Five takeaways from Hoosier Hysteria

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Indiana’s season opening event, Hoosier Hysteria, took place Saturday night in Assembly Hall and included player introductions, a 3-point shootout, dunk contest and a 15-minute scrimmage.

Here’s a look at five takeaways from Hysteria:

· Thomas Bryant looks healthy: Indiana’s freshman McDonald’s All-American has missed some time this preseason due to a sore arch in his foot, but he was a full participant on Saturday in Hysteria’s event. Bryant did a little bit of everything. He danced, he dunked and he ran the floor hard in the scrimmage.

The encouraging thing about Bryant’s participation was that he appeared to be moving at full speed. Tom Crean has said that Indiana has been cautious with Bryant in recent weeks and that he’s only had seven full practices.

“He still wears a boot. I didn’t make a decision on the dunk contest until really late this afternoon,” Crean said. “Not that he couldn’t do it. He’s definitely healing. We’re just trying to make sure we’re extremely precautionary with him.”

· Troy Williams appears to be a better shooter, but will it translate to games? Troy Williams talked about improvement in his jump shot this summer, but Saturday he put it on full display in winning the Hysteria 3-point shootout.

But can the junior forward carry over his improvement from the perimeter to the regular season? It’s certainly a storyline to monitor as the season gets underway.

As a sophomore, Williams only took 13 attempts from distance. With a strong lineup of capable shooters surrounding him, Williams certainly is still best utilized as a player who can create for himself and others off the dribble. But if he can keep defenses honest with the jumper, Indiana becomes even tougher to cover as opponents won’t be able to sag off and clog up the lane.

· Ferrell’s team controls scrimmage: Unsurprisingly, the team with Indiana’s best player, Yogi Ferrell, won the scrimmage to close out the evening.

Ferrell commanded his team well and mixed things up by showing his ability to both distribute and score. He established Bryant early and then made it a point to get into the lane and score when the opportunity was there.

“He’s got to take ownership of the guys on the court in putting them in the right spots all of the time,” Crean said. “As far as directing traffic, building confidence, building that belief that they’ve got to have in one another on the court. And it’s not just when things are going well. It’s when things are not going well.

“And Yogi’s got to be able to play over the tough shooting nights, he’s got to be able to play over the collapsing defenses or the defenses that are built on him. And he’s got to be the key component of how much the ball moves.”

· Hysteria’s entertainment value was high: Hysteria is an event built for the players, fans and recruits to enjoy and this year’s version didn’t disappoint.

From E! News host Catt Sadler’s strong performance as host to the video packages to the player introductions with pyro, the crowd was engaged throughout the evening. Matt Englert, known in Bloomington as “DJ Unique,” also deserves kudos for his work at center court. The event moved efficiently and didn’t drag on as it has at times in the past, which is important for keeping fans and recruits entertained.

This was Indiana’s best turnout for Hysteria since 2012, when the Hoosiers began the season ranked No. 1. Attendance was estimated at close to 13,000 fans, which simply doesn’t happen at many other places in the country.

· Recruit turnout strong as expected: Indiana had a strong list of prospects attend Hysteria, including multiple nationally ranked players.

It didn’t take long for the program to get a recruiting lift, either, as 2017 guard Al Durham committed early on Monday morning. Just some of the players spotted at Hysteria: Mario Kegler, who was on his official visit, 2016 commits Curtis Jones and Grant Gelon, 2017 five-star forward Kris Wilkes, 2017 wing Justin Smith and 2018 New Albany guard Romeo Langford, who is considered the best in-state player in the class.

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  • KmanCRK

    Look out world if Troy has improved his jump shot anywhere near what we saw from VO between SO and JR seasons. He was given zero respect a year ago allowing PUke and others to put a 5-man on him and hang in the paint. This would be a huge upgrade to the offense as a whole.

  • PV Mike

    We learned white guys can’t dance.

  • sarge

    I resent this comment as I am white, and I can dance;-)

  • Ole Man

    Hope they spent as much time with Kegler as they did with Durham. Also want Wilkes and Langford really bad!

  • sarge

    No doubt Ole Man, all three of those guys should be high on the wish list for most Hoosiers. I have tried to not get my hopes up with recruiting though, as it seems to be a day to day rollercoaster of emotion.

  • marcusgresham

    I was pretty stunned when I saw Bryant was a participant stuff–and really shocked when he was in the dunk contest…then thought Crean was probably dying when he sprinted the length of the court and tried to jump from the FT line.

  • millzy32

    You should become a member of Dancing with the Stars where the other 3 white dudes that can dance are employed. Rare company.

  • Ole Man


  • Hoosier_1158

    I did cringe a little bit when I saw him try that dunk. : )

  • straight no chaser

    Didn’t Joshua Langford commit to MSU? Did he decommit? Or is there another Langford? Edit: My bad, you mean Romeo Langford.

  • sarge

    Define “star”

  • sarge

    I don’t think I am worthy of the title, along with most of the participants

  • millzy32

    The ones that can dance aren’t the “Stars” they are the dancers or coaches or whatever they are called. FWIW I can’t wait until that show is in it’s rightful place (cancelled:)

  • showjo

    “And Yogi’s got to be able to play over the tough shooting nights, he’s got to be able to play over the collapsing defenses or the defenses that are built on him. And he’s got to be the key component of how much the ball moves.”

    Really like this quote. When he isn’t on the mark, Yogi has to understand that he has by far the most balanced offensive attack under his helm since his freshman year.

  • nyjchris

    Semi-bold prediction: Troy williams will be a top 10 pick in the 2016 nba draft

  • marcusgresham

    Isn’t it funny how age does that to you? I’d never in a million years have thought about a guy getting hurt just jumping when I was younger, but now that I’m in my mid-40s and feel pain coming down off of my kitchen counter to the floor (I’m also short, so that’s the only damn way to reach the top shelf in my cabinets!) I cringe at stuff like that.

  • Hoosier_1158

    I thought TB moved really well, didn’t seem that sore arch was bothering him or concerned he would hurt it again. It was worth the 3 hour drive, which should have been half that for me. I should have remembered every old person in Indiana would be in Nashville on Saturday afternoon. lol I’ll never take 46 again.