Five takeaways from Indiana’s win over Michigan

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ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Indiana moved to 19-4 overall and 9-1 in the Big Ten in impressive fashion on Tuesday night as the Hoosiers dismantled Michigan at the Crisler Center.

Here’s a look at five takeaways from the win over the Wolverines:

· This was Indiana’s most complete performance of the season: The Hoosiers destroyed Ohio State, Illinois and Northwestern in Assembly Hall, but the performance on Tuesday night was their best effort so far this season.

After falling behind 15-4, Indiana outscored Michigan 41-9 the remainder of the first half. The Hoosiers had a 28-0 scoring run against a team that came in with one of the top 15 offenses in the country. This wasn’t just an offensive outburst from the Hoosiers, the defense was right there as well. Indiana held Michigan below one point per possession (.97) for the first time in conference play.

As the Wolverines missed shots and the lead started to balloon, it was clear Michigan’s confidence started to dwindle. And Indiana’s confidence grew with every made shot.

“They were a better team. Look at their record, they’re a really good basketball team,” Michigan coach John Beilein said in his postgame press conference. “And they were better than us tonight.”

· A look at the 28-0 run: Indiana scored 28 unanswered points from the 8:40 mark of the first half to the 18:36 mark of the second half.

Some of the numbers during that stretch are hard to believe given how explosive both teams are offensively. The Hoosiers had seven different players score while Michigan had six different players miss shots. Indiana hit 5-of-8 of its 3s while Michigan missed all four of its shots from distance. Twelve of IU’s points during the run came in the paint.

Yogi Ferrell had six of his 17 points during the run and four of his nine assists.

“We had some open shots and missed them,” Beilein said of the run. “And they’re tremendous in transition. We kept getting the ball on the zero yard line and they kept getting it on the 35.”

· Anunoby’s length gives Irvin major problems: One of the keys coming in for Indiana was slowing down Michigan junior Zak Irvin.

The Hamilton Southeastern product did finish with a team-high 16 points for the Wolverines, but 13 of those came when the game was already out of reach in the second half. The primary reason for Irvin’s struggles? The defense of IU freshman OG Anunoby.

Anunoby’s length bothered Irvin, who shot just 1-of-8 from the field in 19 first half minutes. His shots came up short and when he drove to the bucket, Indiana had more length waiting there to contest shots.

“Absolutely huge,” Tom Crean said of Anunoby’s performance. “And I think the length was crucial. Juwan (Morgan), the same thing. Our guys responded to their matchups.”

· Bielfeldt is all smiles in homecoming: Max Bielfeldt was all smiles before the game as he greeted his former teammates on the floor of the Crisler Center.

But not even Bielfeldt could have imagined coming into Ann Arbor and leaving with such a definitive win. The graduate senior finished with five points (2-of-8 shooting) and seven rebounds and was genuinely excited in the aftermath in talking about the effort he and his teammates put forth in the victory.

“Just getting the win was so awesome,” Bielfeldt said. “We played an incredible team game together. Everyone brought something different. It was so much fun to be out there and the energy was great.”

· Indiana owns the glass, limits turnovers after shaky start: Michigan came into Tuesday’s game allowing Big Ten opponents to rebound just 24.5 percent of their missed shots.

The Hoosiers pounded the offensively glass relentlessly, grabbed 38 percent of their misses and scored 13 second chance points.

After turning it over five times through the game’s first eight-plus minutes, Indiana had just seven turnovers over the next 32 minutes for a final turnover percentage of 17. With the exception of the Rutgers game and the two Wisconsin games, Indiana has posted a turnover percentage lower than 20 in its seven other league games. It’s a trend that will need to continue as the schedule becomes even more difficult over the final eight games.

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  • Alan

    Very possible. I think I’m just sick of Troy handling the ball trying to go 1 v 3 and committing 5 turnovers a game.

  • exactly

  • Ha ha! Same here! I just kinda got quiet by the end of that half. Kind of an awed silence. I didn’t know what else to say or do. Can’t say that has ever happened before. (the not shouting part, not the shot-taking)

  • to ominously answer your #6 questions, I’d suggest Iowa. One week.

  • Ole Man

    Troy could score 50 pts, pull down 25 rebounds, not make a TO and I guarantee that some fan would diss him.
    Every year, a certain segment of the fan base picks a whipping boy; sometimes more than one. And then they beat on him like a dead horse.
    He does some things that we all wish he wouldn’t. However, our fan base has a tendency to “exaggeration”. He has also improved dramatically over the course of this season; and I would guess that to be Crean’s coaching.
    Lastly, IU beat the snot out of Mich last night. Troy was a big part of the reason why. We should be celebrating rather than being negative about anything.

  • also, powerfully built and huge hops.

  • Ole Man

    I’ll be “more” fair to Crean when they start being “more” fair to Troy.
    Deal????? LOL!

  • Ole Man

    Well spoken.
    Guess my primary beef is:
    1. Troy has become this year’s “can do no right candidate”
    2. IU played a brilliant game last night; Troy was significant; why any negativity at all?

  • BL

    I don’t think he was giving big kudos to the Iowa program in general. I think he was just giving an example of the type of players that may not have been MAA’s or highly ranked recruits but can make big contributions anyway.

  • great points, which I think far too many people are eager to forget about and pretend didn’t happen. Not fair to anyone involved, players or the coach. I’d say the Wisconsin game could have been won with JBJ on the court, and some of those poor shooting nights would have had bigger margins of victory, i.e. Rutgers, Minn., etc. Just because the team has picked up the slack, shown more toughness, and is playing well (to say nothing about the team’s depth) hardly means they are better without him. I don’t understand that and think it’s kinda a stupid idea, frankly. It ignores the reality of what was going on pre-injury, as you pointed out. I wish people would wise up to that. The ND game proves their “theory” wrong, period.

  • IUBizmark

    Exactly. What is this moderation you speak of? We should either throw ourselves off the cliff in misery or jump to the moon in joy, right?

  • Ole Man

    I haven’t read all that much on this board today about Troy.
    Why? Because of the way IU won. Guess there are times to forego negativity.
    Also, it isn’t obvious; it’s only your opinion.
    Many of us saw that once he sat down and then came back into the game, he became “good” Troy. And his play on the court was integral to the team’s burst.
    I’m sorry that you hate him so much you can’t see that.
    It deprived you of watching the basketball magic he and Yogi created together.

  • Koko

    Ok Ok… bad…..I get it.

  • I second your points #4 and 5. Absolutely.

  • Koko

    How about this….they pull off a massive upset in Iowa tonight and then our game will be a classic let down/trap game for them.

  • Senor

    If (IF) we can hold out and win the conference- Yogi and CTC will have won 2 Big Ten titles in 4 years. Both of those guys get it pretty good from the fanbase, and often times with good reason, but 2 conference titles in 4 years would be the Left and Right Bower, and trump any of the bellyaching they have received during their tenure.

  • that’s actually a really great point and a very legitimate one. You’re quite possibly spot on.

  • IUBizmark

    Butler a few years back did it two years in a row. GW went to the Final Four. Greg Marshall does it with 3 star guys. Archie Miller is doing it regularly.

    And I’ve not heard anyone mention Tom Crean teams and hard nose to nose D until this season.

    Regardless of these few details, the rest of your points are valid.

  • Points taken, but I think you’ll probably agree that even yourself expects better from Troy. He can be, and should be, playing better now.

  • INUnivHoosier

    I don’t know about everyone, but I think a lot of the whipping would stop if the horse would quit moving around.

    It’s good to celebrate a solid win, but I don’t think it has to be 100% rah, rah, rah. If we were all blowing smoke up each other’s butts, it would get kind of boring.

  • Chi-Town Hoosier

    BL is right. I am not comparing programs with Iowa at all. I was just emphasizing the impact that having solid guys in your program can do for the team. In fact, considering your points made, it should be even more apparent the importance of 3/4 year guys as Iowa has finally built something with these guys that have been around forever.

  • hip hip hooray?

  • totally understand. but I don’t think he’s going to have much of an impact on college basketball this season, overall. Not like a Magic Johnson, say, or sticking with LSU, the Pistol. Or someone like Carmelo Anthony. He looks great, but besides highlight reels, insignificant in the grander scheme of things.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Vicbert you are alive!!!

  • ForeverIU

    Crean is Troy’s biggest fan so we should get Crean off the hook LOL.

  • I would like for them to win the conference championship this year. they should try to do that.

  • INUnivHoosier

    Good point. It’s amazing the difference in officiating between that crew and some of the other ones. They let them play through incidental contact that would have been a foul in many other games we’ve watched.

    Basketball isn’t a contact sport like football, but when you are fighting for position and constantly in motion, you’re going to contact each other. It’s part of the game.

  • Koko

    He reminds me of a guy from the early ’60’s…..Jim “Goose” Ligon from Kokomo. Same calm, stoic look during a game. Not overly concerned just playing good steady-on bball.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Same with Juwan.

  • b_side

    Totally agree that unheralded guys can make contributions. But it takes them 3-4 years to build toward that. Based on the comments of fans on the main site and in the ITH forum, I don’t see how any of us are patient enough to wait for that to happen if Crean was to employ that recruiting strategy.

  • b_side

    So the question is, would you trade 2 awful years and one average year in return for the holy grail year that Iowa is currently experiencing? I wouldn’t.

    Assuming Bryant stays, I like the position we’re in this year to succeed as well as the future. Uthoff, Gesell and Woodbury are seniors, Jok is going to find it mighty difficult to be numero uno (a la Nigel Hayes after Kaminsky and Dekker left).

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    Amen to this.

    If you can pass this along to your Butler acquaintances: We’re all the same group of college basketball fans in this state, and there are no boundaries where illness, tragedy and support are concerned. God bless and help the Kampen family heal.

  • Arch Puddington

    I agree with all of that. As I said, I would keep TW in the starting lineup even if I had the choice, because OG is comfortable coming off the bench and minutes can be allocated from there. Starting is different psychologically and otherwise, no need to tamper with that.

    And as you say, if Good Troy shows up, some amazing things can happen…

  • b_side

    Currently, our defensive efficiency is ranked 48 according to Kenpom.

    The 2012-13 season had a defensive efficiency ranking of 28.

    The 2013-14 season had a ranking of 48, exactly where we are sitting now. Now, I’ll caveat that the defense we are playing now vs. pre-Notre Dame is apples and oranges. But of course, we’re now embarking on the meat of our schedule, so I’ll be curious to see where our ranking lands at season’s end.

    Suffice to say, Crean’s recent teams have played solid defense, with the exception of last season.

  • Senor

    Ill drop a note in the Suggestion Box……

  • BL

    Doesn’t take 3-4 years (e.g. OG). In my view, the best way to do it is all the above; a few top recruits and fill in around them; hopefully with a few surprises as well.

    Anyway, going back to my original point, you don’t win without the horses. Frankly, I don’t care how you get them.

  • Senor

    Plus, I think (but don’t yet understand) KenPom adjusts your D to strength of schedule. So if we were to defend to the level we have been currently against better teams, our ranking would climb at a faster clip…..I think. I wish someone would explain that to me. That would be a great POTB guest, Ken Pomeroy. Maybe he’s been one already.

  • Chi-Town Hoosier

    Well Nigel Hayes still thinks he is the best scorer in the country because of the Sixth man at the Kohl Center, but i digress…

    Anyways to answer your question, the answer is no, Hell NO, would I want to go through years of average-poor basketball to have one amazing year, where you could possibly get bounced in the second round of the tourney anyways. I like what we are doing right now with two 3/4 star guys a year and sprinkling in a big time recruit that will mostly likely leave in 1-2 years. I was only referring to us being able to continuously KEEP and RETAIN those 3/4 star caliber guys.

    Also – if Bryant stays (which I don’t think he will), our program would be humming along so well.

  • “dooshwin” LOL, ouch. Giving back some that’s being dished out, eh? 🙂

  • Watching the game again because I was interrupted last night. Got to that moment in the game when Yogi gave up the three, and he already knew he screwed up. CTC was ticked off, but Yogi was already clearly upset with himself. Just found it interesting.

  • b_side

    Keep and Retain. Good call. We definitely struggled with that in recent seasons. Here’s to OG’s and Juwan’s senior night!

  • b_side

    I think it is adjusted to SOS, actually. But am not 100% certain. Otherwise, I think we’d be a lot higher than 48.

  • Tyler T

    What an awesome, team win. Incredible to watch! Credit to Crean & staff or recruiting OG and Morgan and creating this roster. Go Hoosiers!

  • vicbert caladipo

    343 comments in 17 hours and counting. You’d think we won big or something!

  • Wait, did we play recently?!?

  • b_side

    I agree with you, but I want to point out that OG is not the right example. He is surrounded by Yogi (McD’s), Bryant (McD’s), RJ (Top 50), Troy (Top 50). In other words he isn’t the focal point of any opponent’s game plan. Imagine OG and Juwan having to start all season long along side Max, Hartman and maybe RJ (one good lead guard). Instead of being brought along slowly, their confidence will have gotten destroyed.

  • mdtreat

    I have never understood the argument that a coach pissing off a ref to the point of getting a technical, gifting the other team two points and the ball back, is a tactical move that will help the outcome. To me it seems like 2 big disadvantages and its not like the refs will just magically change the way they are calling the game because a coach is yelling. I don’t get it.

  • dwdkc

    that works for me

  • Seems like our one glaring weakness at this point (when we’re playing like we did last night, of course) is post defense when TB is in the game. He brings a lot offensively, but we need to find a way to keep the post covered when he’s in there scoring on the other end.

  • dwdkc

    Hoping that Troy can be Crean’s Landon Turner. You just know that Crean and his assistants are busting their butts trying to figure out how to find the right buttons with Troy, to get things to click where good Troy stays aggressive but bad Troy stays leashed, because the upside is just so important to this team.