• Bill Graham

    I’m not sure I put this one completely on CTC. Sure he should have yanked TW earlier and sat Nick for leaving Forbes wide open several times, and it probably wasn’t a great idea to put Collin on Costello, but the bottom line is he can’t play defense for them. We don’t have the defensive personal to account for the other teams best player. If I were CTC I’d recruit a kid completely for defensive purposes someone that will point a finger at guys like Denzel and say, “he’s gonna have to earn it.” We don’t have that guy. We need that guy. CTC can’t make chicken salad if he doesn’t have any chicken.

    But in the end maybe he should be smarter about his grocery shopping.

  • Bradley Kreppel

    And that guy was named Bruce Brown.

  • Bill Graham

    Ya…but if I put my homegrown and traditional bias aside I’d say soaking in the sun on South Beach isn’t such a bad choice.