• whomikewho

    Priller looks great

  • Tokesville

    JBJ looked great coming back from his minor setback

  • straight no chaser

    ooo fancy … i’d also love to see crean teaching D.

  • ArghSonOfOhCrap

    I thought so as well he needs speed

  • fourputtsforsnowman

    Good to see them doing some strength training that should translate into sustainable lateral quickness…they need that to improve defensively.

  • straight no chaser

    agreed. very necessary but not sufficient condition.

  • SCHoosier

    Yes..I thought he moved around very well.

  • Meadows007

    I would love to see a full picture of that record board in the weight room that was shown briefly. Does anybody know what the Hoosier Drill is?

  • Sghoosier

    No wonder they need to blow off steam and have a few beves! Who can blame them.

  • whomikewho

    too soon

  • WhatsUpKnight2.0

    great seeing jbj back in action!

  • marcusgresham

    Crean’s not allowed to be teaching much D at this point; however, strength and conditioning help contribute to D.

  • straight no chaser

    good point … but i want to see some youtubes of crean showing us some of his artistry, a la tom izzo.