At the Buzzer: Indiana 85, Iowa 78

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Quick thoughts on Indiana’s 85-78 win over Iowa:

How it happened: The Hoosiers raced out to a 36-20 lead on the No. 4 Hawkeyes, but this one wasn’t without its fair share of drama. Iowa, as it has done on multiple occasions this season, raced back from a large deficit and led by as many as four with 9:35 to play. But down the stretch, Indiana made the plays it needed to emerge victorious. The Hoosiers scored a ridiculous 1.32 points per possession on the evening and had a turnover percentage of just 17, which were two keys in the victory. They also overcame a tough shooting night from Yogi Ferrell (2-of-12) on the strength of a strong showing on the offensive glass. IU rebounded 54 percent of its missed shots and scored 26 second chance points. In a contest that was close down the stretch, that was arguably the difference. Indiana now has a signature win on its resume as a road test in East Lansing on Sunday awaits.

Standout performer(s):¬†Indiana’s bench scored 28 points and Iowa didn’t record a single point from its reserves. It was a well rounded effort, too, as Max Bielfeldt had 10, Nick Zeisloft had nine, OG Anunoby had four, Juwan Morgan had three and Harrison Niego finished with two.

Statistic that stands out: Free throws can often be the difference in close games and Thursday was no exception. Indiana hit 18-of-21 from the line and Iowa hit just 13-of-23.

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  • CreamandCrimson

    Troy was benched for a bit after his rough start to the second half (pair of turnovers, missed three) and he was very good upon re-entering. I thought he played quite well down the stretch and was a big part of the victory. That being said, Yogi had a rough offensive night but was tremendous against Peter Jok. Jok was held below his average, had three turnovers and only grabbed a pair of rebounds…bad offensive game but I don’t think Yogi’s defense on Jok should be overlooked.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Bryant was not used in the first half with three fouls. He was brought back in with two fouls (not sure why and he gave up 3-4 layups because Iowa knew he wouldn’t be challenging anything) and didn’t pick up his third until early in the second half.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I’ve been incredibly impressed by OG all season but I didn’t remember seeing what you are referring to…he entered the game at 18-10 IU and played well. He exited the game five minutes later and the Hoosiers led 30-20. In the second half, he entered at 50-50 and exited about 4:30 later with the Hawkeyes leading it 59-56.

    I’m not suggesting he played poorly…he was perfectly fine during his minutes and made a few very nice plays. Overall, good contributions from all the freshmen: OG and Niego and Morgan and Bryant (when he was allowed to participate)…I didn’t see OG jumpstarting a turnaround but I’m glad he got the minutes he did, great win for the Hoosiers.

  • INUnivHoosier

    I’ve seen him yell at them. I don’t think he cowers in the corner.

  • pcantidote

    I’m sorry, but if I even believed for a second that there was any connection to Vegas then I would never watch again. I am much more likely to believe that a particular ref has a rooting interest in one team or dislikes a coach (e.g. Ted V. vs. Bob Knight)

  • IULore

    Max could only laugh after he was called for allowing Woodberry to choke him out.

  • IULore

    You’re an idiot

  • IULore

    Michigan didn’t slaughter us

  • ForeverIU

    Michigan is a toy team.

  • IULore

    I looke forward to watching those two for years to come

  • IULore

    No one is talking about the really nice game Rob had. We was on of the few efficient shooters and hit a real big three late. Good defense too.

  • SCHoosier

    coach Fran pointed out that all of his starters played over 30 min. their bench didn’t come thru last night..but were’nt given much of a chance. Took a risk and it hurt him.

  • HoosierStuckInACCCountry

    I’m with you on this. I was screaming at my TV for multiple stretches to pull Troy. He came up huge in the second half of the second half and he rebounded exceedingly well while he was in, but I HATE him having the ball at the top of the key. It sets him up to dribble in circles and lose it, or force a bad pass to the post. They recorded him with 3TOs, but i think that’s being friendly. Yogi played phenomenal defense on Jok. He was so frustrated by getting nailed down by little ol’ Yogi. I’d take from 2-12 from Yogi every night out if we can successfully shut down a team’s major scoring threat. We’ve gotten beat by it twice in B1G play, and this was a welcomed sight. 2-12 or 2-20, I still want the ball in Yogi’s hands coming down the stretch. Excellent night, and I have more good things to say than bad for CTC this time out. Let’s hope that stays true in E. Lansing…

  • Hardwood83

    Agreed, the officiating was worse than usual and THAT is saying something.

  • TomJameson

    You must have me mixed up with somebody else because …

    — I don’t think I’ve said that CTC should or shouldn’t get a “T”, or get fired up.

    — I actually happen to agree that he needs to work the officials over some because the officials need to gain some respect for this coach. They won’t give that respect if all they think is that they are “teaching” the coach by having to explain their calls.

    I have seen CTC getting a little fiery at the zebras the last few weeks, but not enough IMO, and not enough to get a technical.

  • Ole Man

    Oh, hockey pucks! How long have you been watching basketball? Techs can also fire up that coaches team.
    Poor example, blah, blah?
    I bet you’re in favor of awards for participation.

  • Ole Man

    When it’s necessary. Great coaches use them and know when.

  • TomJameson

    Notwithstanding that the loss at PSU was a very horrible loss (signature loss is as good of a description as any)… anytime a team beats the 4th ranked team in the country it is a signature win. I understand you are looking at the whole up-n-down winning-losing record, and I agree that IU needs to add to this win to bolster their NCAA resume, but it is still a signature win.

    Like I said, their future is in their own hands. If they (pardon the pun) drop the ball, it’s all on them and CTC.

  • Koko


  • Koko

    I don’t think so. TB has toned it down quite a bit since the early games. His fourth foul was ticky tacky and he seemed to handle it better than he would have earlier in the season. He’s coming along and he did play well when he was in. We need him to stay out of foul trouble at MSU.

  • Eljay

    Troy had a great game. He was playing most of the game with heart, energy, and awareness.

    I do have to admit that when he missed the two free throws at the end, I was feeling less kindly towards him. Once we won—and my blood pressure fell back to normal levels—his game as a whole looked very solid.

    Here’s to shocking MSU on Sunday!

  • Koko

    You obviously didn’t notice how well he played tonight.

  • Eljay

    The last foul on TB was ridiculous. The refs really jobbed him big-time with that one.

  • Eljay

    The fact that HN, a walk-on, played fearlessly on the big stage speaks to this team’s grit.

    A commodity that was in short supply the past couple of seasons.

  • Koko

    Agreed…..I never worry he’s going to mess up when on the court. He’s a steady Eddie type if guy. He is also a great shooter and I hope he starts taking a few moe shoots. We will need him at MSU.

  • Brad Antcliff

    “Indiana hit 18-of-21 from the line and Iowa hit just 13-of-23.” – Ball don’t lie!

  • Eljay

    He reminds me of Sheehey. I can’t recall Will ever “diplomatically” accepting a called foul—no matter how legit the whistle was.

    Bryant will never be stoic in the Cody Z mode. So long as he doesn’t cross the proverbial line, his emotional approach is just fine.

  • Koko

    TW was in it tonight. Will need a similar game from him at MSU. If he keeps it going the rest of the season like tonight we will be a tough match for most anyone. When TW is on the team turns it on as well.


    Thought that his D on Jok was just about as key as most other keys, could very well have been a big contributor to his poor shooting. His field goal percentage wasn’t what it usually is, but his free throw shooting is to be commended as well, hit some clutch ones down the stretch.


    I asked that same question out loud several times myself. He only had 4 fouls and besides the better chance of us not letting them rebound like they were at the end of the game, he is an excellent free throw shooter. That one really puzzled me to say the least.


    It was in fact Gesell. Yogi shouldn’t have put himself in the position to let the ref make a judgment call at the end like he did, but Gesell extended his arm and shoved him on that one as well.


    I’d just be satisfied if he would get into them good and hard at this point. You’re right though, until TC shows that he isn’t going to just stand there and take it without saying a word it is probably going to continue.

  • Koko

    I don’t disagree with your point of view but I didn’t see a point in last nights game where one was needed. And yes I watched the whole game. At what juncture of the game did you feel one was needed?

  • Arch Puddington

    I actually thought Yogi was playing solid defense on that particular possession, although later — as in, less than a minute to go — he got in front of Gesell before he even crossed half court and got run over. In that case I definitely agree with your comment that he should never have given the ref the chance to blow the whistle. It’s one thing to defend the basket in half-court defense, but 60 feet from the basket, and needing to keep the clock running, you just can’t take that kind of chance.

    In the end we’re just fortunate that some really lousy calls down the stretch didn’t cost us.

  • Koko

    You might want to rethink how TW played last night. And also consider when TW does light it up how the rest of the team steps it up as. We don’t win that game last night without TW’s play in the second half.

  • Koko

    And it appeared Joc was not happy with Yogi as the game went. We did what was needed with Joc…..we got under his skin and took him out of his easy at the right spot at the right time type of game. He didn’t play well when he had to work for a shot.

  • b_side

    Uthoff was completely shut down, save for hitting 1-2 FTs, by Morgan in the last 3-4 minutes.

  • I noticed that, too. It was like he really had it out for Jok, almost personally. Well, he got him. Yogi had a great game, in my opinion. Shots weren’t falling, which sometimes happens to all players. However, the two he hit were both absolute homeruns: the first one to get the game going, and the crowd. And the last one at the end of the game, to seal the deal. Great all around senior game, despite a few missed shots.

  • was going to say the same. I thought Troy arguably had the largest hand in helping win the game in the final minutes. (I don’t think any single player can be credited with that, however, as it was such a total team effort).

    My other thought on Troy is that hopefully he learned some things last night and is going to take it to East Lansing. If IU is going to have much of a shot at consecutive wins against top-10 teams, Troy will have to bring only his A-game. Neither he nor the team can afford him to regress back to mr. sloppy-pants. IU as a team is downright scary if Troy plays to his potential. He should be averaging a double double. And IU should be undefeated. Sigh.

  • two of the Bryant fouls were atrocious calls. no excuse

  • You stand up to shadows?

  • I hope he carries that into the next game.

  • cbags05

    Sure i did. it was a rough game , and it always is when you get 2 crappy calls and match up against somebody who gets away with eveything. But his footwork is better, passing is getting to be a weapon from the post and come march he could really put us over the top to become a title threat. This upcoming stretch of games will be a huge test to his mental toughness, so hopefully he reaponds well.

  • Was this the first time you watched a men’s college basketball game?

  • aweful = full of awe

    No, this was not just a win. It was a huge win, a must-win, and against a top-5 team that quite possibly is headed to the Final Four. Biggest game of the year thus far.

  • literally lol’d

  • cbags05

    I understand camaraderie guys. TB looks possessed at times and i am concerned his head will explode. I would hate for that to happen. Would be a bummer.

  • Thomas Bryant, too much possessed by the Spirit of ’76.

  • I thought the same during the game after each miss. Guilty consciences translate to poor shooting.

  • IULore