2016 guard Devonte Green commits to Indiana

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Indiana’s 2016 recruiting class added a fourth member on Saturday evening as point guard Devonte Green committed to the Hoosiers on live television in New York.

The 6-foot-1, 175 pound guard, who plays at Long Island Lutheran in Manhasset, chose the Hoosiers during a live broadcast on News 12.

In a phone conversation with Inside the Hall shortly after the announcement, Green listed several of the factors that led him to make his decision now rather than waiting until the end of his senior season.

“I didn’t want the opportunity to pass,” Green told Inside the Hall. “I really like the school, coach (Tom) Crean and all of the coaching staff.”

He’s rated a three-star prospect and the No. 195 player in the country by the 247Composite. Green’s older brother, Danny, starred in college at North Carolina and now plays for the San Antonio Spurs.

“My brother just told me to stay patient,” Green explained. “And when I make my decision, make sure I feel right about it. The support system and tradition that Indiana has is ridiculous. That’s what really stands out about the school. The whole campus amazed me.”

Green was in Bloomington on Tuesday for Indiana’s 59-58 win over Wisconsin. He said Indiana really began to come after him hard at the beginning of the high school season.

“Coach Crean, he told me he sees something special in me,” Green said. “He told me that he wouldn’t have given me the offer if he didn’t.”

According to Newsday, he’s averaging 20.2 points this season for Long Island Lutheran (9-1) and has made 37 3-pointers in 10 games.

Last spring and summer, he played for the New York Rens on the adidas Uprising circuit and averaged 9.8 points, 3.3 rebounds and 2.4 assists per game. Green shot 44.2 percent on 3s on the Uprising circuit and 86.4 percent from the foul line.

For now, Green is focused on a strong finish to his high school season before departing for Bloomington early in the summer.

“Before I get to college, I definitely want to win a state championship,” he said. “And finish out this year, 2016, undefeated.”

Green joins Curtis Jones, Grant Gelon and De’Ron Davis in Indiana’s 2016 recruiting class.

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  • And, I guess you’re calling the shots about what is acceptable and what is unacceptable? Nice to meet you Mr. President.

  • What makes you think that?

  • Yeah, like you can tell? You’re a whole lot better than I am then.

  • BL

    Obviously just a guess. Have you watched the video? Just doesn’t look as long as JBJ or RJ. Anyway, regardless of size, hope he’s a good one.

  • Ole Man

    Politely disagree on both counts. Crean misses as much as he hits with the lower ranking guys.
    And if IU doesn’t begin to get more than one 5-star a class, it will never return to the top.

  • Outoftheloop

    Indiana must replace Yogi, IU’s all-time best PG, next season. That is going to be a very tough challenge! However, having Robert, a healthy James, Curtis, Devonte, and Newkirk as options (Grant is a one-to-one replacement for Nick) will help. Indiana will go from very thin at guard now (Yogi and Robert only), to very deep at guard with 5 talented players, but none of them fully proven as a major college “go to” great player (like Melo Trimble was for MD at WI). Come on Robert make your case for “greatness” during the second half of this season! Indiana needs you!

  • Outoftheloop

    Yes! And you don’t get a vote!

  • Outoftheloop

    Why? No logic there. There is always a “way” to find room for Thon and Alkins!

  • Ole Man

    Didn’t want this young man.
    Just don’t see the minutes there for him.
    Niego is beginning to come around.
    JBJ, if he comes back.
    Nothing against him.
    Just another head scratching TC recruit.

  • Freemason

    I’m just a fan Dh….

  • Oh Ok DH, I just thought you must be in a position of importance, speaking so authoritatively…. Turns out you’re a nobody, just like a lot of the others on here that like to shoot their mouth off…

  • Freemason

    I didn’t mean to speak over your head. If you don’t like what people have to say why read it. If not mistaken this America and there is a thing called freedom of speech. Instead of getting butt sore just stay off the forum.

  • Freemason

    I didn’t mean to speak over your head. If you don’t like the comments stay off the site. The time I check the is a thing called freedom of speech. You sound like bitter old man.

  • So now DH, I suppose you’re going to tell me you’re some kind of big shot on this forum and you can tell me to stay off of it.. And you expect me to believe that? You are so full of Bull SH**.. I’ll comment as I like especially when some (well you’re obviously not a more off, so you must be a more on) acts like he’s calling the shots on what is acceptable and what is not…

  • Really doesn’t have anything to do with why we’re turning it over a lot…

  • And that just goes to prove your lack of insightful analysis.. I am in no way bitter and certainly not old..

  • I think he’ll surprise you Ole Man..

  • Ole Man

    According to ESPN’s analyst (sorry I don’t remember his name), the kid doesn’t yet have the handles to be a true PG. He can shoot 3s, but isn’t great closer to the basket. He’s short; and is more of a combo guard, leaning in the direction of shooting in HS.
    Not my take. Just his analysis.

    Could have waited until our better targets committed in a month. No rush on this guy.

  • Freemason

    Ok just bitter.

  • I do get your point.. I would much rather have Alkins, but I thought this guy seems like a pretty smooth shot… of course we all know videos aren’t always a true reflection of what the guy really is. i.e., Hanner. Wow he was impressive in his high school video wasn’t he?

  • I’m really not bitter at all.. Just get so tired of guys getting one here and making brash statements in a like, ‘he either does this or else’, kind of way and this is unacceptable.. kinds of tones. A lot can happen between now and a Sweet Sixteen appearance, that may or may not justify Crean keeping his job. I’ve always been a staunch Crean supporter.. but to be honest I’ve kind of fallen off the Crean bandwagon myself. But if the team can play like they have the past three or four games and show the kind of intensity and carry that into the Tournament.. well maybe a SS appearance is in the offing. But so much depends on seedings and where they play, etc. etc. and to get on here and say anything less is unacceptable I just think is unacceptable… We have no say in what is acceptable or unacceptable anyway, so why make like you’re some authoritarian calling the shots.
    I was pretty impressed with the team yesterday.. I would love to see it continue.. There were analysts after the game saying if IU can continue that kind of play, they may well find themselves in the Final Four.. But so much has to go right before any of that kind of talk can actually come to fruition..
    I guess I ruffled your feathers, but I just get tired of reading crap like that when the poster has no say in the matter anyway. Sure you’re entitled to voice your opinion.. and I’m entitled to call it BS if I want to. ‘Nuff said.

  • Ole Man

    LOL on Hanner. You got that right!

  • Freemason

    We have tough guy here…lol It’s just comments. No need to get all worked up and have a heart attack. Keep in mind it’s one mans thoughts on a subject. It’s not so serious. So for you to TRY and intimidate me is Bs, trust me. So can sit behind a pc and mouth off all you want be cause I’m not afraid of you the least bit.

  • Freemason

    My thing is that’s it’s just comment. There is no right or wrong. There no way my thoughts are going to a coach fired. I like Coach Crean. I don’t think he can coach a big time program. I don’t THINK mediocrity will win championships at IU. I live in Lafayette and if wanted a mediocre team I’d like Purdon’t. I don’t represent the entire IU fan base. Enough said.

  • I don’t think mediocrity will win championships either.. As I indicated I am not a big supporter of Crean.. But there are those in administration at IU and likely certain big contributors to the university that decide what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. You and I have nothing to say relative to the criteria for Crean staying or leaving. Hey I would love to see us as a sweet sixteen or final eight this year.. But I don’t think that whether we do or do not reach that, will necessarily spell the end for CTC at IU. We may think what we’ve put up with the past two years is unacceptable, but it’s not within our power to affect what that should mean in any way.

  • Wouldn’t that be nice if he really was.. or if he’d shoot up (meaning grow of course.. not really shoot up…lol..) to nearer his big brother’s size?

  • Did you think OG was a head scratcher? A lot of guys on here did…

  • pbhuff

    Well, I’d say all his misses are centers. With guards and wings, he’s pretty much batting 1.000. Now, there have been a few guys that had some personal issues that did them in (Holt/Davis) and a few that didn’t stick around (Abel/Hoetzel), but the talent was there.


    Very well put and maybe more importantly, accurately put, especially the second part.

  • Ole Man

    Not even close. Start with JH and go from there.
    And you can’t say that the so-called “personal issues” don’t count.

  • Erik Holm

    I agree with you. How many under the “on the rise” or “under radar guys” have been difference makers/NBA quality/1st-2nd team all-B1G? 1 out of 40+ players in 8 years Crean has brought in? I’d say that’s batting way less than the 1.000 mentioned. The only time IU was a top team nationally was with McD all-americans Zeller, Yogi, the “1” I mentioned in Oladpido and Watford/Hulls in their Senior season. It took a perfect storm. I hope this team continues doing well with their 2 healthy McD guys.

  • Tyler T

    Really solid recruit, well done Crean and Co.

  • pbhuff

    JH was a miss, along with HMP, but both were fairly high profile recruits. I thought we were only talking about under the radar guys.

    And we don’t need multiple 5-star players a year, only Kentucky and Duke do that on a yearly basis

  • Ole Man

    KU and UNC also do it. And I’m sure I could find more if I wanted to bother.
    Also, where are those teams ranked year after year? How often are they in the conversation for a national title? One off-the-radar player, Oladipo has made a huge impact at IU thus far in Crean’s reign.
    How many “projects” does one team need?
    What if this affects the recruitment of a five star point guard or combo guard?

  • HoosierFan08

    Actually, as fans who pay for tickets, apparel, and cable to watch them, we do have a say in it. Sure its, power distributed amongst many and therefore seems like not much to each individual, but it’s incorrect to say “You and I have nothing to say relative to the criteria for Crean staying or leaving”. We don’t make the direct calls, but believe me when I say the fan base as a whole has much to do with it.

  • You’re absolutely right about that.. But, if the administration feels the program is headed in the right direction, a few disgruntled fans, even like last year, who booed at the games, will not oust him. It would have to be some of the big donors along with a legitimate number of fans.. then it cold happen. But my take has always been those big donors are not prone to just short term failures or successes. It has to be demonstrated on a longer term basis.. like the direction the program is headed. JMO. I’ve been pretty upset with Crean, but for right now, it seems like the guys are pulling it together pretty well. It all depends on how it goes from here on out and what and what the future looks like to those in charge.

  • Don’t be intimidated so easily cream puff.. I wasn’t even trying. It’s you that started trying to tell me I shouldn’t be on here.. so where is the intimidation?.. You’re acting like the one who has all of the authority. I’m just sayin’ that until someone with some actual authority says it.. it don’t mean sh**. You are also the one that took to name calling, I didn’t.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    To me he is probably the best guard in New York. Maybe #2 behind Salnave from Christ the King. But he could be a prolific scorer but he gets his teammates more involved.

  • ConcernedCitizen

    If you guys want to see a really good 6’8″ player check out Jordan Tucker from Archbishop Stepinec. Another NY player but is just good good good!!! He’s only a junior and Crean should start putting the clamps on him if he wants a really good player that many don’t yet know about. He maybe the #1 junior in New York right now and will be on someone’s D1 program.

  • Freemason

    Easy tough pc guy easy. Btw I am the authority of my own comments. If you don’t like it go to N. Korea. Besides they are COMMENTS. It’s what people think! No right or wrong. Do you really think that someone with any sort of “authority” would be on here? Just stop being a bitter old man and enjoy free speech.