• sarge

    Great interview coach! I really like our exhibition opponents being very good, experienced teams. The dismissals for off-court situations really hurt the players and staff (see Yogi’s big 10 media day interview). I will give all of them credit for staying focused on the upcoming season and becoming a stronger, more focused team. You can tell that they really care for each other and have fun, sometimes too much, with their teammates. Let’s show Bellarmine we are coming for them, and banner #6.

  • IUJeff

    Again. Very refreshing to hear intelligent thoughtful concise responses to questions. Crean has some guys on his staff that are great teachers of the game and I’m sure the players learn a great deal in practice.

    I’m am looking for us to better value the ball this next game. Turnovers near 20 is ridiculous. I just went to a Butler game last night (son considering college there) and they had 8 TOs for the whole game. That was in a blowout with walk-ons and players potentially to be red-shirted playing a lot of minutes.

  • SilentBob

    Back door cuts is something I’m gonna be looking for big time this game. Ottawa, once they realized their threes weren’t falling, really got some good penetration that allowed them to hit cutters. Our superior size and athleticism was able to erase some of those, but it sounds like this is a really big team. I shall be interested in seeing how we defend a team with division one size

  • straight no chaser

    Purdue will be watching closely! Let’s make Purdue feel some of Bellarmine’s pain.