Indiana finalizing agreement to host the University of Ottawa for exhibition

  • 09/23/2015 4:08 pm in

Indiana is close to completing its 2015-2016 schedule with a second exhibition game.

Sources told Inside the Hall on Wednesday afternoon that the Hoosiers are close to an agreement with University of Ottawa for an exhibition game on Tuesday, Nov. 3 at Assembly Hall.

The Gee-Gees beat Indiana last August on their trip to Montreal, 109-101, in a fast-paced game in which the teams combined for 25 made 3-pointers.

Ottawa went on to win the silver medal last season in the CIS, the governing body for university sports in Canada.

Indiana now has 19 home dates scheduled for Assembly Hall, which is undergoing renovations, for the upcoming season.

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  • inLinE6

    Nice. Glad to see a returned quality opponent.


    I wonder how they’ll feel about a 30 second shot clock. Could be a bit of a change for them.

  • Drew

    I could be wrong, but I believe they used a 24 second shot clock during the Canada trip last year.


    They use a 24 second shot clock everywhere except the US. So I wonder if it’ll still be a high scoring game or if our defense will actually show up.

  • SCHoosier

    Didn’t these guys have one of their better starters out of action that game? No push overs for certain.


    I feel like we should have knew that our defense would be terrible last year… they didn’t play much of any in Canada. So hopefully they’ll be able to play some this year.

  • Robert Weber

    Can’t wait to pencil this one in. 😉

  • Hoosier Hall

    Hopefully it is high scoring again. More entertaining than watching a grinder.

  • Hoosier Hall

    No, it was Carleton that had their best player out against us. We won that game.


    We can score as much as we want. But it’d be nice if we played some defense for once.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I’m glad that IU will be challenging themselves in an exhibition game. On a typical year for them, they’d compete (and beat) quite a few good D1 teams.

    While I’m glad the Hoosiers are going to play this game, it strikes me as a risky move for Tom Crean. Win this game and the majority of the fan base (I think most of us would be able to see it as a decent sign if IU can win and play well) will ignore it as meaningless. Lose this game and the sky will be falling, the “hot seat” talk will immediately ramp up and it will be mentioned on every sports site as “IU and Embattled Head Coach Crean Lose Exhibition Game!”. Again, I think this helps IU much more than playing someone like Marian University or Anderson University but it’s a dangerous opponent to schedule an exhibition game, particularly with the current precarious position our program is in.

  • SilentBob

    If we just simply win it won’t tell me much. Their on our turf playing by our rules this time, and Devin Davis was playing the 5 last time we saw them. But these Canadians play some high IQ basketball. If we can stop their offense and make it look “easy” I will feel much better about our defensive assertiveness

  • TomJameson

    I feel pretty certain IU will win, but NEVER will I look past any team! LOL

    I think (like SilentBob) that we’ll learn something about IU BB by HOW we win. We know this team is pretty good offensively, so the main thing we all will be looking for is our defensive effort, as a team and individually.

    The second thing I’ll be looking for is how the team plays together, and then their stamina, THEN I’ll look at how well the offense is. Of course if everything else gels, the offense will probably look great!

  • Ole Man

    Crean is already on the hot seat this year. Another “average” season and he’s not just toast, he’s “Burnt Toast”.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I’m well aware of the situation Tom Crean is in. I was merely talking about how quickly a tricky exhibition game that doesn’t go quite according to plan could ratchet up the narrative. Point being, I think a lot of fans are waiting for the first negative result of the season to vocally turn on the coaching staff (I know some are already there) and this game (against a quality opponent) brings real risk of starting that booing in Assembly Hall and the national attention that will bring before the regular season even begins.

    I’m sure whatever thoughts I have on the matter are completely irrelevant and none of the exhibition game stuff will matter once the results that count begin accumulating.

  • Ole Man

    To the contrary, I think you posted a good opinion. I was merely hoping to add to it with my thought; not to contradict it.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Thank you sir…I think I’m probably thinking too much about the coach’s job status and the future of the program and “big picture” stuff (again).

    I’m rather skeptical the on-court product, but more importantly the off-court culture, can be changed enough that I feel great about Tom Crean as the head coach long-term. That being written, I’m going to try really, really hard all season to only think about the 2015-2016 season. This group of players could achieve some good things if they work on the necessary improvements and are able to keep themselves out of trouble. I’m going to try and pay attention to what each game means for the season, not for the overall future of the program (which I firmly believe will be decided based on whether or not this year’s team can have a great season…I don’t think “good” is good enough). Long story short, I think I’ll get more enjoyment out of this season if I don’t try to think about the long-term future of the program! Anyway, here’s to a fun season.

  • Ole Man

    Your last two sentences sum it up nicely!!