At the Buzzer: Indiana 59, Wisconsin 58

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Quick thoughts on Indiana’s 59-58 win over Wisconsin:

How it happened: It wasn’t pretty, but the Hoosiers were able to grind out a win in Assembly Hall to move to 3-0 in league play and 9-0 in the building this season. Indiana scored just .95 points per possession on the evening, but got enough down the stretch from Yogi Ferrell to pull out the win. A late 3 from Nigel Hayes at the buzzer moved a four-point margin to one. For an Indiana team that typically wins with its offense, it was encouraging to see a win in a low scoring game. Still, turnover issues remain – Indiana turned it over on 30 percent of its possessions – and moving forward without James Blackmon Jr., others are going to have to step up offensively.

Standout performer: Ferrell was clutch down the stretch as he scored 15 of his 19 in the second half and also hit all six of his free throws. In a head-to-head battle with Bronson Koenig, Ferrell made more plays in key situations to push his team over the top. OG Anunoby deserves a mention here, too, as the freshman came off the bench and scored 11 points, including 3-of-3 from distance.

Statistic that stands out: Nigel Hayes, Wisconsin’s best player, finished with 15 points, but shot just 3-of-13 from the field. Credit Anunoby and Juwan Morgan, who didn’t score and fouled out, but gave the Hoosiers a solid 17 minutes on Hayes. Indiana’s two freshman are going to be called upon more frequently in the coming weeks and getting them a combined 34 minutes in such a hotly contested game should help both grow up in a hurry.

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  • might have been Hartman near Hayes at the end of the game? I thought the same thing, but thought Colin the culprit. possibly I’m mistaken.

    Also, Hayes looked like he wasn’t trying very hard for most of the game. I found that surprising. Wisconsin didn’t deserve to win that game.

  • Maybe was a couple of guys. Anyway, whoever it was, just unnecessary and could have been a nightmare.

  • kaponya44

    Okay I will cut it down to more raw terms of my meaning ..I am one of the people saying so…Out full capacity has been clearly lowered without him..He is one less pair of fresh legs we have and when he is hitting he is arguably our best shooter.We lose alot without him there.However when James is playing poorly on offense he allows many more points in his individual match up than he scores and is usually playing poor Team D at the same time …..Him getting those minutes when he is not playing well results in positive contributions being negated.I like where you are coming from and agree in general,but as of being 3-0 in our last 3 games when the team scores below 80, all without James ,the numbers are going against you as of now.A net gain is not suggesting the team is better off without him …It is saying our margin as of 3 contests without him for error has widened to the point where we can win a close ugly ball game..Last night’s game where we did not score well can now enhances that notion…

  • Jeremy Jackson

    Rutgers and Wisky scouted Troy well – it appears they cut off his baseline action

  • bleeding crimson

    Ony thing that I would correct would be the Zebra’s were down right horrible. If I remember correctly at one time they had 22 FT to our 4. We used to get those calls with RMK, I think CTC needs to work the ref’s a lot more.

  • bleeding crimson

    Maybe, just maybe, CTC has been preaching D all along to the entire team but only the freshman are making the charge. JBJ was a poor defender but will miss his 15 pts/game. Seems like the Freshman can make up the difference in both off and def.

  • 214_Hoosier

    His “fear of turning the ball over” hasn’t slowed down his pace of turning the ball over…

  • TomJameson

    Great to win a game due mostly to the defensive effort. Watch out IU, you’ve set a bar now and there’s no going back. We all will expect that same effort going forward. But with maybe a little more offense thrown in there also. 🙂

    Only watched this once, but some random thoughts in no particular order …

    — Troy’s offensive production was off, but his defense was better, and his rebounding was needed.
    — Turnovers are killing us, and it’s worse because the 3 worse offenders are Troy, Yogi, and RJ. Come on boys, get it together!
    — JBJ is missed. His offense is missed, his rebounding is missed, the additional spacing he creates is missed, his low turnover % is missed. Everything about him is missed, except his defense.
    — The freshmen are getting it done. REALLY like OG, but both play defense and put in the effort. These minutes are going to do them good.
    — OG plays better defensively than TB, at least last night he did. THATS why CTC switched them out for defense at the end of the game. Good move on CTCs part IMO.
    — CTC managed a pretty darn good game. Looking back with my perfect 20/20 hindsight, yeah, I can spot some mistakes too, but in the heat of the game and making these split second decisions, he did pretty darn good. Quit picking nits and enjoy the fact that he called a pretty good game.
    — Still can’t watch them live on TV because I haven’t seen that consistency that gives me comfort. I am much more calm watching my DVR recording of them. LOL
    — Oh yeah, did I mention turnovers are killing us!!!

    That is all for now. GO IU!!

  • TomJameson

    We’ll miss his points, his rebounding, the better spacing, the extra fresh legs ….

  • sam

    RMK is not walking in that gym. Didn’t even show up when one of the best college basketball teams of all time (his team)was being honored. RMK needs to move on and let the bitterness go as well as some fans… The program and this team deserve better from those fans.

  • mharv2631

    Wasn’t thrilled with the refs the first half. thought is was a Wisc home game. Thought our whole team would foul out in the first half. My thoughts are that OG deserves to be starting. The defense looked like it was really bearing down. RJ looks completely lost. He looks scared almost. Glad to see the team knock down free throws! Good win good effort.

  • mharv2631

    He turned it over the first time he touched it.

  • TW had 2 turnovers for the game. I’d say that’s “slowed down.” Fewer minutes, yes, but even so. Bottom line is that he was far less active in this game except for spurts, as I remember, and seemed far more hesitant. I don’t have the game to go back and review (DVR is full), but I don’t remember him handling the ball nearly as much as in some past games.

    I’d love to think that’s because CTC has finally recognized that TW isn’t a point guard and shoulding be acting like one, but who knows. In any case, he needs to be worked (back) into the offense as slasher–just don’t ask him to run the offense.

  • Yes, true, representing half of his turnovers for the game.

  • mharv2631

    Yes, and half his points also