• BL

    Get some rest Yogi.

  • Koko

    He should have said sorry Scott but we are going to bury your beloved Terps and I ain’t gonna miss anything.

  • vicbert caladipo

    I am more worried about Maryland today than this time yesterday. They blew Ill out last night and I’m afraid they now will have the confidence that I thought was lacking previously. If it would have been a close game or 10-15 point win I’d be more confident, because everyone knew they were beating ILL, but a blowout gives them the confidence to think they’re back to the lofty status the whole country has given them. We need our crowd to hound the refs all game. Every bad call….boo as loud as possible…and I think coach needs to ride the refs hard too….if we get the same treatment we got in Iowa City…I will finally be on board with the CTC should get a tech bandwagon. It’s the last game and probably wont see the same refs in the NCAA tourney so what’s the harm? Hey just imagine, if he gets lit up twice then he can reverse the scenario from Iowa. Instead of the players and staff waiting on him to come into the locker room to celebrate, he could be waiting on them! I think if the game is called correctly, Yogi has a stellar game. I’d love to see at least 10 FTs from him because you know he’ll be attacking.

  • pcantidote

    Great to see Yogi getting this national attention. So well deserved. I hope he get gets first team All America.

  • PacoTaco

    More concerning is that it would appear Melo Trimble has broken out of his slump.

  • Yup. He tried to get in his head at the end there.

  • Class act. I hope he has a solid game and leads them to one final win in Assembly. I’ll just leave it at that until game time. Proud of these guys.


    The pressure is on Maryland. They are the underachievers, the team who should have been the B1G champion. They are the team that has the most talent, and yet has failed to deliver. If Indiana plays loose, with nothing to lose, then they will hand it to the terps. Seth Greenburg is constantly talking about IU’s inside-outside game. He would be wise to discuss it here, because that is the recipe to unravel the terps.

    In terms of it being an emotional game for IU, every game has been emotional. This team has seen the absolute low and the absolute high. Max and Yogi have experienced the big games and know what to do to get mentally prepared for it. The coaching staff is telling them “We still got work to do.” I see no issue in it being an emotional night. Yogi is rarely emotive, and I think he got his tears out last game lol. Now if it was TB’s last home game, well, that would be a different story lol.

  • Anybody remember which after-game presser it was when Yogi first said outright that winning the B1G was their goal? I remember respecting him for having that as a goal, but considering it a little aggressive. Little did I know.

  • Brugglesby

    This young man seems like a class act.

  • Dick_Pepperfield

    “The Movement” wound up being 1 player. But man what a player. Ill take it

  • Dick_Pepperfield

    They beat an god awful team at home. It says nothing.