James Blackmon Jr. still being evaluated, will travel to Nebraska

  • 01/01/2016 4:21 pm in

Sophomore guard James Blackmon Jr., who missed Indiana’s Big Ten opener on Wednesday at Rutgers, is “continuing to be evaluated” according to a release this afternoon from IU athletics.

Blackmon Jr., currently second on IU’s team in scoring at 15.3 points per game, will travel to Lincoln for Saturday’s game with Nebraska at Pinnacle Bank Arena.

The Marion product¬†suffered a non-contact injury to his right knee in Monday’s practice.¬†The Hoosiers and Cornhuskers will tip-off Saturday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. ET on BTN.

Update: Blackmon Jr. will not play on Saturday at Nebraska, according to Don Fischer on the IU radio broadcast.

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  • GaHoosier

    Whether you like JBJ or you don’t, we need him healthy and on the court. Get back soon JBJ.

    #iubb #HoosierNation

  • Missing Moye

    I might be in the minority here, but I think we’re a better team without him on the court. His shooting doesn’t make up for his total lack of defense on the other end, especially when we have others that can step in and shoot the ball with consistency.

    All that said, I’m certainly not wishing ill on JBJ and I hope it’s not a serious injury and that he’s back soon. I just disagree that we “need” him on the court.

  • BL

    Would have been nice to sub him for RJ in last game.

  • Breakfast at Bruce’s

    Yeah, only in the last game.

  • inLinE6

    That’s unfortunately the fact. Wish him a speedy recovery but we probably can’t afford to play him too much on the court anyways, at least not against competent teams. Too many times our defense collapsed from JBJ then everybody looked bad.

  • TomJameson

    I think IU is a much better team with JBJ on it. I don’t agree that he just stands on the court on defense, picking his nose, like others like to intimidate. “Can’t guard a chair” is an extremism that is just a sound byte and not factual at all. No, he is not the best defender, but he has shown that he can defend at a modest level. His offense is important to a shooting team. The other team HAS TO keep track of him, so he takes their resources off of others. That means the floor spreads a little bit more, others are open just a little bit more, the lanes open up just a little more, etc… Him being on the court may very well make others just a tad better (more open shots).

    I’d like to see him stop his blind drives to the basket in a crowd and turn it over. I’d like to see him get more assists, especially to TB. I’d like to see him play harder on defense (without hurting his knee). BUT I DON’T want to see him riding the bench.


    JBJ, hope to see you on the court soon. Get the speedy recovery.

  • summit city guy

    hope for JBJ it’s nothing serious and hope he’s back to practice soon . But i think until TW and JBJ can cut down TO’s we are better in long run with OG and JM and RB playing more mins .Good fundamental playing team even without the skills of those two we can be better AND more pleasing to watch .

  • Hoosierkamp

    I think both are right. We are better having him, but Crean should be more selective in letting him jack up shots when he isnt shoooting well and when his man is abusing him. Some games he should play 28-30 minutes. Some games 16-18 minutes. Thats on crean…..

  • Kyl470

    Agree. JBJ has his flaws and defense is one of them. None the less he is still one of the top 5 players on the team and they need him to be at their best.

  • Kyl470

    I don’t buy this “evaluation” thing for one second. They know exactly what is wrong with him and how serious it is they just refuse to announce it. With MRI’s, X-Rays, etc. they can diagnose injuries in less than 24 hours.

  • vicbert caladipo

    That’s what frustrates me the most. It’s always some vague spin. The same with JM. According to our coach everyone is injured. I’m beginning to think it’s all part of the excuse process, so now I just watch how they act on the bench. In the Rutgers game JBJ was moving around just fine and he’s making he trip to NEB and probably dressing. Guess letting us fans know anything disrupts the game plan of keeping the opponent guessing.

  • pcantidote

    That would go against Crean’s “do whatever you need to do to build your NBA resume” philosophy.

  • TomJameson

    They probably have a good idea of what’s wrong, but I’m pretty sure that “evaluate” means getting second opinions and just being very, very sure of what they put out there in the media.

    Also, remember that there is a lot of student/patient privilege going on as well. CTC and staff really do have some constraints on what they can say, so I’m sure they are going to be real carful.

  • TomJameson

    That shtick has been blown waaaaaay out of proportion, and I seriously doubt that he has that as a “philosophy”. LOL

    He might try to help his players get to the NBA, but any team that has those type of players do the same thing. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to get those high caliber kids in the first place.

    I am positive that CTC would rather win games over “showcasing” a player in a loss. Wouldn’t be much of a showcase then, right? lol

  • pcantidote

    Well it’s either that, or he just has no clue how to teach the game, or he is not effective at getting his message through. Which is it?

  • BL

    Have to agree. If you look at games against better competition (Wake, SJ, UNLV, Duke, ND) he hasn’t shot the ball well (37%) and he’s had twice as many TO’s as assists. He does rebound well but we can easily replace that with OG or JM and they play much better D. As I mentioned in a different conversation, I would like to see us move away from small ball (starting YF, JBJ, RJ). Probably best to have JBJ coming off the bench to add some scoring punch and space the floor. Only caveat, will RJ step up with more touches.

  • TomJameson

    Neither one, but you go right ahead and say whatever you want to fit your narrative … false or otherwise.

    A lot of people on this forum will believe whatever they want, regardless of the facts. The offense is a great example of that. It is a top-10 offense, but if somebody doesn’t like it they find “facts” (opinion) that fit their narrative that the offense sucks.

    My opinion is that you are in the group of people who dislike CTC as IU coach sooooooo much, that you will jump on any little thing and blow it out of proportion, just to say something bad about him.

    And no, I am not a “Kool-Aid” drinker, I recognize the problems, but I just don’t blame everything in the world on the coach.

  • bleeding crimson

    Hopefully that is not the case and they actually learned from the M Creek situation and don’t want to play him until he is FULLY healed from whatever is going on.

  • Fergation

    Give me a break me. Holier than I guy! While I can point out 20 things Crean is terrible at you can maybe point out 2 or 3 good things. I see a terribly coached IU basketball team. Now who in the heck is responsible for that???????? So please shove the whole “I support Crean so I am better than you” crap out the window! Ball handling, rebounding, block outs, defensive, defensive switching, passing, decision making, ALL AROUND PREPAREDNESS!!!!!!!!! Now you go! Give me a freaken break!

  • TomJameson

    You don’t have to resort to name calling to make a point … or maybe you do, either way I don’t appreciate it. There are others that I disagree with, or they disagree with me, but we get along just fine and continue to be civil.

    If I wanted to drop to your level, I could call you names such as “moronic”, “stupid”, “one-dimensional”, “hate-monger”, “a$$hole”, or really any number of things … but I don’t.

    Just feel free to bypass any of my posts, which is exactly what I plan on doing to your pathetic musings.

  • Koko

    I don’t share your high level of negative passion on Crean but I do feel there are things he needs to change as a coach. We have a very good team and have seen them overcome a large ND lead to win and win at Rutgers in spite of the TO’s, no JBJ points and lapses in defense. I think on a small gradient we are getting better. This team is good enough to overcome any coaching deficiencies Crean has. And I think they may be figuring this out. We shall see today.

  • HoosierFan4Life

    I can’t believe all these IU fans have a problem with CTC! He has done a great job, and has put Hoosier basketball back on the map! Secondly people are putting down JBJ because of his defensive play (or lack there of) One of the most loved IU players ever couldnt play a lick of defense! Steve Alford! IU is hurting without JBJ we need his offense badly! Get better soon!

  • Steven Childers

    you are right,,you are in the minority.

  • Steven Childers

    so agree,,as once said,,”some people can find a problem with every solution”

  • Steven Childers

    yet when he or someone else disagrees you do the very same things. lol

  • vicbert caladipo

    I don’t want to speak for the others, but my guess is because Alford and Knight won a championship and trust me I lived it….plenty of people ripped Alfords D…just you have to remember…there was no internet then. If you are happy with CTC and the team great! Better to be happy then complain all the time, but at some point realism sinks in.

  • Steven Childers

    not for sure since I guess I am not the expert with most one here who dislike Crean, but they aren’t saying if he is hurt badly or not, they are saying they evaluating his ability to get on the floor and actually play. I have had a knee injury while in college and it isn’t always a cut and dry thing. I felt fine when just walking but no way in the shape to put the strain on it while playing and it doesn’t have to be sever to be that way.

  • Steven Childers

    they aren’t saying if he is hurt badly or not, they are saying they evaluating his ability to get on the floor and actually play. I have had a knee injury while in college and it isn’t always a cut and dry thing. I felt fine when just walking but no way in the shape to put the strain on it while playing and it doesn’t have to be sever to be that way.

  • eville87

    Crean is average as a coach his salary and what he spends on recruiting are not average. His results after the first 2 years are average at best. An argument can be made that Butler, Xavier and Dayton are more relevant in college basketball the last 4 years than Indiana. Your right d was never Alfords game. But the other 4 guys could play defense. There isn’t 4 sound defensive players on this whole team. Changes are coming after this year. From ranked 13th to the last 5 in. Nothing like being a bubble team and settling for just making the tournament