Bruce Brown narrows to two, will announce Wednesday

  • 11/16/2015 1:29 pm in

Indiana’s top remaining recruiting target in the class of 2016 – Vermont Academy guard Bruce Brown – has narrowed his list of schools to two.

Indiana, along with the University of Miami, are the finalists for Brown, he announced on Twitter.

Additionally, Brown’s AAU program, BABC, announced that he will make his decision on Wednesday, Nov. 18, the final day of the early signing period.

The 6-foot-3 guard had also been considering UMass, Purdue and Xavier.

Brown is ranked the No. 40 prospect nationally in the 247Composite. The Hoosiers have three recruits signed in the class of 2016 – Grant Gelon, Curtis Jones and De’Ron Davis.

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  • Ole Man

    Coaching; getting into the NCAA with some regularity; playing in the ACC. Plus, the other stuff.

  • Hoosier Hall

    I guess I was thinking in conjunction with the returning talent but yeah, you’re right. I do recall our last “outstanding” class was in 2013. Noah Vonleh, Luke Fischer, Troy, Stan, Devin and Collin. Jeez, if we still had ALL of those guys…

  • Zach

    Just saw Cujo tweeted at him replying to BB’s tweet about his list cut down to two. Fingers crossed

  • marcusgresham

    You’re telling me if you could get your hands on the real thing you’d settle for a calendar? lol

  • cooper

    I certainly hope this isn’t the last recruit they are going for since we will need more quality.

    This all comes down to what matters to the kid. Obviou IU is the better program and will win more than Miami. However Miami has plenty of things to offer which IU can’t come close to.

  • kaponya44

    You make valid points in the sense of conventional roster balance, in general ,but appear to be a little off on OG and how he is capable of playing big.

    With weight and further seasoning a kid with OG’s length,athleticism and overall motor/abilities is capable of matching up with anyone.Intangibles and versatility galore there on both ends with this kid..His game has special written all over it…it’s already on the wall as we have saw flashes of amazing in just a few exhibitions and scrimmages..OG is practicing against a great offense as well…

    I am not denying the obvious ..We could always use a another “4” or a true center and will at least need a nice wide body to play with anyone ,but that could change within a season or two with the returnees of this group now as the core..Guards could be the thin area if we miss on Brown..

    Also there are likely hidden benefits to Bryant going high in the draft a year early especially on a team coming off a possible deep run.The momentum could end up being understated..Bryant leaving early would open an attractive role on a potentially great team if his stock convinced him to change plans ..That would be a hot sell for Crean especially if James,Troy,and Yogi all see their stock rise as well…This is Indiana,and the B1G so success costing us Bryant or anyone else early will have pull if we are also very good this year.

    More spots could open up depending on who stays or goes As negatives go,an early transfer is always a looming factor at IU as of Crean’s tenure.Unfortunate as that is when it occurs (as with Fischer) it opens up a spot..I am just being realistic with the situation in mentioning ,so hopefully anyone replying does not attempt to take that out of context ..I do concede the point to anyone with concerns of transfer or dismissal on the back of their minds.Either situation recurring could really hurt Crean in both recruiting and on the court capability.It comes back to bite(Edit) with some kids sooner or later..Who knows how many.Losing and/or having more off court issues would be true cause for deep concern..

    However it should take care of itself at IU if we win a lot continue to put kids in the NBA, and kids keep their noses clean…

    As mentioned ,Collin also plays the 3/4 by the way.He will be back as a Senior..

    And it is Harrison Niego…

  • marcusgresham

    “Don’t need to live through that nightmare of 6’7 people playing center.”
    Unless it’s Darryl Thomas.

  • kaponya44

    Best comment on here…Hats off to you !

    For the sake of fun speculation ,but mostly wishful thinking,Priller really could be serviceable for 5-10 minutes per game in a year or two for all we know..Lol Upperclassmen who work hard have got “learn from this example” minutes at the expense of guys who are vastly more talented.It is coach Crean’s way at times…

  • kaponya44

    I was just going to suggest as much ..Being as how it is a move up on commitment with IU in the final 2 vs a non traditional basketball power ,my gut is saying you are correct in your line of thought here …

  • kaponya44

    Good idea VA..I will blame Clyde if we miss .Lol

  • Corey Dunigan

    Don’t play defense isn’t the same as can’t…

  • straight no chaser

    No comparison though. In Daryl’s junior year we had at least three other able players playing the F/C position, all of them 6-8 and above. And despite that we made an early exit in the Tourney. There’s a reason Knight brought in 6-10 Dean Garrett the next year, when we won the championship. And Bob Knight was our coach. LOL.

  • VAHoosier

    None of those points militate in favor of Miami. To the extent we are still getting top recruits (and we are), many have said that playing in CTC’s “free” offensive style is a big plus. Miami has had 4 NCAA appearances in the last 15 years; not exactly “regularity.” And I assume by “other stuff” you mean scantily clad women. Which, actually, you’re right: score one for Miami.

  • b_side

    Except for the fact that since Cody’s commitment in 2011, we’ve had one 5-star in every recruiting class.

    2016 may end that streak, but let’s not pretend Crean is coming up short.

  • MDHoosier

    Didn’t help them much last night when they got dumped by Southern! LOL

  • Wonder what happened to Thon Maker? According to ESPN Insider, they believe he will be signed by Arizona State, but many believe their toughest competition will be the Hoosiers. Since these kids are only signed from year-to-year, I suppose somebody would be expendable, especially for a player of this caliber. If I recall, Maker (7’1″) is supposed to be the best center recruit in many years. It would sure make us look formidable, especially if we sign Brown.

  • disqus_4UbWP6rS24

    Your logic behind Rawle and Thon “basically out of it for us” based on the fact they didn’t do a primer for Kegler makes little sense…especially considering Rawle and Thon, if I am not mistaken, have no intention of commiting during the early signing period. If that is indeed the case, then there would be no reason for a primer. Besides, I think Kegler was MSU’s to lose since the coaching change…maybe even before…whereas Davis had been a major priority for IU for some time. I believe Brown has been convinced that he is another of IU’s major targets…and I don’t think Rawle would be considered as much of a priority. Sometimes coaches see a better fit in one player over another, regardless of “expert” rankings. I think Brown is a key to this recruiting class, as was Davis. Add another talented guard like Jones, a sharp shooter like Gelon, and hopefully a polished big that remains and IU will have a top ten recruiting class for sure. The beauty of all these players is that I don’t see any of them leaving after one year. The chance of early departures from recruits like Thon and Alkins are far greater. Davis, Gelon, Jones and Brown would likely be considered a top ten recruiting class with or without an additional recruit. However, I think the need for a big to sign as well is crucial. Max will not be on next year’s roster, and there is a chance Bryant and Troy will be gone as well.

    I am not in disagreement with you. I, too, believe Rawle and Thon are unlikely to be in Bloomington this time next year. I also find it disheartening to be so close to five star recruits and then miss out after remaining on many players’ trimmed down lists. I am just pointing out that these primers Alex puts together for some and not for others is no indication that a player will or will not choose IU. I think it is fair to also take into account what b_side mentioned above…that Crean has landed his fair share of five star recruits since arriving in Bloomington…especially considering where the program was when he took over.

    Unlike some on this board, I have no problem bringing in one-and-done players. However, I also like the fact we are picking up players like our recent 2017 recruit who is a coach’s son and who I foresee being a solid addition that will spend four years in an IU uniform. IU has historically had far greater success when upperclassmen have suited up, as is typically true of any championship-caliber team. I also think early departures tend to leave significant gaps in rosters, especially when a player is not a guaranteed early departure but then chooses to leave early. I think it was best for all three of IU’s players who tested the NBA waters to return, as I think they all need at least one more year…but, what if they all had left early? IU would be trying to fill an enormous void if the outcome had been different.

  • disqus_4UbWP6rS24

    And, if that is his reasoning, then why would he not have at least made an official visit to Louisville?

  • disqus_4UbWP6rS24

    I thought the exact same thing of Blackmonn. Yogi may have, with good reason, believed he had a shot. Troy certainly had a shot on his athleticism and potential alone. To place their names in the conversation this past summer lends itself well to teams paying more attention this season…and also gives “experts” more reason to talk about the possibility of their departures more throughout this year. Either way, I think Blackmonn will leave after this year whether playing time is likely or not. We know Yogi will be gone. I think Troy is done as well. Bryant may be as well. That’s four of our current starters, which will make next year much different than this year where we have the luxury of starting so many veteran starters. This could be very sound reasoning for recruits to choose IU…knowing there are starting spots to be filled.

  • disqus_4UbWP6rS24

    Duke’s class should be considered ridiculous.

  • disqus_4UbWP6rS24

    Arizona St, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Notre Dame, and St Johns make up Thon’s list as of a couple days ago.

  • disqus_4UbWP6rS24

    247’s crystal ball had Indiana at 90% and Miami at 10% yesterday. I noticed today it is 91% to 9%…clairvoyant odds are getting better!

  • Ole Man

    That’s nearly as regular as IU has been. Their coach is excellent. Don’t ignore the lure of playing in the ACC.
    And yes, the warmer weather does create more months of less apparel. LOL!

  • VAHoosier

    I agree, Larranaga is excellent. But for all of the reasons that CTC makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes, recruits want to play for him for some of those same reasons. CTC is a draw for recruits, not the opposite. And the ACC has no more allure for most kids than does the B1G. But I think we can all agree that sightseeing in Miami has some perks that Bloomington doesn’t…

  • Elwood Hoosier

    It’s 68% Miami today

  • Nashville Hoosier

    Any idea what happened in the last 24 hours? I can’t seem to find anything yet….

  • VAHoosier

    90% Miami now. Something has tipped the balance. Looks like Brown is out of reach.