POTB 098: An exhibition review with Chronic Hoosier

  • 11/11/2015 7:49 am in

Podcast on the Brink is back for a new episode with host Jerod Morris of The Assembly Call. The show is currently available weekly. You can access a full archive of episodes here.

In this week’s edition of the show, Morris and Inside the Hall editor Alex Bozich are joined by Chronic Hoosier to discuss IU’s two exhibition games and to also look ahead to the regular season.

Among the topics discussed by the trio:

· The positives and negatives from IU’s two exhibition wins
· Early impressions on freshman Thomas Bryant
· The impact of Robert Johnson and Collin Hartman defensively
· Yogi Ferrell’s evolution as a leader
· Regular season record predictions
· Thoughts on De’Ron Davis as he approaches his decision

And plenty more. As always, feel free to drop the show a note at [email protected].

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  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    the chronic stirring up some controversy at the end of the podcast! nicely done CH, i do enjoy a good conspiracy theory! and hey, maybe he’s right. where there’s smoke there’s fire (and also the chronic? i’m guessing that’s how the nickname came about) .

    i think it underlines just how important these two kids are to the program, especially when you consider how much time, effort, and $$ has been spent recruiting D’RD in particular. and of course, who does CTC turn to if he whiffs on both these guys? are there any other two sport athletes on the football team? we may just find out! And hopefully they’re tall

  • TomJameson

    Thanks Jerod & Alex, another good one (are there any bad ones? lol).

    JBJ didn’t get a very good report card through the 2 exhibition games, and I think that is a consensus with the fans as well. (thank you all for not ‘pulling your punches’). I’ve thought his entry to the NBA after this season would be dependent on his defensive development, and really his overall game improvement as well. It’s early yet, but he needs to ramp it up for sure.

    I like the team defensive improvement, but it will have to get better, and the intensity will have to be more consistent, for it to be “good enough”. A couple of gems, but a couple lumps of coal as well … lol

    The interesting point about the win/loss guesses is how they are all over the place, for everybody (not just you guys). Like Chronic said, so many questions about the team, and dependent on their forming into a team.

    BTW … I agree with the something’s fishy in Miss viewpoint.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    while the front court has improved significantly, both via addition and subtraction, i think they’ll still be a predominantly perimeter team again. especially when going up against more formidable front courts. and that once again means there are going to be some ups and downs. there’ll be stretches where they’re making shots from nba range, there’ll be stretches where the rim looks the size of a carnival game hoop. of course, this year’s (hopefully) significantly improved defense will win a game or two for us. but ultimately, like i think CH said, this team’s success hinges on whether or not they can peak at the right time. my hope is they’re deep enough up front that they’re not going to run out of gas like they did last year.


    Mario Kegler to Miss. St. just announced. This is why I told people Miss St. was our biggest competition for him and Davis both. I’d say it’s 50 50 on who Davis now signs with. It sounds like IU did everything possible to get this kid’s signature so we’ll just have to wait another 24 hours to see what happens I guess.

  • SilentBob

    Nice show and you guys touched on some real interesting topics. Me personally I think Collin needs to start sooner rather than later. The back court situation is interesting and I wonder if it may flip to mildly mirror the Oklahoma City Thunder situation from a few seasons ago when they still had James Harden. Honestly I’d love to see James come off the bench for a scoring punch while still keeping his starters minutes. To me it’s more important to start off good on defense to keep the opponent from establishing rhythm. We have a loaded offense regardless so it’d make sense.

    And Bryant’s involvement is also interesting. You gotta keep the big man happy. Anyone who watches Noah’s games in the NBA has seen what frustration does to him. He runs around setting these monster screens, and then his teammates never return the favor and it leads to impatience. One of the more interesting things that happened in that Bellarmine game was in the second half when Thomas was getting visibly frustrated we weren’t feeding him. We got to the foul line and Yogi pulled him aside and I imagine said something along the lines of we’re gonna feed ya. The next play Yogi does that, and Thomas had an errant power dribble. The bigs do the vast majority of the dirty work. You have to feed them when they demand it, and that could be a problem with some of our scorers. This is where I think losing Stan Robinson will hurt a lot. To me he was easily our best post passer the past two years, and was phenomenal off the give and go. Unfortunately that was a skill that was naturally undervalued because our lack of a good big man last season. If we can get the give and go going with Troy or Collin and Thomas we will be a much better team.