Jones gets a “great feel” for IU on official visit

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Class of 2016 Huntington Prep guard Curtis Jones and his family got an in-depth look at Indiana basketball this weekend.

The four-star prospect was on campus from Friday to Sunday on an official visit and his father, Curtis Jones Sr., said the family left Bloomington with a much better feeling for the program.

“It showed us what Indiana basketball is and it’s a big deal,” Jones Sr. told Inside the Hall. “We got a great feel for the program. I think Curt walked away feeling that way. I know myself and my wife, we walked away feeling like the coaching staff is really good at what they do. Just good people. Everybody we came in contact were really good people.”

The 6-foot-3 combo guard, a former high school teammate of current IU freshman Thomas Bryant and a friend of sophomore guard Robert Johnson, had the chance to see a variety of different things while on campus.

Jones Sr. mentioned the academics, tradition, the fans and the coaching staff as some of the things that stood out the most.

“It was a great visit,” he said. “The campus, the tradition, the coaching staff, everything was really, really good. The tradition, you can feel it when you’re on the campus. It’s a big deal in college basketball. That part was great.

“Academic part was excellent. Curtis got a chance to tour the Kelley School of Business. I learned so much about what they do. That’s a big deal, also.”

From a basketball and fit standpoint, Jones and his family continue to build a strong relationship with the Indiana coaching staff, who watched him diligently in July.

Jones plays for Boo Williams, which also produced Johnson and Troy Williams.

“Coach Crean is just really good at what he does. He’s in the business of making kids better. We got a strong feel for that with him and his coaching staff. Coaching staff is great, coach (Tim) Buckley is great.”

Up next for Jones are official visits to Georgetown and Oklahoma State.

Based on the glowing review that Jones Sr. gave of the Indiana trip, it appears the Hoosiers are in excellent shape with the No. 86 prospect in the 247Composite.

“In talking with my wife, my family and my son, we really felt good about the visit and what Indiana has to offer,” Jones Sr. said. “But not only that, the fans. You could feel the pride when we went across campus. Everybody takes being a Hoosier personal and there’s a sense of pride. You can feel that as well.

“We really enjoyed the visit. From the academic side, obviously from the basketball side, just getting to know Indiana basketball, Indiana the university, we walked away from it knowing that Indiana is a great place.”

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  • 11th and Done (Dunn)

    Huh, well alright then.

  • SCHoosier

    What’s not to like about that critique? Getting Jones and Brown would put IU in really great shape at the guard position..

  • Bill Graham

    I know most people are going to be thrilled by this but I’m just not as high on this kid as Bridges, or Brown, or Maker, or Davis, or Alkins. He seems kinda overrated to me. He’s skinny, a good shooter, but he moves awkwardly, and does not seem to have a physical presence or immense quickness. Just a good shooter and smart player.

  • Dagwoods

    For me, he’s underrated. Kind of reminds me of a “Jordan Crawford”, overshadowed by your Eric Gordon’s. I think he’d be a steal.

  • Tyler T

    Not too crazy on this guy, but I will take any decent guards at this point. We will need the depth. I’m more high on Davis. I really hope we can snag him…

  • Tyler T

    That would definitely be solid. Especially with RoJo as the senior leader.

  • Bk39

    Curtis would be a great get. We need top guards and Curtis is certainly one of the better ones and comes from a Boo Williams program so you know he will be coming in with the right attitude to improve and work hard.

  • Drew

    We need good shooters and smart players.

  • SilentBob

    From what I’ve read his speed is top notch. Once he puts some meat on his bones and tightens handle I think he has a chance of being a great guard. But I do wonder how much he will be able to contribute as a freshmen. If Blackmon leaves we will need freshmen guards to contribute in a big way.

    However we know we’re not going to land all five guys you mentioned. Maybe two, if we land three it will be a knockout recruiting class. If we land Jones I don’t think that stops us from going after Brown and Alkins. And I don’t think ultra competitors like Brown and Alkins will be scared off my him either. And I think we will have plenty of room to do so


    RJ would be a Junior.

  • Dooteetime

    I think it would be a solid pick up. Not great but not bad either. Hoping we can still get some higher rated players.

  • BrianS

    Did they take him out for drinks? Sorry I’m still miffed…

  • SCHoosier

    Room for both..and IU will need a play marker at well as a big the quality of Davis. Hope we can pull him out of the west.

  • TomJameson

    This is a team that needs lots of guards. If we had 2-3 really good high quality guards with another couple that were maybe a small step back in skills/quality … I would be happy. Personally, I think this is JBJs last season. I think he’ll go just to get the heck out of Dodge! LOL

  • Tyler T

    Good point. thanks for correcting me

  • Bill Graham

    I respect that. Idk its just something about the eye test that just doesnt look right. I just don’t see IU when I see his game.

  • Bill Graham

    I’ve always wondered on how current commits affect recruits decisions. Don’t get me wrong I’d love to have Jones on the bench as a 6th man type (freshman and soph) years. But if its between him or Brown or Alkins….you can take back your Big Mac I’m having the filet.

  • Oladipo4

    Miles Bridges was also with Jones on campus. I haven’t seen that mentioned anywhere.