely not. Valentine didn’t play in the first game and what’s buried under the covers – for the two games combined, Forbes went 1-10 including 0-7 from three. That’s clearly an aberration. If they go head-to-head again in either tourney, I’d bet on MSU.

    There’s no question MSU blowing out IU in East Lansing was due in large part to one of our two best players having a really bad night (which also affects how others play). The odds of that happening again are slim; especially when you consider the way TW has played since that game.

  • Unfortunately, I’m not confident that RJ will be “healthy,” even if he plays. First, I doubt he’ll be at 100%. And he’ll need some time to get back into the groove. However, as we’ve seen, other players step up on this team–every single time. And so RJ not being at 100% doesn’t spell disaster to me. That brings us back to TW, and I say if TW plays as he has been (a fair enough bet) then we can beat MSU even without RJ. That leaves JM as a wildcard, but who knows who might step up on this team; maybe RB gives some quality minutes if JM can’t play.

  • An interesting storyline within the game, should IU and MSU play, will be TW’s mental state. Clearly, he’ll be wanting to redeem his previous performance against MSU. But he’s improved his play so much since MSU because he’s learned to play more within himself and not out of control. Could his desire to play better push him back out of control?

  • BL

    Without RJ and JM I go from we WILL win to we COULD win, and if we played well but lost, I wouldn’t be crushed.

  • BL

    Possible but I don’t think so. He’s had plenty of opportunities to revert in several big games and he’s done nothing but get better. If he did slip a little, I think Coach now has the approach and counsel to get him back on track quickly.