At the buzzer: Wake Forest 82, Indiana 78

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A few quick thoughts on Indiana’s 82-78 loss to Wake Forest in the Maui Jim Maui Invitational:

How it happened: After taking a 72-63 lead with 7:34 to play, Indiana scored just six points the rest of the way as Wake Forest easily attacked the basket down the stretch (like it did for the entire first half). Freshman Bryant Crawford scored the game winner for the Demon Deacons with just 3.2 seconds to play as the Hoosiers failed to stop a routine screen and roll on the right side. Indiana then called two timeouts to set up a final play, but an errant pass by Collin Hartman was intercepted and the Hoosiers didn’t even get off a shot, which simply cannot happen.

Standout performer: Troy Williams gets the nod, but deserves an asterisk. Williams had a solid line – 16 points, five steals, four assists and three rebounds – but also had five turnovers.

Number(s) that needs work: Indiana was shaky on the defensive glass, particularly before halftime. Wake Forest rebounded 61.1 percent of its missed shots in the first half and 48.6 for the game for 17 second chance points. The Demon Deacons also came in shooting an effective field goal percentage of just 49.7 through three games and lit Indiana up for 55.1 percent. Simply stated, Indiana only played defense for about the first 12 minutes of the second half in this game.

Statistic that stands out: The Hoosiers did get to the line 22 times and made 16 of those attempts for a 10-point advantage over Wake Forest, which was a mild positive.

Bonus note: Yogi Ferrell didn’t make a 3-pointer, ending his NCAA leading streak of consecutive games with a 3-pointer made at 67.

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  • straight no chaser

    Your iphone also prefers Cream!

  • eville87

    Sam that is awesome your for indiana. I respect that. But I will not get over it. Tom sucks through and through. What has he accomplished 1 big ten title? 2 sweet sixteens? A bunch of mediocrity? Xavier and Dayton have had more success than INDIANA during his tenure. So you get over it! Keep accepting it and nothing will ever change.

  • straight no chaser

    I have been warning that we should not be playing for ESPN highlights. Troy is a good kid, and has a great spirit and attitude, but he is not getting the honest feedback he needs to hear from his teacher.

  • BMusic

    You hit on all the things I hated the most. That 3 that Troy demanded felt like a turning point to me. That was the “I don’t know how to win this game” moment. And then his 1-and-1. He’ll go pro, sure, but he should forget about watch lists.

  • Arch Puddington

    The sky fell two years ago. The question is, can anybody currently associated with the program elevate again? It gets harder to say yes after every inept performance.

  • BMusic

    You realize that rankings are just opinions, right?

  • sam

    You guys are funny

  • hoosiersph2014

    so if we beat Duke you’re still going to be mad about this and want Crean’s head?

  • Fifer39

    I think AP got the point.

    Agree with your prognosis though. It’s the lack of progress and development as recent seasons have unfolded that gives me little confidence.

  • Hoosier1388

    Don’t forget about the man child Swanigan… that’s just scary…

  • Arch Puddington

    Kenpom has WF ranked #65. Richmond is #69. One beating the other is in no way analogous to either of them beating a team with three McDonald’s All-Americans and aspirations of a Final Four.

  • Jrod

    Yogi reached with his hands on one of those layups I like yogi but his D was horrendous. He relies to much on being fast that he is constantly out of position.

  • Arch Puddington

    I don’t think he/she was being sarcastic at all. I think IULore is a dedicated IU fan who really looks for the positive and pretty routinely contests those who have critical things to say. Look at his/her posts in this thread alone, and I think you’ll see why I took the comment to which I responded as sincere.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    1. Turnovers
    2. Poor use of timeouts. (Should’ve used one to stop bleeding and get TB back in the game)
    3) IU can’t guard anyone and that showed particularly strong down the stretch.
    4) I told someone last night I thought TB would get pushed around against good competition. I didn’t think it would happen against Wake, but it did a lot.
    5) JBJ is still not where he needs to be on either end to consider the NBA. He and RJ let guys go around them on the defensive end like a 65-year old fat guy.
    6) IU blew a great opportunity to pick up at least one quality win now they’ll have to settle for consolation games!
    7) I about crapped myself when Bill Walton (who is an idiot as a commentator) said that IU’s defense is “so good” and that Tom Crean is a genius coaching defense. What the heck has he been watching the past 6-7 seasons? Or has he watched IU play at all?
    8) Bill Walton also said he loves that IU doesn’t over-dribble. It’s only been for stretches that’s been true during select seasons. Most of Crean’s tenure has been epitomized by too much dribbling and even when IU has a great passing team (like this year’s team) they fall back into that old pattern late in games. I still think it’s lack or a plan and lack of teaching.

    Not a lot to be excited about after that debacle!

  • RDD#76

    Ok the Tar Heels lost to Northern Iowa similar type loss it’s a long season it happens

  • PBzeer

    Finally get to watch a game …. and get this one.

    I hope this game was an aberration, but experience says it probably wasn’t. Other than about a 5 min stretch in the 2nd half, there wasn’t really anything to be enthused about. And all the same old problems seemed to be the same old problems.

  • Hoosier1388

    Bad defense that leads to easy looks inside, tough to handle. Losing opening round in the maui invitational against unranked WF, even tougher. Up voting your comment… priceless


    If the first half and the last part of the second half are any indication of our overall season then you have been overly optimistic. A while back I stopped airing my opinion on how good I thought we would be defensively this year because I knew people were tired of hearing about my fears when it came to how hard it would be improving to the point of being able to play just good, not great, but just good defense, against a quality opponent. WF is not a “good” team IMHO and we did not play even “good” defense, thus the outcome that we got. We did our best to make them look good for most of the game, but they are not that good of a team. I am maybe as interested in seeing them play Vandy as I am seeing us play St.Johns. I think some will now maybe understand that players simply being another year older, adding a talented big man and the coaches and players “talking” about how much emphasis they’re putting on getting better defensively, does not automatically equate to going from being the worst defensive team in program history to becoming an above average defensive team, or even becoming just an average defensive team for that matter, in one off season. This game should also make it obvious to all that our defense is still very much a project in much need of a whole lot of work.

  • Arch Puddington

    UNC was without its best player against Northern Iowa; Wake Forest was without their best player in their win against us….

    It’s one thing when a good team has a bad night and loses, something else when the same thing keeps happening to the same team over and over. We don’t look fundamentally sound. We don’t ever get better at certain things, including some very basic basketball skills. I am not concerned that we lost; I am concerned that we don’t know how to play.

  • SilentBob

    Agreed. That’s a shot you take when you’re down 5, not up 5. Rob had the right idea. Should have taken back out, reset and try to get something going to the bucket. Unless there’s only a few seconds on the shot clock you just can’t take a three there. Get a bucket or get to the foul line and the game is all but over.

  • So far this season, JBJ has been more off his game than on it. Defensively he’s a liability, period. Offensively he’s very streaky. I haven’t given up on him, but he’s not impressing me to this point.

  • Exactly. If this didn’t feel like a repeat of the darkest portion of the B1G season last year, it wouldn’t feel so bad.

  • You know, I had exactly the same thought about Yogi’s three–and I hated thinking it. Seriously, I thought, “He’s trying to keep up the streak with a very bad shot,” and then really, really didn’t want to think that Yogi could be such a player. Because if that’s how he’s going to play, then the season might as well be over.


    You’re right WF may actually be a little bit better than most thought they would be, but at the same time, they are no where near as good as we made them look.

  • You know, last year isn’t exactly the model for a team that had a bad early loss but still went on to accomplish great things.

  • Oh, and Maryland almost lost to Ryder. Almost.

    If we’d “almost” lost to WF, I’d say, fine, let’s see how they play tomorrow. But of course, that’s not what happened.

  • IUBizmark

    You wouldn’t?

  • If we beat Duke because CTC teaches the team some defense, puts in an intelligent offensive scheme, demands good play and benches poor play, makes smart substitutions, and makes in-game adjustments, then great, I won’t call for his head. If we beat Duke without those things…

    Well, you know, we won’t beat Duke without those things. And that’s precisely why some people are so upset with CTC’s coaching.

  • hoosiersph2014

    I wouldn’t be as upset about this game, no.

  • hoosiersph2014

    My point is a lot of teams struggle early. I’m not going to let one loss ruin the season for me. It does make me less optimistic but that can change and a victory over Duke would definitely wash this taste out of my mouth. As far as Crean goes…I think a lot of people should be careful what they wish for. Things could be a lot worse. I don’t see a whole lot of viable replacement options currently and the constant fan negativity won’t help that a bit.

  • HoosierDawg

    Adjustments??? OHHHH-you mean what the opposing coaches do!

  • straight no chaser

    I really don’t have any hope under Crean any more. My only hope for IU basketball is that quality fans and basketball connoisseurs like you stick around long enough to see our better days.


    Not going anywhere, but it does almost have me to the point that I keep thinking that I hear Nurse Ratchet putting on the, line up for your meds music, and telling everyone that, ” it’s medication time”

  • straight no chaser


  • kaponya44

    Hit it on the head…Exactly !

  • hoosier

    yep a repeat

  • Tyler T

    Gut punch. I’m patient though…it’s only November.

  • kaponya44

    Another spot on observation in this chain of replies ! He was coming too far out to( Edit: -“p”) recover ..I should have came to this post game breakdown before “The Minute After” …Good points being made here.

  • kaponya44

    The adjustments should have been to the players on the floor.. Those adjustments should have been substitutions of the “dont block out or stop ball = don’t play” variety…Knight would have pulled the first a-hole to allow a rebound by jumping as opposed to getting position and blocking out/sealing the man off the glass..Forgive me for salting old wounds ,but RMK would have pulled every d***ed one of them and played walk-ons to get his point across if need be..I did not see that happen tonight…

  • kaponya44

    Spot on ..Major game management issue at the end….Crap inbound execution by the players as well…..

  • kaponya44

    Same here..The old laptop is not safe at the moment…..Ugh

  • Ian Karanovic

    It hurt getting beat at the end by a guy that would have been a great replacement for Yogi after this year (hell, a guy who could have helped us out tremendously this season): Bryant Crawford

  • kaponya44

    Did Chuck Pagano call that one or what ?

  • kaponya44

    Another thread another post blasting someone other than Yogi .Just give it up will ya …Bryant for all of his mistakes and whatever else is a Freshman in his 4th college game..Period ..He will be hit and miss ,but if he is not in a position to succeed he will not as soon nor as often..TB played like crap and Troy made some dumb passes, but first and foremost Crean is the coach , Yogi is the leader..The $#!+ rolls downhill…Is the Yogi criticism getting saved for the 5 Take Aways article or what ?

  • Elwood Hoosier

    It’ll never happen! Crean hasn’t sat anybody. Troy should be sat down. Blackmon should be sat down. Troy commits 1 turnover for every play he makes. It’s ridiculous!!! Robert Johnson should get all of Blackmons minutes. Troy go Pro, James go pro and see u on the Mad Ants roster. Give me a break!

  • kaponya44

    Hey lucky (in total sarcasm)for us we get an ACC top feeder soon, right ..We better get good fast or else we are curtains ..I bet Duke will improve a lot between their loss and the game with IU…IU,unfortunately, I am not so certain of …I would bet we are the same when the game in Durham arrives..

  • Elwood Hoosier

    No adjustments. EVER

  • Um, huh?

  • kaponya44

    Yeah, they probably could have saved half of a webpage saying ‘I told you so ” Lol I mean,since this person totally nailed it on the reasons for the caution like a couple of others I have read recently…..

  • kaponya44

    While both of you are essentially right , you are each , in your own respective way, off a little ….It was basically on a couple people and that was ballgame …

    And the VERY bottom line is that simple ……Yes of course..Obviously ,the team lost this one together ,but the people leading them let them down big time …

    It starts with the coach and PG every time on a Sr 4 year starter PG led team under an 8th year coach..Who is it on to get every single one of 5 guys on the floor at a given moment – in the right spot ? Who is it on to make sure they stay or else ? Not two first year players …IU is Crean’s Job and this is “Yogi’s team”….

    If we are kicking post game balls here , the biggest kick in the balls goes to the HC and his floor general …..