Former IU forward Emmitt Holt issues apology

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Former Indiana forward Emmitt Holt, who was dismissed from the program last week, issued the following statement via email on Sunday afternoon:

Editor’s note: The statement is unedited.

Dear Indiana University Community,
While my dismissal from the Indiana basketball team was a consequence of my own choices, I’m primarily gulity of doing what most young college students do on any given weekend which is participate in campus life which often includes engaging in the use of alcohol. As a member of the Indiana basketball team I realize that I am held to a higher standard than most college students, coaches and family down and for that I’m truly sorry. I promise to learn from my mistakes and I look forward to pursuing my studies and my basketball career at Indian Hills. I want to thank Coach Crean, the entire staff, my teammates and most of all the great fans of Indiana Basketball for my time I’m Bloomington.
Emmitt Holt

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  • sarge

    It is a sad situation. I really like EH and thought he would have a breakout season. Good luck to you sir, and thank you for being apart of this team. I am going to miss you this season.

  • ForeverIU

    He said that before, so we know he doesn’t believe it. And he shouldn’t believe it.

  • SCHoosier

    Classy thing for him to do. EH is on target when he says he is held to a higher standard than the average college 18 year old. Best of luck to you Emmit!

  • ArghSonOfOhCrap

    From D1 to community college… Loved your game EH something tells me your basketball career is far from over.

  • David Macer

    This a very classy thing to do. Its too bad that he realized too late just how good he had it and Indiana. The kid will be a great adult !!

  • Ole Man

    Too bad he was flushed for a relatively minor indiscretion.
    See how that works?

  • FunkyHouserMd

    Im not gonna be the first one to say it…

  • bazaroworld

    Good kid, but I take exception to being held at a higher standard. It is just a different standard. Since he started playing sports in school at any level, he was told the rules he was going to have live by to play. It is a matter of choice. Not better or higher. Different. Until he understands that, he has a problem with life.

  • stevetodd73

    I will! This is an excuse with a apology attached and written by a child without proper guidance. He should have been made aware of culpability, but he was obviously not and to me that explains why he has had issues at IU. I sure hope the people that are around him find away to get through to him, and or he finds others to surround himself with that will help him understand!!!!

  • LennyFassbender

    At least have someone proofread that thing, Emmitt. It’s an embarrassment on multiple levels. Jeez…

  • whomikewho

    you ain’t lyin’

  • MK


  • MK

    Jeeze. Just can’t win with some of you guys. He didn’t have to say anything. Gimme a break

  • Bled4IU

    IU, except the apology and CTC, bring him back on the team! lol

  • Carolina Hoosier

    Nice thing for EH to do. Yes, there was an embedded excuse, but the kid is only 18, so we adults should over look that. I hope he has a great year at Indian Hills both as a player and a person.
    I’m ready to move on and start talking about basketball! We’ve got a great team with a chance to hang a banner or two.

  • BluegrassHoosier

    Punishment didn’t fit the crime. Bring the kid back and admit that both he and CTC made mistakes.

  • ForeverIU

    What? When our only reliable (and yet untested) player around the hoop is a freshman that many of us have already labeled as Mr. First Strike? Who is his backup? Max? The same Max who suffered from injury during most of his Michigan career?

  • INUnivHoosier

    This apology probably would have been better left unsaid. I’m no PR guy, though.

  • ForeverIU

    Can you imagine the pressure on these kids to regurgitate canned apologies?

  • INUnivHoosier

    I have no doubt there is plenty of pressure. I just think it comes across as an excuse more than an apology. It would probably have been better for him to just not say anything. This just invites a conversation that I think does nothing to repair damage and exacerbates the division that’s already there.

  • ForeverIU

    I agree, but I’m just positing the idea that the choice to offer such an apology might not be so clearly his. There’s family, there’s his new boss and administration, and a number of other factors informing his decision to offer an explanation/apology. The politics behind the apology are more interesting to me than the apology itself.

  • mark

    Well said. No chance for a B10 title with such a thin frontcourt

  • PBzeer

    “Devin is not only a teammate, but a great friend and it pains me to
    know that I have caused him harm,” he said. “I sincerely regret my
    actions, and I understand that I must be held accountable to the high
    standards that coach Crean and IU have set for all of us. I want to
    apologize to coach, to my teammates and to the entire IU community for
    not living up to the expectations that this program and university
    deserve. I will work hard in the coming days, weeks and months to become
    a better man and teammate.” – Nov 2014

    10 months later, another apology, this time, for not living up to his previous apology. Kinda makes the first sound pretty hollow.

  • SCHoosier

    Thanks for posting that previous apology. Some people have short memories.

  • ForeverIU

    The kid is having a hard time seeing anything wrong in what he did, so it’s expected for him to recycle his apology. The fault is in large part on the hypocritical system that put him in such a position.

  • N71

    The part that grinds me is that he was a key player. As to whether or not it was fair, I suppose it was. 200+ other kids got tagged by the police that weekend and for other students, whether its their first, second, or third event its a problem for them. I had run ins while at IU and it caused me problems, if an IU BB players gets nailed a second time, well, it should be a problem for them too. Most people who get caught a first time though seem to rarely get caught again, they wise up by either not drinking or learning discretion. At least that was what I observed.


    What hypothetical system?

  • SeeingRed

    You seem to have a relentless desire to divert focus from the primary actor in this soap opera. Honestly, who the heck cares whether his parents made him do this, whether IU asked him to, or whether he simply decided he wanted to say his piece in a convoluted apology-excuse?

    You’re overthinking everything in regard to this situation. He’s a young man who made a couple poor choices, didn’t do right by his coach or the program, and now will have every opportunity to work his way back to DI college basketball. And maybe to a lucrative career playing in Italy or Greece. Or somewhere.

    All is not lost for EH. It’s well past time for the pity party to end.


    I know you are talking about the politics of the apology, but while we’re on that subject, based on what has been made public I’d have to say that there was more than just a little bit of politics going on behind the scenes when it comes to his dismissal. Too many things happened and the way that they happened are what primarily makes me believe that. When EH’s first incident happened we didn’t hear TC saying that DD, a sophomore at the time, “should never have had my freshman in that kind of situation”, but EH, as a sophomore, was in the wrong in that way and in a whole lot less dramatic situation. EH is totally dismissed from the team, while ” TC’s freshman” is only given some extra running and will not miss a single game for his involvement and JM receives nothing at all, or at least none publicly, and he was definitely there since he was the freakin’ driver ! Let me also state that I don’t think TB’s punishment should be a whole lot stiffer, cause I believe his punishment is about right, just not right in comparison to what was handed out to EH. I fully believe that EH deserved some kind of punishment, and a pretty harsh one at that, maybe even harsh enough that he would have strongly considered transferring rather than accept it. Some people like to say that it’s all about learning to make decisions, so hand out a harsh enough penalty that it has to make him think about if he’s going to accept it or not and let him “make some decisions”. I think the whole preconference or even half of the season was fair, but not a complete dismissal from the team. Some will say that every kid’s situation is different when it comes to how and why a kid is or isn’t punished and to that I agree and those factors are exactly why I think a complete dismissal was unwarranted, but a harsh penalty was warranted. IMHO, politics, aka political correctness in this matter, was the driving force behind the decision that was made.


    Said hypocritical not hypothetical.

  • iuball11

    Haha. I love this apology, he’s 100% correct.

  • iuball11

    Ole Man and I finally agree on something.

  • iuball11

    Is he not correct in what he’s saying? Let’s not take away these kids college experiences just because they are good at jumping high and putting an iron ball into a hoop.

    At the end of the day, he’s a 19-20 year old kid who liked to party and drink with his friends as most of the 40,000 IU student body does. It irks me to see him kicked off the team for possessing a $10 bottle of Karkov, considering if you walk through every dorm room at IU you’ll find one in probably 40% of the rooms.

    Let’s get off of our high horses. Some of you act like this kid needs to enter rehab or something. He’s just a normal kid and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a shame to see him go for this.

  • IU Hoosiers # 34, 1979-83

    Life goes on.

  • PBzeer

    Life is what it is. You either learn to deal with it or not. Just like on the court, you either adjust to the refs, or you foul out. The only one responsible for Emmit’s “position” is Emmit.

    Life isn’t fair. Never has been, never will be. Some people will slide, others will get caught. Only way to not get caught is to not do something you can be caught at. It’s not rocket science.

  • ForeverIU

    I get that. But the important thing to ask for IU basketball is why the same sort of thing keeps happening, again and again. Is the number of incidents typical for a program of our stature? If not, then why not? What the heck is going on? There is an issue of culture, somewhere, somehow. And I think the coach, his staff, and administration are ultimately responsible for inculcating a certain sustainable culture and work ethic (or lack thereof). Someone has to take responsibility here and quit being so dang prudish (and I don’t mean you; I mean CTC & Co., Glass and McRobbie).

  • ForeverIU

    I get that. And I explained what I mean to PBzeer. What I’m more interested in knowing is why so many of our players seem not to have respect for our coaches. I find it hard to believe that it’s all on the players who “violate”. Call it insolence, or whatever you like, but someone has to be faulted for not finding ways to command respect and attention from players.

  • ForeverIU

    I agree 100%. I think what we have is a culture gone amuck, and we are slapping on band aids and only after things have reached the level of scandal.

  • ForeverIU

    I would have never “overthought” this incident if it were one of a few of its kind. It’s happening over and over and over again, to the point where I have lost trust in our ability to go through a season without this kind of drama. It’s almost as though we need someone to come in and do a cultural/social study and evaluation of the state of IU basketball and identify root causes.

  • I was strongly against Holt’s dismissal, but after reading his statement, I understand it. This was not an apology. It was an excuse, a justification, a rationalization for his behavior. Yes, the offense was petty (not technically a crime that can go on a person’s record by state law), but if that was his attitude with coaches “It’s no big deal, everyone does it, I’m the victim”, then I’m sure that wouldn’t sit well with any coach. If it had been a DUI, I have no doubt he would have been dismissed immediately, but CTC waited a week to make the announcement. I think a lot transpired in that week that we don’t know about between Holt and coaches that ultimately led to his dismissal. Just guessing.

  • CreanFaithful

    I agree with 98% of what you said. But if CTC said anything negative in wake of the DD incident, about DD, he would have been beheaded and rightfully so. Kid was battling for his life at that point.

    Also wish you would find a break in your paragraph somewhere. lol

  • SeeingRed

    The root causes are the same as they have always been. There are rules and laws, and humans tend to want to do what they want. If they don’t value their status on a team higher than doing what they want, they end up like EH and the laundry list of other guys in this athletic department.

    Right now, either our coaches are unable to effectively impress the value of being an IU athlete on these guys or IU is taking too many chances recruiting. Or possibly both. I don’t think it’s a lot more complicated than that.

    Both of those issues should be addressed by the AD.

  • SilentBob

    I believe you may be looking to much into it. This wasn’t a required apology. A simple gentlemans good bye. I believe he is

  • VanPastorMan

    Cody Zeller said in an interview that he never drank while at IU. There is that. Obviously it can be done. Holt should have left out the part where he tried to rationalize his behavior.

  • John D Murphy

    “But the important thing to ask for IU basketball is why the same sort of thing keeps happening, again and again.” For once, I agree with TC…no leadership.

  • IUPatrick

    I realize and can appreciate the struggle a coaching staff can go through in regards with watching players the other parts of any given day when they are not at team events, practices etc… And I truly believe CTC and the other coaches have made it more than a point to the IU players to stay away from alcohol, drugs or other bad elements. But how far have they gone beyond that? How much do they really know about where their players are or who they hang with? Do they make it an initiative (daily) not only for themselves but for the captains and veterans of the team to check on the younger guys outside team activities? If they do – then why are these kind of issues popping up once to twice a year? And the most glaring question, at least for me, concerning this last incident is why in the world is Hanner Mosquera-Perea hanging with any of the IU players for any reason at any time? How did this happen and how didn’t someone know it was happening? Someone other than the other 2 IU players in that car had to know that Hanner was still running with Emmitt. When Hanner was excused from the team…. that meant he was to have nothing to do with the basketball program (for reasons we all understand) which meant nothing to do with the program’s players. I understand that Emmitt and Hanner were friends and probably stayed in contact regardless. But two obvious faces near Assembly Hall were in a car together with another of IU’s familiar face – our only McDonald’s All-American – and with alcohol. What gives? I truly try to not Crean Bash for the sake of Crean bashing but this one bothers me. My Grandpa use to say “nothings wrong but something ain’t right”. And something clearly ain’t right here.

  • John D Murphy

    I think the only banner this team is capable of hanging might say “NO ARRESTS IN 102 DAYS”. But that would be a long shot at this point.

  • PBzeer

    Prudish would be no second chance. Or do you think IU athletics should have no rules against underage drinking? Against pot smoking? Ya either have rules or ya don’t.


    The swiping on my phone didn’t think so lol. But yes hypocritical.

  • Hoosier_PD

    There is too high of a rate of transfers for IU to have good upper class leadership.