Notebook: Troy Williams the first player to ever win Hoosier Hysteria dunk and 3-point contests

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As Troy Williams stood next to Yogi Ferrell and Nick Zeisloft on Saturday night as they argued over who is the team’s best shooter after a three-way tie in the men’s 3-point shootout, the Hoosiers junior had one comment.

“I’m just here so I don’t get fined,” he said with a laugh.

But after women’s basketball player and women’s 3-point shootout winner Tyra Buss chose Williams to face in the overall final — she mentioned Williams isn’t known for his shooting — the 6-foot-7 forward showcase an improved perimeter stroke.

Williams beat Buss, 18-14, in the final to win the Hoosier Hysteria 3-point shootout. And just minutes later, Williams went on to win the dunk contest over Juwan Morgan with a reverse slam in the final.

He became the first player to ever win both the 3-point shooting and dunk contests in the same Hoosier Hysteria.

“I’m not one for talking,” he said, “but I need to quiet some people down when need be.”

And after his wins, when Hoosier Hysteria emcee Catt Sadler jokingly asked what he ate for breakfast, Williams had a simple reply.

“I don’t eat breakfast,” he said. “Thoroughbred.”

Bryant a full participant, newcomers ‘learning a lot of things’

Freshman forward Thomas Bryant was a full participant in Hoosier Hysteria after he battled a foot injury and strep throat over the first couple of weeks of practice.

Bryant, who participated in the 3-point shootout, dunk contest and 20-minute scrimmage, completed just his seventh practice of the season earlier on Saturday, according to Indiana coach Tom Crean. But his impact, he said, is already noticeable.

“All of the sudden the energy of our practices pick up,” Crean said. “He has this infectious energy.”

Bryant is among several newcomers to the Hoosiers this season — including fellow freshmen O.G. Anunoby, Morgan and Harrison Niego and graduate student Max Bielfeldt, who Crean said “brings a lot to the team.” And while Crean said the staff is proud of what the newcomers are doing, he mentioned there still is a long way to go in terms of their understanding of playing through fatigue and the new shot clock.

But that didn’t hold back his overall optimism about them as they ready for their first exhibition in just over a week.

“They have incredible attitudes,” Crean said. “They want to learn and they work to get better every day.”

Hartman limited with rib injury

Junior Collin Hartman was held out of the scrimmage and was limited to participating in only the 3-point shootout as he continues to heal from a rib injury.

Crean told the media following Hoosier Hysteria that he does not expect Hartman to be in action for another week, but he gave no guarantees on his recovery timeframe, either.

“I don’t want to predict because everybody heals differently,” he said. “But I wouldn’t expect him in the next week. I’d say it would be sometime after that in a guessing game. But that’s the best guess. It’s gotta heal.”

Bryant leads all scorers in scrimmage

Bryant led all scorers in the 20-minute scrimmage with 13 points, as his Cream team with Ferrell, Robert Johnson and Anunoby, among others, topped the Crimson squad, 35-28.

Williams led the Crimson team, which also included James Blackmon Jr., Nick Zeisloft, Morgan and Bielfeldt, with nine points, and he also added two assists, two blocks, one steal and one rebound.

Additional standouts during the scrimmage included Anunoby, who was the third-highest scorer with eight points, Ryan Burton, who finished with the highest rebound total at five, and Blackmon, who recorded six points, a scrimmage-high four assists, one rebound and one steal.

Crean jokes about best-, worst-dressed players

When asked by Sadler who is the best-dressed player on the team, Crean was quick to rank Williams as the best, followed by Bielfeldt and James Blackmon Jr.

But he also did not hesitate in mentioning the Hoosiers’ worst-dressed player, as well.

“Thomas has mastered how to wear sweatsuits that don’t match,” Crean said. “He’s that guy.”

Fuchs to remain part of IU basketball team

Sophomore Jordan Fuchs was announced as a member of the Hoosiers’ basketball team on Saturday night, but the dual-sport athlete could not be in attendance as he was with the IU football team in East Lansing.

Fuchs played in three games for the Hoosiers as a freshman after joining the team following the end of football season in late November.

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  • Ms hoosier

    Proud to see Troy improve his shot it will really make him much harder to defend. Just hope he continues to play his game and not settle for three’s.

  • cooper

    Shocked Bryant was in the dunk contest but good to hear he is healed

  • straight no chaser

    He looked great in the scrimmage. Gonna be a defensive beast (which of course will come with foul trouble), and smooth under the basket. Also has a good shooting touch from 3.

  • straight no chaser

    Oh, he will never settle for threes. He loves flying around that rim. He was born for showtime.

  • straight no chaser

    I was at Hysteria tonight. Here is some poetic insight:

    Troy has a much more confident and mature swagger.

    Imagine Yogi with a brilliant big man. Flashbacks anyone?

    Thomas, wow! A powerhouse, treats the rim like his baby on D.

    James will be with us after this year, because he’s not going down in history as a shooter (unless he’s just messing with us in Hysteria, lol). But he is and will be a great player: slasher, rebounder, distributor.

    Folks, you heard it here first, O.G. will be second after Thomas (not Max). Nothing against Max; OG is a superstar in the making, and CTC will give him minutes. And he is a very versatile player, what Crean loves.

  • BC Hoosier

    I know Vic’s name gets mentioned a lot when comparing OG to someone. Which is true somewhat…underrated, similar backgrounds, athletic, and raw. But personally, I see him developing in CTC system as a more athletic CWat. He’ll end up as a 6’8ish 230lbs, long armed versatile player on both ends of the floor. His shot will improve over time, as well as his ability to guard 1-5.

  • marcusgresham

    My musings from last night’s festivities.
    Bryant–Glad to see him on the floor, because in the past anyone who has come in injured has been held out. It’s hard to describe him physically, because he’s huge and still kind of thin at the same time. A couple of years in a weight program will make him a monster. His shot looks good and he used both hands around the basket.

    Morgan–Rough night, but he had to guard Bryant so hopefully that speaks more to Bryant’s pending greatness than Juwan’s need for improvement but he was just outmatched physically (there looked to be about 3 inches difference between them,) and picked up 4 fouls in a 15-minute scrimmage.

    Anunoby–If you weren’t there last night to have already done so, you will fall in love with this kid, and I think it will be sooner than later. He had absolutely massive thighs already, even though his upper body is on the thin side. I previously said he wouldn’t be a banger but would stay at wing, but he has the base to plant himself and not get moved. He has a nose for the ball and seemed to just be in the right place with frequency. I know they said he was 6’7 when IU signed him and now he’s listed at 6’8, but I’m not sure he hasn’t already surpassed that. He looks really big—when you see them together he’s already substantially bigger and taller than Williams. Wish the guy doing the floor announcing would have learned to say his name correctly, as he kept saying “uh-NO-bee.” I asked OG during the autograph session and he said it is “ann-oo-NO-bee.” Don’t worry, it won’t be long to everyone knows it.

    Niego–Also asked him, and the announcer did get his right (but not Crean,) as it’s “NEE-go,” not “nee-A-go.”

    Bielfeldt–Does nothing that really stands out, but is just steady and calm (and has calves that look like bocci balls. He and Hartman (who everyone knows from pictures has seriously bulked up in the arms,) are going to be able to come off the bench as needed to instruct everyone to “CTFD.”

    If Troy Williams is the best shooter on THIS team, he might be an All-American and will absolutely be gone and rich at the end of the season.

    Blackmon didn’t waste time when he was out with the leg injury, as he also looks a lot thicker in the upper body. He didn’t shoot well last night but I remember back to the year Yogi bulked up and it took him a while to adjust to his new-found strength. JBJ already looked to me to be handling the ball better. He also was what appeared to be a far more willing (and successful) passer.

    Priller actually had a beautiful driving reverse lay-up and-one. I suspect it will probably be the highlight of his season, but it was still a pretty move.

    Robert Johnson is as no-nonsense as you can get. He just does what he does with no pretense.

    Yogi is ready to go. Stronger, quicker, seemed to make the ball defy gravity a couple of times dribbling.

    Catt Sadler had the tightest pants a human being has ever worn. She must be a world-class athlete just to have been able to have gotten into them and walk in the shoes she had on. She did a good job and was enthusiastic, but Sage Steele is still the best (until the day Vic retires and they bring him back to emcee.)

    Tyra Buss is a good shooter (and my wife pointed out, looks like Meghan Trainor.)

  • marcusgresham

    I don’t know if Watford is the person I’d use in that comparison. First, Watford was always a solid outside shooter which (at this point,) appears to be OG’s weakest point. What he does have that Watford didn’t, is incredible athletic ability (remember the high number of shots Christian had swatted. I don’t see that happening with OG because he’ll happily go over people….I also don’t know if he ends up 6’8 230 because he might already be there now and I think the kid is still growing!

  • glad to see that we agree about OG

  • Agree. I’d say Morgan is more like Watford, assuming he develops a shot. Maybe like Watford, without a great outside jumper, but better inside presence?

  • straight no chaser

    Okay can we shake hands and agree that Juwan was not overhyped? Lol

  • CreanFaithful

    Wat only shot 32% from 3 as a freshman. Progressed every year at IU.

  • BC Hoosier

    Like I said, “a more athletic CWat” and “6’8ish” (still growing).
    The point that I was trying to make is, I see him playing/fitting into CTC’s system similar to CWat. I hear a lot of people comparing him to Vic and describing him as a guard/wing. I think he’ll develop more into the “4” spot in CTC’s system.
    And for what it’s worth, I wouldn’t really describe CWAT as a solid outside shooter during his freshman year.

  • Yes. (see my other, longer reply)

  • dwdkc

    Thanks for the scouting reports. Can’t wait to see these guys in action.

  • CreamandCrimson

    So you believe that OG is the back-up big right now? I know you don’t believe in positions, it’s “spots” so I say “big”, not “center”.

  • straight no chaser

    Part of it is what I think we will see, as the season progresses, and wishfully in terms of what I would love to see. And I do see OG spending much of his time around the rim, although he is very versatile (played the guard position for a long time when he was called on). I think he will progressively get more and more minutes a la Emmitt Holt. My observation from seeing him play is that he is ready to start mixing it up with B1G competition. But Crean, and wisely so, will ease him in very gradually. My intuition tells me that he will mostly compete with Max for minutes. I love Max and his attitude, but selfishly I want to invest more in the player who will be with us next year. If I have to make a prediction, I say OG works his way up to at least as many minutes as Max, if not more. marcusgresham had a very nice post about his observations of OG in Hysteria.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Very interesting and thanks for your observations and for sharing your thoughts…I appreciate it. I, of course, read Marcus’ comment and am interested to see how it all starts playing out next week. I was rather excited about OG when I watched a few of his games online after he committed but it appears that even my excitement may have been underselling the impact he could have on this team and eventually, this program. It’s easy to forget but there is one more piece to the interior spot that will see some minutes down low (although I hope the vast majority of his minutes are at the 3/stretch 4) that didn’t play on Saturday night and that’s Collin Hartman. Long story short, if OG is a valuable contributor that IU can rely on, the interior depth likely won’t be a crippling weakness.