At the Buzzer: Indiana 80, Notre Dame 73

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INDIANAPOLIS – A few quick thoughts on Indiana’s 80-73 win over Notre Dame in the Crossroads Classic:

How it happened: Notre Dame looked poised to run away with this contest as the Fighting Irish led by 16 a little more than three minutes into the second half. The Hoosiers, though, never gave in and made their move beginning at the 6:32 mark. From that point forward, Indiana outscored Notre Dame 17-2 as the Hoosiers 2-3 zone gave the Fighting Irish major problems. Indiana claimed the lead on pair of Collin Hartman free throws with 54 seconds to play and never relinquished it from there.

Standout performer: Troy Williams was strong going to the basket and on the glass as he finished with 18 points and 10 rebounds. He was a big reason the Hoosiers rebounded more than 50 percent of their missed shots on the afternoon.

Statistic that stands out: Indiana turned it over on just 18 percent of its possessions, which was basically a wash with Notre Dame, which turned it over on 17 percent of its trips. Against an opponent that rarely turns it over, earning basically a wash in that statistic was huge.

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  • vicbert caladipo

    I’m trying to think when the last time JBJ had a good game against a good opponent. He may be the biggest ball hog to ever wear an IU uniform. I’d say Jay Edwards was close, but he really didn’t have the weapons we have now so he almost always had to shoot.

  • Tom Twain

    I’m not sure the players understand it either…I just saw Troy being interviewed after the game. Dakich complimented Crean on the adjustment to a 1-3-1 zone and Troy replied, “we never played a 1-3-1, it was always a 2-3.” Oh well, they did play with a lot of energy, but so many mistakes.

  • Dwight Nash

    Bingo! I’d prefer not to scream at the tv screen.

  • Ole Man

    ND is not a “very good team.” For 3/4s of the game I was thinking that IU was losing to a bad team.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Hey Mike Brey, that is your best loss of the season so far. Stay consistent. Tell Erin Logan everyone says “Hello.”

  • VanBurenBoys

    Bracey Wright, especially his last year. But JBJ is awfully close.

  • Based on CTC’s and player’s comments if they ran a 1-3-1 they weren’t aware of it. Imho, I would like to see an active (like Northwestern use to run) 1-3-1, put
    RJ at the top. For all IU’s speed on offense, they are just too slow/not quick for a man-2-man D..

  • whomikewho

    I can’t believe we pulled that W out. Glad we did but I did not feel more confident after the game ended. Still are still miles from being consistently good..I’m not sure that will come under Crean.

  • BL

    Not a big RMK supporter but I can assure you Yogi and Blackmon would be tasting pine if they gave no defensive effort and routinely turned the ball over.

  • BL

    Better than Yogi.

  • BL


  • Ms hoosier

    If RMK coached this team Rob Johnson would be leading this team!!

  • level 42

    Jay Edwards had Lyndon Jones right next to him in high school and college, both could score at will,Jay just had that smooth shot. He also shot 53.6% from three his freshman year, still may be the NCAA record for freshman. I wouldn’t call him a ball hog. The TEAM and COACH wanted him to shoot.

  • inLinE6

    I disagree. They don’t need a new coach as long as they keep winning.

  • TomJameson

    RJ is absolutely a better all-around player than JBJ, and in all the ways you list. I’m just not convinced who the best shooter is though. JBJ takes more shots, and scores more points, but (without looking) I think RJ may have a better percentage.

    If I had to pick between the two, it would be RJ hands down. Without a doubt, no doubt about it. lol

  • TomJameson

    I was right. Even with a good win people are still griping there arses off. Some like to think that if IU wins the other team must be half blind and use walkers to get around. This is counted as a marquee win in the non-conference schedule by the experts and I’ll take their word for it over any wanna-be on this forum.

    This team didn’t give up even when they went 16 points down early in the 2nd half. They used defense to get back into the game. They took care of the ball, and didn’t lose their heads. They finally took the lead back and won a very hard-fought game.

    Can all the negativity please pause long enough to enjoy the win??? Go drink a brew or something, just try to enjoy a win. When they lose again, that’s the time to start your doom-n-gloom rhetoric.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Tom hello. Good point and honestly during the first half I gave up. My problem. I staunchly became a raving IU fan again in the second half. Great win. I am embarrassed at my negative attitude during the first half. Merry Christmas.

  • dwdkc

    Don’t be embarrassed; that negative attitude was well earned. They played hard but foolishly for the first 25 minutes. The one thing we learned later in this one is that they are able to dig deeper, and showed some guts to come from behind in what they had to feel was a must-win game. This did not resolve their problems, but it certainly was a huge necessary step to keep the season from circling down the drain. The guys can get better and have more fun from this experience.

  • Young Hoosier

    Well this is only 1 win to put on the resume. Unless ND self destructs. We still have an incredibly weak resume with little opportunities in the B1G for good wins. So in the big picture this win isn’t s while lot at the moment.

  • just a fan

    Maybe something else was in the works, but it looked as if IU went to work on defense after Thomas Bryant got in Yoggi’s face. Bryant is very compretitve, and I don’t think he felt Yoggi was

  • vicbert caladipo

    Well obviously this coach of this team likes JBJ to shoot and I called JBJ the ball hog. Was trying to find another IU player who hogged the ball as much as Blackmon. Also it’s not the 3’s that bother me, it’s the driving the lane only to throw up a brick or get rejected. I really can’t recall JBJ’s drives working against good opponents. He dribbles around like a chicken with his head off, gets lost in the trees then throws up a prayer. I agree with half the posters here, he should be coming off the bench. No one will argue that he can play D.

  • pdhoosier


  • bojak

    Ok, I change my mind. If they don’t lose another game this season, then I think TC deserves another year.

  • Hoosier Hall

    Hartman. He makes this team go in more ways than one. I’d be willing to bet he is the team leader in plus/minus or at least close.

  • I didn’t see that, but it wouldn’t be the first time. TB really doesn’t want to lose, which is one of his greatest qualities.

  • Lance76

    A new coach will not solve the problem of some players who run down the court unaware that the ball is being passed to them and it hits them in their arm for a turn over.

  • Zach

    When he’s on a breakaway and doesn’t look at anything besides the basket (not to mention he usually gets blocked) especially the one or two teammates usually trailing right behind him, it literally drives me crazy

  • Zach

    First 25 to 30 minutes was the same old, same old. At that point I was just disappointed in myself that I let myself believe they would come and play their hearts out for this must win. For the first portion, they played hard but it was just misdirected effort.

    It was so nice to see this team grind out a win not by outscoring the opponent and raining down 3s, but by getting some good stops, feeding Bryant, and hitting timely free throws. RJ needs to be on the floor as much as possible.

    Also, love the new site layout. Looks good guys.

  • kaponya44

    I usually avoid “RMK would have” posts feeling RMK would have done many things different ,but since it went there ….I agree, except for a different reason…I feel Yogi would more than likely be in the NBA already…The guy you named would have got more out of him & sooner..I think Yogi would consistently be much more efficient about using his energy and execute better on both ends of the floor.If not then I agree about the benching.Same goes for a few other guys and at least one additional banner(circa 2011-13) would be up already among teams Crean has coached here in general..Just my opinion.

  • eville87

    Your crazy. If yogi was off ball it would be Rj running the point.

  • bvillehoosier

    While that is true, a broken clock is right twice a day. With Crean’s long history of bonehead coaching I’m not going to be convinced by a 5 minute stretch of halfway decent basketball while the other team collapses. That being said, let’s keep it up! They are bipolar, if they played like that last 5 mins most every game, we could win the BIG this year…

  • bvillehoosier

    Agree completely! We were down 16 to UNRANKED Notre Dame for crying out loud! Do the pro-Crean people just love basking in mediocrity!?!?! Now I’m glad we came back and won, don’t get me wrong, but where were all these “we don’t need a new coach” people after Maui and after getting embarrassed by Duke? Crean has proven time and time again that he cannot coach, plain and simple. It will take nothing less than a strong BIG record AND a Final Four run with this group to convince me otherwise, not either/or, BOTH. I don’t want us to skirt into the tourney as a 10 seed and make a cinderella run. Crean has to show he can finish top 3 in the BIG and make a deep tourney run, while all the while decent basketball is being played. Winning against an unranked in-state foe does not a season make.

  • bvillehoosier

    You’re damn right it will

  • bvillehoosier

    Robert Johnson may well be our MVP for the team, not necessarily the BEST player, but the most valuable for our success, no doubt

  • bvillehoosier

    Eric Gordon anyone!?!!? I’ve always felt James Blackmon is a poor man’s Eric Gordon

  • Bruce Clark

    Not that Bruce Clark (but if you owe him money :)).

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Lol! Great one. Take care.

  • vicbert caladipo

    and that’ what I’m trying to say. I believe he missed all 6 shots he took in the paint

  • Craig Mitchell Ha’o.

    Great Win Hoosiers! Awesome Comeback..hopefully turning a Corner in Indianapolis going into the B1G. Continue the Improvement vs Kennesaw State (?) and Keep Improving Hoosiers!!

  • BL

    Not crazy, Troy can do more with the ball and not hard to better Yogi’s 5 TO’s. Troy would get better with more repetitions.

    Totally cool with RJ. Yogi and JBJ need to see pine if they won’t play the game the right way. Way too many bad shots, TO’s and no D.

  • IUBizmark

    Hypothetical question: If we could retain Crean for one more season after this and land a truly elite coach, would you be open to that?

  • Lance76

    At some point the player has to take responsibility for court awareness.

  • IUBizmark

    I love when Troy tries that side to side fake when he’s dribbling head down into the paint. He doesn’t even change direction, he just moves his head left to right. The defender isn’t fooled by it and Troy either dribbles it off his leg or tackles the guy. This has been going on for 2 seasons…

  • IUBizmark

    Well, I’d employ the strategy Butler used. Double/Triple team the bigs down low and force the Purdue guards to shoot and make perimeter shots. But, because Crean emphasizes that we “don’t over-help” we won’t and we’ll get dominated in the paint, forcing us to chuck up 30+ 3 pointers and hope for the best.

  • bvillehoosier

    Absolutely, postively NOT! First, that is very hypothetical and there is no way of knowing if waiting a year will do anything of the sort. Second, we have got to cut our losses now, accept Crean for being the guy who brought us out of the Sampson era and restored…something…to IU basketball other than constant recruiting violations, and fire him. He’s done. He’s lost the fanbase…literally EVERY IU fan and alum I talk to in the real world is DONE with him. The on court product is terrible and worse, NOT improving!

  • IUBizmark

    Heh, I thought you might say that. I’m looking forward to Archie Miller. Then when UK gets Sean, we can have the rivalry back.