• Speed

    Rumor has it that Maui had to shut down because IU stunk the place up. Wins against Alcorn State and Duke would go a long way to making the air fresh again.

  • Casey B.

    I’m already tired of hearing about our frontline and how “losing” Holt hurt us. Crean chose to dismiss him, which is fine, but can he stop using it as an excuse? If you fire someone, you can’t then proceed to attribute underperformance MONTHS later to that individual’s absence. Our frontline features a fifth-year senior and a McDonald’s All-American, which is more than the majority of programs can claim.

    Rampant turnovers, lack of perimeter defense, questionable substitutions, stagnant half-court offense, lazy entry passes and lackluster transition defense are much more prominent factors in our early season failure. Let’s fix all of those things before enjoying the luxury of nitpicking about our frontline.

  • Tahoegirl

    It may be that Tom Crean doesn’t realize that it is early in the season, FOR EVERY TEAM IN THE NATION, not just IU

  • Tahoegirl

    Love your second paragraph!

  • Casey B.

    Yeah – I’m not trying to be proactively negative, but it’s the same rhetoric every single season, and it’s a tired tune. Crean always preaches youth, inexperience, blah blah blah. Meanwhile, there are teams across the country with less skill and/or less experience who find ways to excel. A team can play well AND mature simultaneously. It is possible.

  • Raynger

    Finally, evidence that multiple realities do exist. Coach Crean describes a different reality than I see. I cannot take it anymore, just the mention of his name gives me a headache. The same lame excuses that he has used over the last several years. He should look in the mirror for the answer to our problems. Can we send him to some coaching workshop where they teach defense and half court offense. I have watched several games in the last week and I see teams with less talented athletes play much better basketball– I assume it is coaching.

  • Jeremy

    Crean will be on top of his game against mighty Alcorn State!!

  • Tahoegirl

    Crean is such an ego maniac he thinks that we are worried about how the players are developing when most of us are worried about the aptitude of our coach.

  • IU track Alumni

    Whats the point of having Tim Priller? Can anybody give me a legitimate answer for that? He does nothing more than a walk on would as far as contributing to our team. The fact that he is on scholarship and he does not even step on the court unless we are way ahead just baffles me. Don’t get me wrong he is a great kid but we need basketball players. He is the only scholarship player we have that does nothing for our team on the court. 3 freshman are ahead of him and next year another freshman will be ahead of him (DD). It kills me that Crean offered him.

  • eville87

    Thank you for putting the press conferences on here. I needed a good laugh. I would think having a 5 star freshman center who has played at I quote a high level. And a junior point forward playing the 3 and running the offense with a 5th year senior with some big ten experience would be just as experienced as some other teams in the Ncaa. (I don’t see this excuse at puke every year.) I guess Alcorn is a good team after he watched film on them. Fundementals are a coaches responsibility but the kids are 18 years old as he said. They should have some of those already. Like knowing how to move your feet on defense or how about an entry post pass? Or better yet how to defend a pick and roll? The crazy thing is if we get hot from 3 we could actually beat Duke. I know you guys think I’m crazy but you never know. It would help if he just stuck with the best 7 to 8 players.

  • Tahoegirl

    Tim Priller having a scholarship is the very least of our worries!

  • Tahoegirl

    Crean speaks as though none of his new players have never seen let alone played basketball. But this is always what he says

  • IU track Alumni


  • TomJameson

    “proactively negative” … Hahahahahahaha

  • SCHoosier

    Strange I never heard Holt’s name mentioned in this media conference. Front line includes Thomas, OG, Juwan (all freshman) Max (new to system ) Troy and Hartman (vets) So four of six front line players are new to the system. I think the way TC handled that info after the UNLV loss was lame.. I agree with all of what’s in your second paragraph.

  • SCHoosier

    I hope its better than 3 power teams recently did against “mighty ” Monmouth.

  • Hoosier Hall

    Yep. Duke won a title with “youth and inexperience” last year.

  • CTC mentioned losing Holt as contributing to the youth and inexperience of our frontline (1:58 in the video).

  • Yes. It’s like he’s picking out the one or two things where he can make excuses, but ignoring the rest. I mean, there’s some lip service being paid to “the basics” and “fundamentals” and him needing to “help them with defense,” but we always hear that. And with that, I think I’ve officially joined in with the CTC bashers.