At the Buzzer: Indiana 89, Northwestern 57

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Quick thoughts on Indiana’s 89-57 win over Northwestern:

How it happened: Another home game, another result that was never really in doubt for the Hoosiers. Indiana opened the game on a 10-0 run and the Wildcats never got closer than five the rest of the afternoon. As I wrote on Twitter about midway through the second half, you can say what you’d like about IU’s strength of schedule so far in league play, but the fact is the Hoosiers are dismantling teams on this winning streak. Indiana is now 7-0 in Big Ten play, the longest in-conference winning streak for the Hoosiers since 1993. Overall, IU is now 17-3 and has won 12 straight games. This was another offensive clinic (1.36 points per possession) and another conference opponent held under a point per possession (.87).

Standout performer: Yogi Ferrell may need permanent placement in this spot until further notice. The senior guard continues to play as if he belongs in the discussion for Big Ten player of the year. Saturday’s performance was no different as Ferrell played another great all around game in finishing with 17 points, six assists, three rebounds and just one turnover in 35 minutes.

Statistic(s) that stands out: There are two numbers here that deserve mention: Indiana’s 3-point shooting and how well the Hoosiers took care of the ball over the game’s final 29 minutes. IU again lit it up from distance (13-of-28) and seven different players hit a 3. And after committing seven turnovers through the game’s first 10:51, Indiana turned it over just three times the rest of the way for a turnover percentage of 15.

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  • BL

    Love this team. LOL when I think back to moments after the Duke game. Best I’ve seen CH play (very aggressive). YF is playing so well and under control. TC did a nice job with TW (pulled him before frustration got the best of him and the team). Certain I saw TC getting all over OG. Not sure why but I loved it. Oh ya, turns out we can beat a zone.

    Game created a true teaching opportunity for TC. We were exposed in the pick ‘n
    roll. IMO, we need to vary the defensive approach to keep the offense guessing (e.g. let the on-ball defender go under the pick now and then), and we need to be better with help side activity. Also, TB must improve defensively in the low post. Unfortunate he doesn’t have a sizable big to go against in practice. Probably the biggest cost associated with losing HP. Be nice if TC could get a big ex-pro to spend a week with TB to work on his approach. We’ll need to improve on both fronts before MSU, PU and Maryland.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Boy that game was close.

  • BL

    Ya, lot of paranoid fans on ITH.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    I would give you 2 “ups” on that comment!

  • CreamandCrimson

    Many of us, myself included, were very worried about NW…our guys made sure there was no need for that! Once again, jumped on an opponent and didn’t really let up. Terrific play from most everyone (Bryant wasn’t great today but that’ll happen and he certainly wasn’t awful) but I’d like to single out Hartman and Johnson…it’s safe to say they are both out of any slump they may have been in. Yogi was grat again as well. Great job Hoosiers, this is a ton of fun and I give credit to all players and coaches. Keep it rolling!

  • PBzeer

    What made this game good was the overall team effort. 7 different guys hit a 3, 8 with an assist, 21 assists on 29 made FG’s.

  • BL

    Yes. Really good offensive movement and passing.

  • Lance76

    Great observations! TB is great but needs a bit more polish on the defense end and he will get there. I could not believe how open NW left our 3 point shooters. Hope YF gets drafted. Yogi deserves it and is playing like an all american. Team chemistry seems great and not just because we are winning.

  • BL

    Thanks and agree TB will get there.

  • BKLock

    Love the way this “TEAM” is playing right now. They look like they are finally having fun playing together and playing more like the team we thought they could be. This was another fun game to watch.

    Good team offense and they are sharing the ball (21 assists today) better now than early in the season. Much improved team defense, but still has room for improvement. It just appears they have taken some pride in locking down on their assignments on defense.

    Continuing to improve defensively will play a major role if we are to have any success against the better teams in the BIG.

    Go Hoosiers!

  • Jeremy Enright

    Hey, this is still Indiana. We complain all the time that we should be right where we are now. It’s so exciting and great to watch. But, I don’t blame anyone for not being complacent and acknowledging small things that need improvement to beat the better teams left on the schedule. This is exactly the type of conversation we all wish we had been having the last several years. Post-blowout yet again, talking about little tweaks to be the best. Not just to survive in hopes of a top-5 conference finish. It’s awesome that the conversation has turned away from “How are we gonna find a way to beat the average teams consistently?” to “How can we be the best?” Great time to be a Hoosier fan! Undefeated in conference with all the best teams still left to play. In no way should this team or fan base just be complacent with the results so far. If we were, we’d be Purdue. Great job by the boys today and throughout conference so far. Stay hungry fellas!

  • Indiana_Banners

    I loved the defensive focus today. We pushed the lead to 30 in the second half, we continued to harass Tre and McIntosh, and Northwestern never got clicking offensively.

    Bryant really struggled to defend Olah in the post, probably the only negative I saw today. Hopefully he learned a lot from Olah, if he can correct his mistakes and improve defensively this team could become really, really good.

  • BL

    Absolutely and btw, I’m a paranoid fan.

  • Speed

    If you are looking to say something negative about this team on today’s game or recent ones then go to another site. They are not perfect. The only perfect game I ever saw was Villanova beating Ewing’s Georgetown. But this team is firing on all cylinders. Yes we will again lose sometime but great effort and execution deserve a pat on the back for the players and coaches.

  • Jeremy Enright

    Haha well how can we not all be after what we have been through post-Knight?!?

  • BL

    I was paranoid with RMK 🙂

  • feel the Bern

    Our great Hoosiers! From the people and for the people.

  • Koko

    As Lawrence Welk used to say…..Is Everybody Happy?
    Okay I’m showing my age but the guys played well and took
    care of business. Can’t ask for more than that. I think we are playing better
    now than when we beat Wisky…..should be a good one Tuesday and we leave
    Madison with a Win.

  • I thought LW used to say, “Turn ofa da bubble machina”…lol..
    I’m with ya on the ‘W’ in Madison.. Go Hoosiers!!!

  • Koko

    LOL…..I think he did.

  • Koko

    Ditto that….LOL

  • SCHoosier

    Well rounded (everybody participated) win for the Hoosiers. Shot, boarded and shared the ball like a quality team should. Defense..except for the post..was very good and certainly better than I think NW was prepared for. 5 of the first half TO’s were just careless. Max has 3 travels without moving much in his stance. TB can’t find the base line..and then there was “Maui defense on post man to man and screen switches. I actually thought Morgan played the best D against Olah when he is assigned to it. Don’t care who we are playing..come with that ball movement ,defense (outside of the post) and a few less TO’s and I’ll take our chances with the rest of the league.

  • SilentBob

    Nothing original to say here. Just been having a blast watching this team. Do expect Northwestern to be much better come March. Should be interesting if they can figure out a way to get Olah and Pardon on the floor together, and I’m happy we don’t have to go to their place this year.

    Really looking forward to Tuesday night. That’s gonna be a tough game. Yea new guy on the sideline, but Wisconsin is showing some real toughness to me. Lost four big games already, but to some really good teams. Those four loses were by 1 point, 3 points, 5 points, and 6 points. A bounce is bound to go there way so we better keep showing the same focus we have the last few games.

  • ForeverIU

    And today and lamb lies down peacefully with the lion. LOL.

    Congrats, Hoosiers! Get the partying done quickly because @Wisconsin’s gonna be tough tough tough.

  • Hoosierkamp

    He has improved so much though sense the beginning of the year. He was awful on screens early on and he is actually decent now. Only to get better

    IU is good. I have hated on crean a lot, but I am
    Impressed with the job he has done over the past month

  • BL

    Imagine Olah, Pardon and Law.

  • Koko

    I’ve never met a tough lion I didn’t like….I think we will take a bit outta Wisky.

  • Koko

    That’s a scary trio.

  • BL

    Like to see PU and Maryland lose. Iowa would stay undefeated but we get them twice.

  • SilentBob

    With Falzon, Lumpkin, and Linsey coming off the bench? Yikes!

  • Ivy Walls

    The math is quite simple. IU has upped their defensive efficiency which does two things, increases their possessions and possession in transition which is their strength and two they have dropped their turnover per possession which improves their offensive efficiency which makes them a very dangerous team.
    it will be interesting to see how WI tries to lower this equation. IF not then the next test is Michigan. I can see a reasonable expectation of being undefeated facing MSU.

  • Hey, NW had just taken Maryland to the wire, at Maryland. As good as the team’s been playing, I did _not_ expect that complete deconstruction. I really thought this might be a close game, although I was confident we’d win. This team is playing extremely solid basketball right now, with confidence and a desire to assert their will on the opponent. Yogi is B1G POY right now–directed things in the first half, then when NW looked like they might be pulling something together, he took over and pushed the lead. Phenomenal performance all around, and excellent coaching.

  • Freemason

    Why does Bryant act like a baby every time he makes a turnover or gets a foul called on him. When he stepped out of bounds he acted like the ref blew the called and questioned it. That was not a judgement call. He needs to just play and stop crying about every thing, imo.

  • dwdkc

    I believe that might have been the play where replays showed him six inches inbounds at least–which certainly is frustrating–but otherwise agree. He needs to let that stuff go and just refocus.

  • TomJameson

    The second “step-out-of-bounds” call (by the same ref I believe) was very bogus. I went back several times rerunning in slow motion and TB wasn’t even close to stepping out. AND the “official” didn’t even blow the whistle until TB was well past the spot where he was supposed to have stepped out.

    TB needs to be much more professional when called for the justified AND unjustified fouls/calls. That said, TB really does get called for some really ticky-tacky calls.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Mark with Maryland losing and IA vs Purdue tomorrow brings in even more joy to the Big Ten hopes for IU. This IU team is special. Enjoy the NFL games tomorrow.

  • Man, I lost all interest in the NFL for this season right about the time Luck got hurt. 🙂 But, yes, the stars sure do seem to be aligning for the Hoosiers right about now.

  • I’m a bit torn on this one. It might be a big help to have Iowa drop this one, but certainly don’t want the other team to win. Hmm.