At the buzzer: Indiana 86, Creighton 65

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A few quick thoughts on Indiana’s 86-65 win over Creighton:

How it happened: Indiana and Creighton played close for the first five minutes, but the Hoosiers exploded offensively as a 14-10 lead at the 13:53 mark of the first half ballooned to 28-11 in less than three minutes. Indiana scored 1.28 points per possession in the first half as four players had nine or more points and the lead was 51-32 at intermission. From there, Creighton never got closer than 17.

Standout performer: Freshman Thomas Bryant was active and engaged from the onset. The 6-foot-10 freshman ran the floor, challenged shots and also finished at the rim. Bryant also hit a 3-pointer, although he missed the three other attempts he took from deep. The Rochester native finished with 17 points, seven rebounds and four blocks.

Statistic(s) that stands out: Indiana’s first half offensive outburst had several components worth mentioning. The Hoosiers only turned it over on 13 percent of their possessions and shot an effective field goal percentage close to 60 before halftime.

Number that needs work: The Hoosiers still need to do a better job at getting to the foul line. Indiana entered the game with a free throw rate (FTA/FGA) of just 28.9 percent and didn’t improve it Thursday by getting to the line just nine times.

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  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    Man, was Bryant one hell of an addition, or what?

    Yogi and Blackmon: Smooth jumpers. Inside-out game’s going to be all right this year.

    Troy: Man, I worry that he’s still trying to get the mental part of his game together… but the pure physicality is amazing.

  • INUnivHoosier

    Not getting to the foul line wasn’t for a lack of trying. Good ball movement and attack in the first half. Took the foot off the gas a little in the second.

    Give the fans what they want Tom, Priller time.

  • TW: he giveth and he taketh away. Plenty of stuff for the highlight reel, probably a third of the team’s turnovers. TB: A monster. Already a monster, and with that attitude, he can’t help but get better and better. YF: I didn’t notice him get his 458th three-pointer, but I guess he did. A real point guard tonight, I thought. JBJ: Scoring machine, as usual, and his defense seemed passable. Overall: much better defense, still lots of room for improvement. The offense fell off to something closer to human in the second half, but you can’t argue with a 21-point win over a good team. They’re a good team, and they’ll get better.

  • kaponya44

    Some random take-aways …We committed more TOs ,but we converted their mistakes in key situations when they could have made a run …

    We beat them on the glass … That is always good to see.

    We only made 10-28 from 3 for just under 36 percent which is not a monstrous shooting night but good enough ..Still beat them by 21…Good sign when it isnt firing on all cylinders..

    We may win a game or two more when the 3 pointers are not falling and Bryant makes a nice difference now that he is settling in a little…Bryant opens up so much .You have to respect him or else.Then when you do you get drilled from deep ..I can;t wait to see us really catch fire from 3 all night when TB’s game is working inside…It is going to be ugly for the opponent..

  • I forgot to mention: the team was better at feeding TB inside, and it seems like something clicked this game and they realized that doing so is a very good thing. I thought RJ in particular was looking to get the ball to TB, and that resulted in some nice plays inside.

  • kaponya44

    Great point about Yogi among the other good ones you made..That is exactly what we need from him ..

  • JetpackJunky

    Troy had 4 TOs. Yogi had 3 TOs.

    Yogi got his three on our first score.

  • Drew

    I still find it a tiny bit concerning that our guards hesitate to pass the ball to TB in the post. Good things happen when he has the ball. Troy can have you scratching your head one moment and jumping out of your seat cheering the next. IU went in to cruise control in the 2nd half and still dominated. Excited for Maui. This team has a lot to improve on but I love their potential.

  • straight no chaser


    1) Don’t get excited. We haven’t played a real team yet.

    2) Troy Williams still can’t pass and, more importantly can’t put himself in good position for the pass. I don’t get excited about his ESPN highlights, not anymore. This kid still has the same game he had on day one.

    3) I like Max. He’s the Troy antidote, for my nerves.

    4) Thomas Bryant. Love him.

    5) James: getting better and a more reliable shot. Needs to drop that diva “I’m so hot” aura and pay more attention to the game.

    James and Troy are not going anywhere next year, other than the next year in college.

  • RDD#76

    Yes even JBJ looking to pass to TB

  • curtis south

    I also thought RJ was looking for TB in the post! We need set plays for a cutter to be the one to get from the point guard and flip it too him! I love RJ’s game play! Tonight was tough on him a couple bad foul calls!

  • After the exhibition games, it was “Wait until the real season starts.” After the AP game, it was “If they play like that, they’ll lose to Creighton by 10.” Now it’s, “Wait until they play a real team.” Once we beat a “real team,” it’ll be, “Wait until they play against the all-God team with Goliath at center, Jesus on the wing, and Moses playing point.” Come on, it was a good game played against a good team. Yes, we have much better competition upcoming, and there are definite improvements to make (as always), but it’s not like this was a _bad_ performance or anything.

  • straight no chaser

    I didn’t say I didn’t enjoy the win. Did I? LOL.
    The first real team we play is Vandy. I’ll put off criticism for a night if we win that one.

  • Hee hee, seriously, the first shot? Man, I have a bad memory. 🙂 Okay, so TW didn’t have a third of the team’s TOs (although not that far off), but he just LOOKED like he did. Yogi had 3 TOs to 6 assists, and he handled the ball a touch more than TW.

  • Actually, man, how could I forget? Yogi’s three was off that sweet touch-pass back to him from TB, really bailed Yogi out on that one. I think I was more impressed with TB’s presence of mind in popping it right back out than I was with Yogi extending his streak.

  • ArghSonOfOhCrap

    I thought TB was a pretty good Passer out the post but he was much better then I thought. He is so active blast to watch play. I hate seeing Max shoot the 3 he but is a definite leader. TW Looked good setting up the play at the top of the key but after setting up the play I would like to him back on the baseline. TW passing was pretty good for the most part 3 assist. JBJ very solid all around he rebounded really well because our bigs boxed out really well.

    My gosh we are deep I didn’t mention RJ, Yogi, or CH

  • Nimbi63

    I’ve not watched a lot of Hoosier basketball; Jimmy Rayl, the Van Arsdall twins, McGinnis, Steve Downing, the undefeated ’76 team, ’75 team that would have been undefeated if not for some outrageous calls favoring Kentucky in the NCAA tournament, and lots of players since. (I did read about Walt Bellamy, but games weren’t broadcast much back then.) I remember Branch McCracken’s retirement. So my question is: Where are all they fans that have been calling for Tom Crean’s firing the last few years? Have they disappeared?

  • I know, I hear you. First, I just wanted to get in that ‘all-God team” joke. Second, I do want to get excited, because it was a great game. Again, yes, lots of improvement necessary, defense still needs work and feed TB in the post more consistently and he averages 25 points or something. Also cut the TOs, we gave away lots of points. But “don’t get excited”? Nah! 🙂

  • I guarantee you they haven’t disappeared. The first loss, and they’ll be back in force. I admit to not being the biggest CTC fan myself, although I don’t know that I’ve ever actively called for him to get fired. I do wish he’d focus more on defensive fundamentals, or at least that such would reflect more in the games. But yeah, never fear: one loss and the “fire CTC” crowd will be back in the hunt.

  • RJ was quickest to get it into TB, but I thought overall the team was looking for him more and more as the game went on. They just need to learn that TB is a monster and needs to be fed regularly. Or a lion, maybe, as TB likes to call himself–which I’m good with.

  • TomJameson

    I thought TB was getting better position to receive the ball tonight. Things are starting to click, I think they are all getting used to each other. The passing just looked more natural, like they know where their teammates are, and what they’re going to do. Just more comfortable with each other.

  • TomJameson

    I’ve been saying this pretty consistently, so I’ll repeat it here. LOL

    The team will be very good defensively once they work the kinks out. I know some will “Forever” (yeah, you know who you are — lol) say they haven’t played a good team yet, but the exhibition teams were good teams. Maybe not quite the B10 caliber teams, but the same caliber that beat a few B10 teams the first week. And Creighton is not a pushover. Yeah, for preseason play IU has done very well for themselves as far as lining up some fair quality teams.

    I think that is why I believe they are learning what they need to do on the defensive front. The more they play the better they’ll get, I just hope it’s enough game-to-game. There are still a couple of things that concern me other than the defense though.

    Turnovers need to get under control. This team will always have a bit more than most are comfortable with because they play so fast, but there’ve been too many and they need to get a handle on it. The other thing is the “cruise control” mode like we just saw in the second half. I would like to see an all-out effort for the whole game. I know things dropped off the last 3 minutes because of the subs, but I don’t care. I wanted to see them completely wipe out Creighton.

    At least our clean-up crew are getting minutes instead of seconds in a game. That can only pay dividends down the line.

  • Tdavis

    I have seen no mention of Zeisloft yet. The kid can flat out shoot the 3. He is not going to start or anything, but he is instant offense when entering and the crowd loves him.

  • I would have liked to see the lead extended a bit more as well to end the game, but it usually doesn’t happen against good teams that the score doubles from the first half. Were we going to beat them 102-64? I doubt that’s reasonable to expect–they adjust at halftime, and we had less to fix. Also, we missed some shots that we’d normally hit. Maybe we score 10 more points, but holding them to 65 for the game is a pretty good performance.

  • ScoopGeoff

    they gave a clear Troy TO to Yogi… that 90 mph ankle pass from 10 ft away that Yogi “mishandled”… Troy is the worst ball-handler I’ve ever seen from a player with this many college minutes.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    I predicted IU 84 Creighton 68. Previously posted in previous article.

  • dwdkc

    I put that most on TB. He needs to establish position deep enough for the feed to be effective. He didn’t always try, sometimes trying to get position near the elbow where it is a no-man’s land between down low and setting the pick. I think he’ll learn fast though. When he did get proper position, loved what we saw from him.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Troy Williams has improved/changed since “day one” and your statement is one of hyperbole but to each his own. I do have to disagree about James Blackmon Jr.. He is shooting well over 50%, had 19 points with 7 rebounds and 4 assists and was on the floor for a large chunk of an improved defensive effort. He seems more willing to share the ball and is finishing through contact around the rim much better than he did last season. I’m not sure what he’s doing to act like a “diva” or project an “i’m so hot aura” (what does that mean?) but I think he’s playing quite well right now. Just my opinion though.

  • INUnivHoosier

    Goliath got posterized by one of the most unassuming Israelis available. Not sure I’m concerned about that match up.

  • jpniles

    I know it’s early, and I have not been able to see any games yet so these are honest questions:

    1) is our D decent enough to hold off Layman/Stone/Tremble?

    2) can we guard Denzel/Forbes @ MSU

    3) We’re obviously in the top echelon of the B1G, but how “upper”?

    If we dump one to Nebraska or Illinois this year, imma be pissed.

  • I think David plays for Duke, though.

  • About our defense, I’d say right _now_ is it good enough to take the B1G? No, it’s probably not. Is it trending in that direction? I’d say, yes it is. There are some important questions, such as, can the team fully integrate TB both offensively and defensively? And, can JBJ play good-if-not-great defense consistently? A strong “yes” to both of those questions and we can definitely win the B1G, I think, as well as make a nice long run in the tourney. And I think getting TB fully integrated is more important than JBJ playing good defense. But yeah, right now, defense is better than last year but not what it needs to be, IMO.

  • He’s that guy who I always hated to watch on opposing teams who comes in off the bench and just drills you. It’s demoralizing to, say, finally start being a little more competitive only to have some guy come in and drill four threes, maybe two or more in a row.