At the Buzzer: Indiana 81, Iowa 78

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IOWA CITY, Iowa – Quick thoughts on Indiana’s 81-78 win at Iowa:

How it happened: This was a game Indiana dominated for a lengthy period of time, but an Iowa run in the second half made things interesting down the stretch. The Hoosiers opened a 14-point lead at the 14:34 mark of the second half, by the Hawkeyes stormed all the way back to take a 74-72 lead with 4:27 to play. But Indiana made the plays it needed to down the stretch and no play was bigger than Yogi Ferrell’s 3-pointer with 37 seconds to play to stretch the lead to five. From there, the Hoosiers just had to hold on as missed free throws and a turnover gave Iowa a chance to tie the game in the final seconds, but Peter Jok’s corner 3 rimmed off. The win clinched an outright Big Ten regular season championship for Indiana and moved the Hoosiers to 24-6 overall and 14-3 in the Big Ten.

Standout performer: Ferrell’s team-high 20 points on 7-of-19 shooting, to go along with five assists, led the Hoosiers to the road victory. Also worth a mention: 15 points and seven rebounds from Troy Williams.

Statistic that stands out: It was another strong offensive performance for Indiana as the Hoosiers shot an effective field goal percentage north of 60 thanks to 11-of-22 shooting on 3-pointers. IU finished with 1.15 points per possession.

Final stats:



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  • Koko

    Time to give RB more minutes.

  • Koko

    Your comment makes you look rather silly at this point.

  • Koko

    What in the world were they thinking….sometimes those hormones will take a young man to places they don’t want to be. I hope they learned something good from their bad actions.

  • Jack Nolan

    Troy didn’t look as fluid as his line score. But good for him!

  • Ole Man

    You take the game you’re handed and play it.


    O…M…G Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about anyone doing pretty much whatever they want to do behind closed doors, but doing it and then publishing it to a social media outlet, or ANY outlet, while being a member of a B1G bball team, ANY B1G team in any sport, is just plain out and out stupid on their part. One can say, well that’s just what kids now days do or you know how hormones can make a guy do some stupid stuff, while legit to a certain extent, does even come close to excusing something like that IMHO.

  • Sherronhasaheadache

    What a game, rose to the challenge on the road!! i’m so tired today from not sleeping but hey who cares. BIG TEN OUTRIGHT CHAMPIONS!! well done CTC and staff !!

  • calbert40

    Morally speaking, it is reprehensible, IMO. I understand that consenting collegians can do as they please, but as a father of young girls, this type of behavior sickens me. However, leaving morality out of the equation, the issue is the posting of the video. That is indefensible. That is basically saying, “look at me…I can bag a bunch of chicks, because I’m a D1 basketball player. I rock.” No, you are an idiot. They all got suspended for the season, and that group includes Mason.


    If it wasn’t a, “you’re suspended at least the rest of this season and then we’ll see how things go, may be longer”, type of suspension, then it should have been.

  • Koko

    I remember that. He did wear a brace didn’t he?