• Brklynhoosier

    Congrats to CTC on proving all the doubters (myself included) wrong!

    2 outright B1G championships in 4 years!!! Holy shnikes…

  • sarge

    Espn has the full version of this clip starting when CTC enters the locker room. It is an amazing video.

  • sarge

    Holy shnikes!

  • what a great video. It will be remembered as a classic Hoosier moment.

    Yogi is rock solid and has fire in his eyes. I pity all opponents from here on out. I actually don’t even care about seeds in the tournament at this point. Just watch Yogi in these post-game videos. What a way to go out. So proud of this program.

  • inLinE6

    Can you post the link? I was searching but can’t find it anywhere… Thanks.

  • ChrisSabo17

    I hope that guys gets his throat cleaned… jesus!