At the Buzzer: Michigan State 88, Indiana 69

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EAST LANSING, Mich. – Quick thoughts on Indiana’s 88-69 loss to Michigan on Sunday afternoon at the Breslin Center:

How it happened: This Valentine’s Day afternoon started out with hope for Indiana. The Hoosiers built a 10-point lead in the first half as shots were falling from the perimeter (7-of-16 on 3s) and the shots that weren’t falling were offensive rebounds (nine). At the 3:46 mark of the first half, Indiana had a 40-32 lead and was scoring 1.29 points per possession.

But the comfortable lead would be short lived as Michigan State closed the first half on a 9-0 run to take a 41-40 lead. From there, it was all Spartans. Indiana scored just nine points in the first 10+ minutes of the second half and had no answer defensively for Michigan State’s potent attack. Denzel Valentine was essentially unstoppable in scoring a game-high 30 points and dishing out 13 assists. Matt Costello wasn’t far behind in finishing with 22 points and 11 rebounds. The Spartans finished the afternoon with 1.28 points per possession, marking the second straight game where Indiana has allowed more than 1.2 points per trip.

Standout performer: Max Bielfeldt, a graduate transfer from Michigan, made his first start since the Wake Forest game and put together one of his better performances of the season in East Lansing. Bielfeldt finished with 15 points and 10 rebounds and hit 3-of-5 from behind the 3-point line.

Statistic(s) that stands out: How bad was Indiana’s defense in the second half? The Hoosiers allowed Michigan State to score 1.47 points per possession. That’s not going to get it done on the road against an upper echelon Big Ten team.

Final stats:



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  • calbert40

    I felt like Bryant got plenty of touches today. Same with Max. Every coach in America runs a wing/guard oriented offense. How many shots did MSU’s wing/guards get compared to the post players?

  • calbert40

    Okay…2 games. Against top 10 teams. Both with NPOY candidates. And I believe we held Iowa under their season average too, if that counts for anything.

  • Chappy Dan

    Where’s the balls in questioning his balls on the internet?

  • HoosierFan#1

    Absolutely the truth. Are guys were getting hacked all game on drives and posts by big men. Someone please tell me what great adjustment Izzo made in the second half? Valentine couldn’t miss and Costello was allowed to push and body foul for position and rebounds all game. The charge he took was a joke he jumped into Bryant! The refs killed our momentum more then anything. We were trying to drive when we weren’t shooting well but we’re getting mauled. Nobody gave up and TW played bad, horrible, but we don’t beat Iowa without him and he wasn’t getting any foul calls either. This team will be fine and WE will make a run in the Tournament.

  • Right, that’s true.

  • Chappy Dan

    He was annoyingly good on his day

  • Brklynhoosier

    Really good comparison.

  • Ben thorne

    When he took OG out, I turned off the TV until the second half. I could not have been more pissed off.

  • Brklynhoosier

    This might be. Although Troy has never looked as lost as JH did. And he’s still had some amazing games this year (ND anyone?). Just needs to rein himself in. I think he’ll get it done.

  • HoosierStuckInACCCountry

    No. Because the only guy who had a decent shot at guarding a great player didn’t play the minutes he shouldn’t been allotted based on his play. Instead we had NZ or another guard who he could easier rise over for a jump shot. You just refuse to take an argument for what it is, and won’t point a finger at the guy pacing the sideline.

  • HoosierStuckInACCCountry

    Go home Calbert, you’re drunk.

  • Jack Nolan

    Lack of an inside presence. TB isn’t there yet. Maybe next year.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Calbert, I will always defend you. Gr was out of line to attack you personally. I had one of those with OleMan when Kegler announced he wouldn’t go to IU. OleMan and I are fine and I learned a lesson of ITH board. You are a class act and I enjoy reading your posts.

  • Ole Man

    I hope you’re right, BH.
    IU really needs Troy to put the pieces together on a consistent basis. He’s the one who can take them over the top.

  • Ole Man

    What happened to “He ain’t heavy; he’s my brother.” ?

  • Hoosier Hall

    I 100% agree with your last paragraph. It changes the flow and momentum of games.

  • calbert40

    Thanks for the compliment. Back at you! OM and I have had our run ins in the past, but we are good. I have no issues with him. He is a passionate and intelligent IU basketball fan…and he and I disagree from time to time. I have no issue with posters like him.

  • calbert40

    I’m not much for alcoholic beverages, but good to know that you are one who resorts to the personal attack type of discussion.

  • HoosierStuckInACCCountry

    A) It wasn’t a personal attack. It’s an internet meme for not making any sense. B) You weren’t making any sense because your analogy was poor, I gave reasons to why it was poor, and your response was “it’s true because it’s true”. I don’t personally attack. I discuss and take away from what people are saying. I’ve never seen you change a stance on anything. I’ve seen you concede a point you can’t win, but those two aren’t necessarily the same thing.

  • calbert40

    Sorry in advance for my windy response!

    A few things. First, I LOVE OG. I think he is fantastic, and I think he has the potential to be a S-T-U-D for us in the future. Notice, however, that I said “potential” and “future.” Right now, he is about what he is: a really solid freshman who give us instant energy.

    Secondly, I would love it if he played more, but he is behind TW and CH, who are more important to the lineup right now. I know lots of posters aren’t on the TW fan tour right now, but he is a very important player for us…as we saw yesterday. When he plays poorly, so does the whole team, typically.

    Third, OG played 17 minutes yesterday. He has played more than 17 minutes in only three games all season: UM, Minny and OSU. Two of those were blowouts, and in one, TW had foul trouble. He has played between 10 and 20 in nearly every B1G game, so his PT has been pretty consistent for a reserve. I take no issue with his minutes yesterday in comparison with his minutes for the whole season. Would I like to see him get more? Certainly. But yesterday was not just in line with his typical minutes, but more than normal. He averages 12 mpg on the season, and 15 mpg in B1G play.

    TBH, I’m not certain how OG rates out defensively. I’ve looked for stats online, and I can’t find what I’m looking for. Using the eye test, he is a good defender, but not great. I think Valentine is a tough matchup for anyone, though. I also don’t gripe about rotational minutes. We don’t see practices. We don’t have all the info that the coaching staff does regarding who should play when. We see them play 2-4 hours a week. The staff sees them a lot more. I’ll defer to their judgment on how much time a player plays from game to game.

  • calbert40

    A) it isn’t a meme. B) It is a way to diminish my point without having to actually argue with me. You are saying my point is so foolish that it is beneath even discussing. C) It is a great analogy. I didn’t say “it is true because it is true.” You said that MSU “embarrassed” us by taking away “one offensive facet.” I countered that by offering an example from the Super Bowl where the Broncos dominated in “one facet” of the game. No one blames Rivera for not being able to come up with a scheme to stop Von Miller and Demarcus Ware, two All-Pros, but for whatever reason, many are blaming Crean for not coming up with a way to stop Dennis Valentine, a potential NPOY.

    Thanks for reading ALL of my posts. I change my stance when it is warranted. You’ve said nothing to me that warrants me changing my stance. Have YOU changed your stance on anything on this board?

  • Koko

    Your “Holloway-ed” comment infers it is Crean’s fault that TW does not play well at times. I don’t agree. I don’t see that Crean tells TW to make some of the decisions he does on the court. Crean might tell him how to run a play but that doesn’t mean TW is doing it as the coach coached him. In the final analysis TW is responsible for how or what he does on the court as is Yogi and all the rest of the players. TW has great potential but he is a junior and that potential has not been realized on a constant basis. He does the same things as he did when he was a freshman. You think it is Crean’s fault? Okay but at what point does the final responsibility fall onto the player?

  • calbert40

    If 20-6 and 10-3 in the B1G is average, what is below average…MSU’s record? What does it take to be above average…top 10 in the country?

  • calbert40

    How dare you disagree with him! Now, he won’t respond to you? I wish I could be so lucky!

  • calbert40

    Well, he was an unheralded and under recruited 3 star from small town Missouri, and now he is a player who seemingly everyone thinks should play as much as Yogi and can be a defensive stopper for Valentine. I’d suggest he deserves some credit for OG. Either he developed him, or he unearthed him from relative obscurity. Either way, Crean did a nice job on OG.

    I don’t see why some folks have so much difficulty giving Crean any credit for anything.

  • calbert40

    I disagree. JH was not engaged, and according to some around the program, was a malcontent. He also didn’t play very well, so Crean stopped starting him, suspended him, and then relegated him to rarely used player.

    He has done none of those things with TW. Troy starts, gives solid effort, seems to be an important part of the team and well-received by his teammates and coaches. He is just inconsistent this year.

    I think TW’s issues are performance related. JH’s were mental – lack of focus.

  • dumbest comment of the day

  • like clock-work. one loss and the place is filled with nervous nellies calling for the coach’s head. so dumb. MSU is a possible championship team, and the game was on their home court. your and the others’ comments are just more stupid, unthinking knee-jerk reactions. NOBODY expected IU to win this, so just can it.

  • you only comment here when you can bash the coach. awesome. I hope they keep winning so trolls like you remain silent…as you and the rest have for the past few months. Never a good thing to say, only waiting for the random rainy day to point out mistakes. Great contribution there.

  • you’re totally wrong. Iowa almost lost to Minnesota yesterday. Do you even follow what’s going on, or only check the IU score to see if they lost…so you can whine about it?

  • they would complain about the margin of victory and some other irrelevancies. never a shortage of things for whiners to whine about.

  • I agree with you on this one. Refs weren’t the problem. Playing a very good team on their home court was the problem.

  • the simple-minded ones also have had little opportunity since December to complain. They’ve been eagerly awaiting this game all season. Some of them have even admitted that they cheer against IU so that it hastens their little end-of-days fantasy that will bring a coaching change.

  • from what I’ve read here, he should absolutely by no means clap.

  • Plus, when he’s not on the floor, the offense generally grinds to a halt. This happened several times in this game, especially in the second half. He needs some help. (cough cough Troy cough)

  • towards the end of the game. They were tired-looking shots early in the possession. I think he was just trying to get something to fall without having to work too hard for it. Long 2’s, I believe.

  • I totally agree with your top paragraph. Nobody expected a win, and let’s finally give MSU a bit of credit: this is a really really good team. Without Valentine being injured, they’d quite possibly be #1 in the country and possibly undefeated or close to it. It’s a Final Four caliber team. Very few teams would stand a chance against them on their home floor right now. This is the single game that virtually nobody expected to win, since the schedule was announced. The sky absolutely is not falling.

  • “…always the same story with Calbert40…coach never does wrong…”

    That’s a complete misrepresentation. Everything that follows is the same old straw man nonsense.

  • your opinion does seem to be wrong a lot, and that’s not anyone else’s fault except your own. I suppose you’ll want to blame Crean for that, too?

  • We definitely need Troy. I called it in the 2nd half, as the offense bogged down: “Troy, this is your cue!” And he didn’t step up. The stage was set for him to come in and make big time contributions. I’m not going to stop being disappointed with this, because he’s capable and we need him. Hopefully he makes everyone forget about this slump by kicking butt again for the remainder of the season?

  • and against an exceptionally good MSU team, on the road. I’m putting them into the Final Four, in my brackets.

  • Someone else commented that maybe Yogi is just worn out, and that’s possible. But I also think he needs to get out of dribble mode and more in distributor mode–passing should be less tiring than dribbling.

  • Jeremy Enright

    I’m not trying to write it off to officiating. Just pointing out that I think IU let the officiating dictate too much of what they did on offense. I’m not letting IU off the hook on account of officiating. I’m blaming IU for not doing what they should’ve done to counter the way the game was officiated. Whether it’s the strike zone in baseball or officiating in basketball or football, you have to adjust to the human element of officiating just as you have to adjust to the game plan of the opposing team. Some umpires won’t give the extra inches on the outside part of the plate. Some won’t give the low strike. You adjust to it and change how you attack hitters. Same logic applies to basketball. And I don’t think IU adjusted correctly.

  • Ole Man

    Totally agree, Clyde. Totally!!

  • Ole Man

    Agree with the assessment of H.
    I was alluding more to getting in Troy’s head by having him doing things he might not be able/ready to do.
    To me, Troy is one of those where the “simpler is better” philosophy should prevail.

  • Ole Man

    Sometimes it is Troy’s fault.
    Sometimes it is Coach’s fault.
    I said this in another thread and it bears repeating: with Troy, simpler is better.
    As someone else said elsewhere, Crean seems to want Oladipo from Troy; but Troy isn’t Oladipo.

  • calbert40

    Ah…agree with you on that, then.

  • Koko

    I totally agree with you. I sometimes feel Crean is doing Troy a disservice by letting him continue his erratic play.
    And neither one of us really know what Troy is thinking when he goes out of control. And with Troy simpler is most definitely better. Total spot on statement….IF Troy buys into it. And of course Troy is no Oladipo but he sure has the talent to be a dominant player. If Crean is indeed using the Oladipo thing to push Troy then Crean is once again doing Troy a great disservice. It is not hard to see Troy is a good kid and a good teammate. It is just frustrating for me and many posters in this forum to see how much of his talent is being wasted.

  • Makes sense, and I hear you. Unfortunately, probably not something we’ll see change anytime soon.