Yogi Ferrell, Tom Crean earn Big Ten honors

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For the second straight season, Yogi Ferrell is a first team All-Big Ten selection.

The Big Ten Conference released the annual All-Big Ten teams this evening live on the BTN and Ferrell was named first team all conference by both the coaches and the media. Ferrell was also named to the Associated Press All-Big Ten team on Monday afternoon and the league’s all-defensive team as voted on by the league’s coaches.

The All-Big Ten first team as selected by the coaches and media: Ferrell (unanimous), Michigan State’s Denzel Valentine (unanimous), Iowa’s Jarrod Uthoff (unanimous), Purdue’s A.J. Hammons and Wisconsin’s Nigel Hayes.

Tom Crean was named the league’s coach of the year by the coaches and media. Earlier on Monday, Crean was also named the Big Ten coach of the year by the Associated Press.

Valentine was named the Big Ten player of the year by the coaches and the media.

Indiana’s Max Bielfeldt was named the Big Ten’s sixth man of the year as voted upon by the league’s coaches.

Thomas Bryant (unanimous) was named to the league’s all-freshman team along with Maryland’s Diamond Stone, Wisconsin’s Ethan Happ (unanimous), Minnesota’s Jordan Murphy and Purdue’s Caleb Swanigan. Happ was named the Big Ten freshman of the year.

Troy Williams was named All-Big Ten third team by the league’s coaches and media and Bryant was named All-Big Ten third team by the league’s coaches and honorable mention by the media.

Senior Ryan Burton was named Indiana’s recipient of the Big Ten sportsmanship award. A complete listing of the 2015-2016 All-Big teams and awards is available below:


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  • Xavier Harkness

    Is Troy more valuable? Think about all those games where he struggled and we all won… and those games Forbes shot bad and MSU lost. Forbes is a great shooter. And he’s very important to what MSU does.

  • It goes without saying, of course, but I’d take Yogi over anyone any day.

  • Chappy Dan

    Diamond Stone also made that third team so they voted the 3rd best frosh as the best?!?

  • InTheMtns

    But, it wasn’t for Big Ten games only. The Big Ten’s Stats page on their website shows Thomas first in Field Goal Percentage for the 18-game Big Ten season Thomas was .684 and AJ’s was 582 for the 18 games..

    The sports-reference(dot)com site, however, lists AJ as first in the Big Ten Field Goal Percentage for all games with .594 and Thomas isn’t listed in the top 12 at all. Thomas is listed as first in the Big Ten in 2-pt FG% with .713. I can’t find any explanation for why he’s not included in the Field Goal Percentage list, though. His Field Goal Percentage for the entire season was .698, better than anyone else in the Big Ten.

  • They are: Tharp.

  • Ole Man

    Wow. All kinds of answers. I guess what we know is that TB was he best overall in the Big Ten.
    But the Big Ten thinks Hammons was better during the season.
    Confusion!! LOL!

  • Ole Man

    So much confusion over something that should be simple.
    We know that Thomas shot better than Hammons. BTN apparently doesn’t.

  • Fifer39

    A couple of weeks ago Greg Gard looked like he might have been the frontrunner. In the end, that couldn’t even have been close.

  • Fifer39

    Don’t care what anyone says, I’m having OG on my freshman team ahead of Stone, Murphy and Swanigan.

  • Fifer39

    Great for Max. Whether or not it was his decision to transfer at all, coming to Bloomington probably looks like the best move of his life.

  • marcusgresham

    In related news, John Beilein voted B1G Village Idiot of the Year.

  • Hoosier Hall

    Or maybe league Santa Claus. His generosity was unmatched this past season.

  • BL

    How can you play that many minutes, make that many threes and not once step on the 3-point line, make a mid-range jumper, get a rebound put back, etc?

  • BL

    Love OG but I don’t think you can put him ahead of Stone and Swanigan. Scorers always get the awards and Stone and Swanigan were starters on very good team. Not to worry, OG’s time is coming. Btw, who is Murphy?

  • Koko

    Murphy plays for Minny. A very good player. Would take him on my team any time.

  • Fifer39

    That’s true, and ultimately the awards are for the best players put quite simply. But I’ve not been hugely impressed by Stone or Swanigan and they certainly haven’t lived up to the hype in my book whereas OG has surpassed all expectations. And as we’ve all reflected over the last few weeks, his impact isn’t always measured in the box score. But I’ll let it go if he gets 1st team next year! 🙂

  • BL

    Wouldn’t that be something?

  • BL

    Remember him now. Wing with big hops. Played really well when Minny beat Mary.


    Oddly enough I was just looking at that very thing last night and doing the WTH, where’s TB at, thing when I reviewed it. I know in some stat compilations you have to have a minimum number of whatever is being computed, but even at that, I have a hard time believing that TB didn’t have enough attempts to qualify. Would really like someone to explain to all of us IU fans how Hammons can be number one with his percentage.


    Another example that that is BS, and that will more than likely stick out in a big way is, like them or hate them, the guys that vote for who is the better player with their checkbooks will be ranking him ahead of Hill, Forbes and others as well.


    Second team


    Imagine he found a pic of MB rocking the candy stripes next to the lump of coal and then unwrapped a present that had a large thank you note from MB in a frame purchased from the IU gift shop.

  • Sarasota Hoosier

    Maybe it’s an IU conspiracy to lower Troy’s expectations and force him to stick around for 1 more year, 3rd team B1G does not equate with lottery pick! Troy would be favorite for POY next year if he would stay and IU would be top 5 team.