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    I really liked what was said when it came to defense, now my hope is that it translates 110 % from simply talking about it to results on the floor. This was the most that I can ever remember Crean talking about utilizing a full court press. I really hope that that comes to fruition as well, but I will happily settle for very noticeable improvement in the half court.

    The one thing that I would have liked to have been addressed was leadership, and if, after his earlier blunt assessment of our clear lack of leadership, that has changed any. I know that he kind of addressed it with the very last question, but I would really liked to have heard him address that aspect directly. Has the leadership vacuum gotten better, has there been no change, has someone stepped up and assumed it, those kind of things. Maybe the fact that he didn’t mention it being any better than it has been in the past is because it hasn’t gotten any better. Sometimes what isn’t said is just as important, or more, than what is said.

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    Bryant increased his vertical 9 inches?!? Crazy! Testament to the work he’s been putting in this summer.

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    yeah, i would have been interested in a response to the leadership question. i’d have to imagine the message has been sent loud and clear to YF, this is his team. he’s the the leader, he’s the PG, on and off the court. if stupid crap happens again, he should assume a significant part of the blame, fair or unfair. and if there is another HMP sighting anywhere in bloomington (i’m praying that individual is gone and never, ever comes back), he needs to kick HMP’s butt all the way back to tennessee!

  • SilentBob

    Perhaps he doesn’t want to jinx it? Lol. I personally believe that leadership has to be a knights of the round table type thing, yet still having that “Arthur” everyone looks up to. I hope to see this whole team step up vocally, both on and off the court, from the All Americans to the walk ons. However if this were football it would be interesting to see who, or whom, got the “C” slapped on their chest.

  • SCHoosier

    Things that caught my attention: “Decision making with the ball (pass vs shoot) and defense will determine who gets the minutes this year.” (Music to my ears.) “Poor choices don’t always mean poor character.”..while pointing out that the players have a SHARED responsibility to avoid poor choices.Developing players- if u doubt TC’s ability to understand and implement player development..listen again to his expectations for Rob Johnson from freshman year to this year. Outstanding analysis. It also sounds like….given the words spoken per minute.. TC’s lungs are in good shape for the new season:)

  • straight no chaser

    I don’t expect a leadership vacuum to be filled, at least not in such a short time. Leaders emerge not only of their own will but through establishing credibility with those they are leading. Credibility is only established on the court when playing real games (I mean that’s where a leader earns respect), not in the classroom, not in study hall, not in the gym, not in the sand pit, not at chipotle!

  • Young Hoosier

    One thing I’d really love to see this year is more on ball pressure. Crean stresses deflections like a mad man but I’d like to see him stress turning those deflections into steals. Being that one step quicker. Our offense would greatly benefit from it with Troy, Yogi and JBJ on a break. In a perfect world… you’d be able to have those running with JBJ stopping short at the 3 and have the option to him, Yogi score or Yogi throw it up to Troy for the jam. This team isn’t going to be a physical force on the defensive end. Just too small from position to position. But we can be feisty and fast.

  • Ole Man

    Thought he said Biefeldt? Must be going deaf.

  • HoosierStuckInKY

    I think MB’s was 5 inches since he’s been on campus and TB’s was 9 inches.

  • curtis south

    Well this was gonna be my post I guess I will just reply to yours.

    How many times have we seen a Crean team full court press? I loved EVERY thing else he said in the video but this is the 1 area that I think falls on coach Crean 100%. Hopefully it was a strength and conditioning problem in the past and I am wrong! I just cant see a Crean team full court pressing much.

  • curtis south

    Ya know what I hate your kinda of post. EVERY one has free will and no one can be watched 100% of the time! Yes Yogi is the leader but he cant be held accountable for their choices!

  • curtis south

    Yes that leads me to my last post! Who other than Yogi is scolding players on the court? I have seen Troy do it but Yogi is in their ear if they botch a play!

  • curtis south

    Well this may not be the rite place to post this but I just cant wait to see the gain Robert Johnson has made! I have loved this kid since day one and I think he is gonna be something special!

  • curtis south

    Nothing worth saying sorry if that’s your beef then you said nothing!


    Excellent way of putting it.


    Yea, I’m kinda in the, I think I’ve heard this one before so I’ll believe it when I see it, mode.

    I preface this next part with, I’m not a RMK hater or one that only points out what I disliked about him. It really irked me that he was such a good teacher of team defense and just defense overall, but yet refused to only put on full court pressure when we had to have it at the end of the game. I’ve never coached at anything approaching the level that RMK did, but it doesn’t take someone that has coached at that level to know that, if something is important enough that it goes a long way in determining whether you win or lose the game, and you never use it in actual games unless the game is on the line, you’re probably not going to be good enough at it to get the desired effect from it.